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Lenopan Degradations
General Information
Species Lenopans (formerly)
Lenopan Cyborgs
Timeline Prime Timeline
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Shapeshifting
Voice Changing
Size Alteration
Sludge Projection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Alias Rook/Kevin (former disguises)
First Appearance Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Chapter 2
Last Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
Burning Bridges

The Lenopan Degradations are minor villains in Ben 10: Reboot Revolution. The first appeared in Chapter 2. They were originally Lenopans from an unknown planet before they were captured and turned into Techadon Degradations.


Being from a race of shapeshifters, the exact appearance of a Lenopan Degradation changes depending on numerous factors. Typically, they resemble large amorphous blobs of purple sludge with metal components attached to them.

Powers and Abilities

The primary ability of the Lenopan Degradations is their ability to convincingly shapeshift into almost anything. This can make them excellent of espionage and infiltration.


Lenopan Degradations retain their weakness to fire and heat, demonstrated when the two Degradations that attacked the Bellwood Plumber Base were defeated by Sella's fire and blaster fire from Plumber weapons.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Two Lenopan Degradations appeared in Chapter 2, having infiltrated the Bellwood Plumber Base disguised as Rook Blonko and Kevin Levin. They incapacitated Max Tennyson then attacked Ben and Magister Patelliday. Sella and Fistina destroy one of the Degradations, while the other was destroyed by a combined effort of Rook, Gwen, and the other Plumbers in the room.

Ben 10: Road Trip

The Blacksmith revealed them to be Techadon Degradations.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip


  • According to Timekiller, he was not expecting the Lenopan Degradations to show up and they were not a part of his plan.
  • The Degradation disguised as Rook is inspired by Gwenompool in the way it fights and shapeshifts.
  • The Degradation disguised as Kevin is inspired by Parasyte in the way it fights and shapeshifts.
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