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Alternate Counterparts Level-Headed (Earth-1799.A)
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Adaptive Adrenaline Gas


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MvT Chapter 8: Future Events (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

Level-Headed is the DNA sample of a Shenshangxian from the planet Jiayouzhan. He is a free use alien.


Level-Headed is a humanoid being whose entire body is encased within a containment suit, sans his light teal hands, which are comprised of two, long tentacles. The facemask of the containment suit is transparent teal, letting his face be revealed. His face is the same color as his hands, although tinted a slightly darker teal due to the mask, and has a yellow-green border around it. He has four black eyes with green shines to them. His containment suit is mostly green, with white accents. There is a white tube that comes out of the back bottom of his helmet, and splits it two as it wraps around his body, connecting to a container on his chest. He wears the Omnitrix on his stomach.

In The Alan 10 Adventures, Level-Headed's skin is orange, as well as his mask. He wears a containment suit which is mostly dark grey, with red accents. The Simplicitrix resides on his stomach.


  • The tank on Level-Headed's suit contains a gas that alters Level-Headed's abilities. It is referred to as an adaptive adrenaline gas. His suit has a slight A.I. that analyzes the situation he's in, and alters the gas. Once he breathes in the gas, his powers are altered to fit the scenario he is in. For example, if he needs to lift something out of his way, the gas will enhance his strength to the amount needed to lift whatever it is.
  • Level-Headed has tentacle fingers, which can often be paired with whatever power his AAG has given him.


  • If Level-Headed does not use the gas, he will not be granted any extra power(s).
  • Level-Headed's tank and tubes can be punctured, causing the gas to leak.


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


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The Alan 10 Adventures


Ben 10: Mysteries Uncovered


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


  • Level-Headed's species name comes from the Chinese word "shènshàngxiàn sù," meaning adrenaline.
  • Level-Headed's planet name comes from the Chinese word "jiāyóu zhàn," meaning gas.


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