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Title Written by Original airdate Production code
The Curse Unleashed Sci November 6, 2012 101

Many Years after Ben 10, Ben is finnaly marrying to Julie. However, a new villian decides to stop everything. Unleashing a dark curse known as " The Curse of Shadows ", it creates a new universe and sends everyone there, freezing time in thier world. However, Ben becomes a 10 year old boy again ( while everyone else becomes a teenager or stays an adult ). Also, Kenny, Ben and Julie's child goes with them.

Years later, Ben wakes up in the middle of a forest next to Bellwood. He goes there and meets Kenny, who is also 10 years old now. But, everything has been changed. The Mayor of the Bellwood is the villian, and he controls everything.

The Curse Revealed Sci TBA 102

Ben decides to live in bellwood, living with Max's Rust Bucket Hotel. While trying to fit in, Mr. Alex Stone ( The Bellwood counterpart of Hex ) becomes interested with Ben.

Meanwhile in the Ben 10 World, Vilgax is bailed by the Villian and releases a piece of Diagon kept inside Vilgax all these years. He also gains the incarnation used to unleash the curse and unleashes it, flashbacking back to the scene in the previous episode.

The Girl in the Coma TBA TBA 103

In Bellwood, Ben and Kenny meet a teen called Kevin, who has fallen in love with a girl in a coma. They sneak into the Hospital, where they face cops, doctors, and Mr. Alex Stone.

Meanwhile, Kevin chases after Argit, who knows where Charmcaster has Gwen, whom she kidnapped.

Love in the Air TBA TBA 104

Ben goes to school and is introduced to a girl named Julie. But, the villian notices this and decides to force Ben out of Bellwood, now that a Mr. Smoothy's has appeared in the Town, a place that NEVER should have been there.

Meanwhile, Kevin saves Gwen from Charmcaster, but not everything is as it seems.