General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Unknown
Home World Earth
Age 38
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Cut Projection
Associated Tarot Nine of Wands
First Appearance The Rainbow Connection

Leo is a key member of the Zodiac Organization from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Not much of Leo's history is known at the moment. At some point, he joined the Zodiac Organization and underwent a hybridization process to receive alien abilities.


Leo is a tall, muscular man with white skin and brown hair. He has golden eyes and a gold streak running through his hair. He usually goes shirtless, wearing only brown pants and work boots.


Before the hybridization process, Leo had no special abilities to speak of, although he was fairly strong as far as humans go.

After the hybridization process, Leo gained enough strength to easily lift and toss a truck, along with the ability to create "cuts" in objects from a distance by "slashing" at them with his hands.


Leo is generally stoic and quiet, staying focused on the task at hand more than conversing with those around him. He has a certain sense of pride when it comes to fighting, but knows when he should probably throw in the towel and make a quick exit regardless.



  • Leo's associated Tarot is the Nine of Wands, which can represent strength, persistence, inner reserves, prudence, loss of will, tiredness, mental exhaustion, stress, meditation, delays, and overwork.

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