Lieutenant Steel
E-10, Lieutenant Steel (Medium)
General Information
Species Human
Age 30
Affiliations SACT
Area 51
Occupation SACT/SECT Agent
Powers and abilities
Abilities TBA
Equipment Armor
Various weapons and equipment
Relatives TBA
Alias Lieutenant
Alternate Counterparts TBA
Voice Actor Wally Kurth
First Appearance Tricks of the Trade

Lieutenant Steel is a black-ops operative who is the head of Special Alien Containment Team. He first appeared in "Tricks of the Trade"


Lieutenant Steel has a flipped-up hairstyle, with a long scar on his face. He ears a black shirt with two straps, carrying guns in the pockets. In addition, he wore a belt with pouches. He has a grayish-navy pants. Lieutenant Steel also carries a bulletproof vest with the SACT logo on his chest.


Lieutenant Steel is very authoritative, and his men fear him enough to know not to go against any direct order from him.


Lieutenant Steel first appears in Tricks of the Trade when he sends a team to investigate Xylene's crash site to find alien life or what is obtainable for their knowledge. When he runs into Ethan and the Agent, he orders them not to go inside for their own safety. The Agent attempts to distract him so Grey Matter can get some information, after almost being captured. They later escape, making Lieutenant Steel suspicious. In Stakeout and Child's Play, Lieutenant Steel is seen looking through footage of the attack at Raita, seeing Ethan transform into Slapstrike, then the group running out of the collapsing bar. It is because of his curiosity, he sends a mysterious creature into Dellsview, in hopes of gaining knowledge out of him.



  • He is similar to the character of Colonel Roderick Decker from the second to third season of The A-Team.
    • He is also similar to Captain Calan from Generator Rex, with the only difference being the hair style.
      • Lieutenant Steel's voice actor also matches Captain Calan.
    • He is also similar to Jon Ace from Monsuno.
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