Lentummy is a Thep Khufat from Lanur Khufats.


Lentummy's eyes and the gaps between its fat bruise green. He has a red and black champion's head dress. Lentummy also has black sleeves and pant legs.

Powers and Abilities

Lentummy, being composed of fat, can reshape his body at will. This allows him to move to dodge tackles and reforming to counter-tackle. Also, Lentummy can recover from nearly any loss, including being fought into meat by a larger sumo wrestler, almost instantly and with no visible fight marks. When Lentummy was first used, he had trouble figuring out how to win with it; Lentummy quickly discovers how to tackle his opponents, but has not displayed knowledge of the advanced tackling strategies yet. Lentummy can also use his fat as rip cages which allows him to grab his opponents and throw them with ease without the use of his super strength.

Supporting his build, Lentummy is incredibly strong. In addition to strength, Lentummy also has a surprising amount of speed and agility, enough to scale fighting rings and dodge tackles with relative ease. His composition also allows him to survive in a hard match.

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