Alex "Lex" Tennyson, also known as Angelex, is the main character of Angelex.

Lex Tennyson
General Information
Species 1/6 Human
1/6 Pyronite
1/6 Orishan
1/6 Geochelone Aerio
1/6 Galilean
1/6 Conductoid
Age 13
Occupation(s) Hero (Angelex)
Student (Lex)
Powers and abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Equipment Suit (as Angelex)
Backpack (usually as Lex)
Relatives Ken Tennyson (father; deceased)
Unknown Mother (deceased)
Max Tennyson (great-grandfather, deceased)
Ben Tennyson (cousin)
Mr. Mills (current guardian)
Lexy Tennyson (twin sister)
Alias Lex (as Lex)
Angely (as Angelex)
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance When Mutants Attack


As Lex, he is a bit taller than OS Ben, but his hair is like his father's. He has a black shirt and blue jeans, his shoes as the same as Young Ben's in OV. He usually wears a backpack and his hair is dark black and his eyes are blue.

As Angelex, he is taller than Lex. He has a black and white costume. One side of the costume is black, while the other is white. The eyes on the costume are like Spider-Man's, except that the one on the black side is inverted.


As Lex, he can speak multiple languages and is great with computers.

As Anglelex he has:

  • Electrokinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Aerokinesis
  • Gravikinesis


As Lex, he doesn't have a lot a lot of upper body strength, so he can easily be beaten. Also he isn't good at making quick decisions.

As Angelex, his weakness is anger. If he is angered too much, he may go berserk and transform into his mutant self. Other weaknesses are unknown.



  • Every episode.


  • Angelex's suit is a fusion of Spider-Man's suit and Equinox's.
  • Angelex's name is a fusion of the words Angel and Lex, meaning he has involved his true identity in his name, but no one seems to notice that.
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