General Information
Species Gravsillian Aploid
Home World Gravsill
DNA source Unknown/Unnamed Aploid
Body Crystalline Beast
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Levitation
Poison Immunity
Space Survivability
Limited Underwater Respiration
Crystal Projectiles
Explosive Crystals
Organic Stone & Crystal Generation
Equipment Alphatrix
Voice Actor Jim Ward
First Appearance TBD

Levitate is an Alien in the Alphatrix in Sif 100: Alienated!


Levitate being 5 foot tall, he is quite small. His head is all rock, with 3 pointy red eyes similar to ChamAlien. He wears clothing (courtesy of the Alphatrix) and an Alphatrix symbol on his chest. His lower chest is pointy, and rocky, with crystals covering certain areas. He has no full legs, as his gravity powers are holding him together automatically. His foot is a boot-shaped crystal. His upper arm/shoulders are all rock, with crystals covering certain areas. His arm and hands are all crystal, with 3 fingers held apart by gravity. 

Powers & Abilities

Levitate can control gravity to manipulate weight of objects, motion of objects, or slam them down to the ground with ease.

Levitate can manipulate his own gravity in order to levitate.

Because Levitate has no nose or mouth, he doesn't need to breathe or smell. That can give him the advantage of him being immune to poisons, and make him survive in space. He is limited underwater, because he cannot move easily and he cannot use his abilities as much. However, despite him having the ability to speak, he cannot smell.

Levitate can shoot crystals out of his hands and legs. These can be used as protection or as weapons. He can also make them explosive, for more damage.

Levitate can control the earth around him, similar to his crystal abilities. He can use them as protection, transportation, or weapons.

Levitate can generate an almost infinite amount of Crystals and Stone organically, meaning he doesn't have to worry about wasting.


Despite his almost infinite generation of Crystal and Stone, he cannot regenerate if say he lost his whole arm. 

Levitate has no sense of smell, which can be a disadvantage.


  • TBA


  • This is Richard10's favorite [Sif 100] Alien!
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