Liam Morrison








Lyn Augustine- Best friend; Kristen- Friend


Lili (Lyn, hates it)

Liam Morrison is the main male character in the series KrisTen. He first appears in the episode Gut of the Problem, and becomes an official member of the main team in the episode Constructive Cynicism.



Liam as a Tektek

Liam is an extremely intelligent person, especially in fields that heavily involve logic, such as science. His dress style mimics his attitude- always clean and on the formal side, mostly suits and polo shirts and slacks. He is constantly serious and doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor most of the time, although he is perfectly capable of cracking great jokes (he just chooses not to). He is rule abiding, listens to his moral compass, and has very high standards for others and isn't afraid to tell people that they're wrong. But underneath this model citizen exterior, he is a pure scientist, and is very intuitive and curious about the world around him..

Unfortunately, he suffers from a disorder known as Pica Syndrome, specifically Xylophagia, which causes him to compulsively eat paper. He is highly ashamed of this, and has tried to stop several times, but to no avail. He only indulges in this addiction when he is alone, or no one is looking. The only person who knows about his problem is Lyn, and only because she caught him eating the leftover wrapping paper at her 13th birthday party. Lyn wants him to tell a doctor about it, but he always refuses, saying that it's not worth making a fuss about.

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