Light Master
Light Master.png
General Information
Species Pyronite Guardian
Home World Pyros
DNA source Lit'r
Body Squid
Alternate Counterparts None
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Manipulation
First Appearance Benitrix

Light Master is a Pyronite Guardian from the star Pyros in Ben 10 Infinite Possibilities and later Ben 10 10000 Aliens.


He looks like a star squid.


He can turn intangible and shoot energy beams.


He has no apparent weakness...For now...


He will appear in Ben 10 Infinite Possibilities and Ben 10 10000 Aliens.

Ben 10 Infinite Possibilities

  • Benitrix
  • Ben 23 Returns
  • Lit'r
  • Finale part 2 (absorbed)

Ben 10 10000 Aliens

To be announced...


Intangible Light Master.

Light Master Intangible.png

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