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Ben 10 vs The Negative 10: Part 2 Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix Let's Get an Upgrade: Part 2 The Hunter's Mark
Ben 10.5
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Idk
Written by Me
Directed by Me
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Ben 10: Secret of The Omntirix
Let's Get an Upgrade: Part 2

Let's Get an Upgrade: Part 1 is part 1 of the 2 part series premiere of Ben 10.5.


Ben is messing around with the Omnitrix, scrolling through the playlist.

(Ben, stoppping on certain aliens): Way Big, lame.

Ben keeps scrolling until the Omnitrix starts flashing green.

(Ben): Grandpa!

(Max): Oh no.

(Gwen, standing next to him): What?

(Max): Ben just'll see here shortly.

(Gwen): Great, new-

(Ben): Woah, who are these guys?

(Max): Ben, don't mess around with-

Ben selects an alien.

(Huntscer): Woah, I'm gonna call this one...Huntscer.

(Gwen): How about Uglyster?

(Huntscer): How about I make your face ugly?

(Gwen): Ugh, take a look in the mirror, doofus.

(Max): Enough, both of you. Now, Ben, no more messing around with the Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix times out.

(Ben): And miss out on other cool new aliens I might have? No way!

(Gwen): I'd listen to Grandpa if I were you.

(Ben, smirking): Okay.

Minutes later, The Omnitrix is recharged, and Ben selects a new alien, but instead...he gets...

(Upgrade): Upgrade? Aww man.

Meanwhile, about 1 mile away, a bounty hunter named Xilar is watching Ben.

(Xilar, while on his Intergalatic Communication Device): Yes sir, Ben Tennyson's Omnimatrix will soon be yours.

He hangs up, and looks at Ben, who has just timed out through a pair of binoculars.

(Xilar): Or it will belong to me, Xilar.

Bellwood National Park
August 8th, 2007, 6:41 PM EDT

(Max): Benjamin Kirby Tennyson!

(Ben): But it was only Upgrade!

(Max): No buts, go inside.

(Ben): Okaay.

Ben walks inside, where Gwen is sitting in the front seat.

(Gwen): Busted!

(Ben): Lay off, Dweeb.

(Gwen): Alright, ugh. I can't belive you STILL brought that old shirt.

(Ben): The new one had the colors all wrong, SO not my style.

(Gwen): You, style? I must be dreaming.

(Ben): Need XLR8 to wake you up?

(Gwen): No thanks, I'm all Doofused-out for the- AHHH!

A figure crashes through the window, Xilar.

(Xilar): Ben Ten, prepare to die.

(Ben): Not on my watch!

He glances at Gwen, who nods.

(Ben): Here goes!

Ben selects an alien and pushes down the dial.

(Gigablast): Gigablast! Woah, a robot! Cool!

He uses his rocket arm to grab Xilar, who quickly escapes.

(Gigablast): Aww man, well, let's try some of this!

He punches Xilar in the jaw.

(Gigablast): Oh yeah!

He throws Xilar out of the Rust Bucket.

(Xilar): Ha ha ha, I don't think so, Tennyson!

He fires a net at Gigablast, who instantly times out.

(Xilar): Time to claim my prize, the Omnitrix!

(Ben): No!

The Omnitrix creates energy feedback, knocking Xilar back.

(Ben): Well, I tried to....Where'd he go?

(Max): I don't know, Ben. But it seems like we have important things to worry about now.



  • Ben Tennyson (first appearance)
  • Gwen Tennyson (first appearance)
  • Max Tennyson (first appearance)


Aliens Used[]


  • Now, The Omnitrix is beginning the recalibration process, which would be finished 3.5 years later.