Lucy Lenopan Form

Camille Lenopan

General Information
Species Lenopan
Home Planet Leopania
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshift

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Sludge Projection

Weaknesses Fire
Equipment Plumber Technology

Lenopans are a peaceful alien species from the planet Leopania. They are allied with the Plumbers.


Lenopans look similar to humans, but their whole body is made out of a light or dark purple mud-like substance. Female Lenopans have two whiskers on their cheeks and two antennas above their eyes and purple eyes. Male Lenopans have no whiskers or antennas and smaller eyes. They have mud flowing around their head that resembles hair.

Powers and Abilities

Lenopans are able to shapeshift their bodies to look like any species and any object. They are also able to shapeshift into non-existent species and create unique abilities for themselves.

Lenopans can stretch their body far, but they have a limit on how much they can stretch.

Lenopans are able to use their sludge as a projectile. Their sludge is very slippery and can be very hard to remove from someone.

Lenopans can regenerate any part of their body in just a few seconds, but if their body has been scattered around, it will take them much longer to reconstitute.

Lenopans can liquify their bodies.


A Lenopan's weakness is water, fire and stretching too far. Water makes a Lenopan unable to regenerate their body or slows their process down. Fire will turn them into statues.

If a Lenopan stretches too far, they will fall apart and have to reconstitute their body.


Decades ago, the Lenopans were originally against having other species visit their planet and live there. Most of their species would never leave Leopania, but after a while, the Lenopans decided to allow other species to visit their planet and live there. They were very kind and friendly to the visitors and would never want to start any fights or wars.


When Lucy joined the Plumbers, the Lenopans decided to ally with the Plumbers. Allying with them allowed the Plumbers to send them technology to help them, but most of the Lenopans only accepted things that weren't weapons.

Notable Lenopans

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