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Lex Luthor is a powerful and influential businessman, and owner of Lex Corp.


Lex Luthor has a conniving and Machiavellian personality. He is calm, soft-spoken, and unfailingly polite, thus manipulating unwitting people into getting his way. His soft-spoken nature and charm places him in a positive light to the public.

Despite his resplendent appearance to the public, behind the scenes, his goals are almost always motivated by profit. This amoral desire to maximize profits has typically put him on the wrong side of currents law enforcement units.

Physical appearance[]

Lex Luthor is tall and appears to be in good shape, being moderately built. He is bald, and has green eyes and high cheekbones.


Luthor was the CEO of Lex Corp, a sizable conglomerate based in New York. Behind the facade of honest business, Luthor also organized black market arms trades and other shady deals. He was the founder and first chairman of Unimus, and initiated Project Copy. He has connections to Project B.E.N.

Ben 10: Lost Galaxy[]

He is set to appear in the new series.

Other Series[]

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