Lepidourman is the Omnitant fusion between a Gourmand and a Lepidopterran.


The Lepidourman can alter his form to look more like each of its DNA donors, gaining its abilities, but mainly their weaknesses. In Lepidopterran form, it has dark green skin, four tentacle shaped eyes, two small wings and a sting, as well as tiny hands and six small limbs. It resembles Grandpa Max when he was mutated by Dr. Animo when Ben was 10. When in Gourmand form, the creature now has six mouths around its body and loses its extra limbs.

Powers and Abilities

When in Lepidopterran form, can excrete high pressured streams of liquid from the pollen ducts located inside of his eyestalks and mouth. These liquids can be both a flammable toxin or an immobilizing adhesive. It has 360-degree vision, as it is able to move two eyes at the back of his head and keep the other two eyes at the front of his head.

In Gourmand form, it has seven very strong, adhesive tongues that can stretch to great lengths, allowing them to latch onto large objects and reel them in with relative ease. The creature's mouths can stretch, allowing them to swallow objects larger than themselves. They are connected with a trans-space bladder dimension where they store all the "food" they eat.


In any of the forms, the Lepidourman can hardly move. They become slower when they eat a lot of things and become excessively fat.




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