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Leon Rourke: The Faceless King
Creator MetalForce
Co-Writers None
Seasons 3
Episodes 45
Created on 1/21/2017
Rating TV-14
Preceeded By none
Succeeded by none

Leon Rourke: The Faceless King is a series by MetalForce follows Leon Rourke, Cassandra Loan, and Rook Ta as they attempt to stop an ancient and dark empire from taking over every world it can find. It is supposed to have 3 seasons, and it was created on 1/21/2017.


In the vast darkness of space an ancient evil is moving.  Locked away years ago by an ancient race of aliens, The Faceless King has broken free of his bonds.  His soldiers, made in his own image, slowly spread his rule from planet to planet.  The Faceless King drains the people of their free will, leaving them nothing more than zombies under his influence.  To stop this darkness from spreading, the Plumbers send three of their agents to find the aliens who locked away the Faceless King the first time.  There is a thin ray of hope in this dark war, hopefully it will be enough.


Season 1:

S1E1: Empire Rising.

S1E2: New friends and a journey.

S1E3: Secondary Objective.

S1E4: For my honor!

S1E5: American Werewolf in Space.

S1E6: Hel

S1E7: Energy Crisis

S1E8: Ghost beneath the waves.

S1E9: Something walks among us.

S1E10: A new ally?

S1E11: A dark vision from the future.

S1E12: The King's anger.

S1E13: One step closer.

S1E14: The Temple part 1

S1E15: The Temple part 2


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  • Leon Rourke
  • Cassandra Loan
  • Rook Ta


  • The Faceless King
  • Hel


  • Loboans
  • Revonnahganders
  • Specters
  • Ancient Ones
  • Vladat
  • Transylians
  • Thep Khufan
  • Nordic Aliens
  • Carteks
  • Atlanteans
  • Fae
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