Levilizard is the Codon Stream''s DNA sample of a Z'Khulfarrian from the planet Z'Khulfarr. 

General Information
Species Z'Khulfarrian
Home World Z'Khulfarr
Body Lizard Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Levitation

Levitation Objects

Levitation Throws

Levitation Explosion

Enhanced Crawling

Enhanced Agility

First Appearance The Mesmerizing Sector


Levilizard appears to be a humanoid lizard. He has lizard-like ears, resembling Eye Guy's and a few of Lagoon Boy's appearance from Young Justice. He has two small orange eyes with tiny black pupils, a small curved-upwards nose, medium-size mouth with sharp teeth, and average black-colored neck, a lighter coloured blackish-grey chest area from middle neck to the private area like Feedback's outfit. He has scales and stripes of lighter black (like chest color) all up his back, small circular shoulders, slightly muscular arms, with scales on elbow area, 4 fingers, Feedback/Big Chill/Astrodactyl-type leg shape and feet, legs are slightly muscular and skinny, 4 toes (3 facing forward, 1 on back), a ChamAlien-like tail but a bit skinnier and a bit shorter and isn't very tall. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his chest. 

Powers & Abilities

His main power is telekinesis, or levitation. He can lift things with his mind and his eyes show it! When he gets mad or randomly wants to, he can activated easily. He can lift aliens, objects, you name it! He can also throw and pull any object as well and cause "levitation explosions", which basically means he can throw multiple things at any enemy or explode them off in mutliple directions. He can also levitate multiple things at a time, and sit on some things as he levitates them too! He can also crawl really fast, which also gains him enhanced speed as a result of the crawling.


His only weakness is if he is levitating some items, if he is hit by something that is unknown and shocking, he could lose his levitation focus on that object, causing it to fall. 


In The Mesmerizing Sector, Levilizard first debuted and was used to battle the Affectu. 

In We Start At Midnight, Levilizard threw Tyere. 

In The Rules of Frozen Yogurt, Levilizard was used in a flashback and accidentally destroyed Mr. Yogurtine's. 

In The Release, Levilizard levitated the captain and the sailors. He was used again to levitate everyone back to the city. 

In A Newbie In Town, Levilizard fought Ninenine.

In Tunnels Can Be Dangerous, Levilizard levitated him and Maltha to the door.


In Mig & Rich: It's About Time, Levilizard stopped Sunder. 





  • He is Mig's first lizard-type alien.
  • He is a levitation alien.
  • According to Mig, his name is Levilizard and will be named that later on.
    • His name is a play on the words levitate and lizard.
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