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Legendary Clockwork

Species: Evolved Chronosapien Planet: Unknown Body: Robotic Humanoid

Legendary Clockwork is the Legendary form of Clockwork.


Legendary Clockwork's skin is made of copper & sapphire with black stripes and a transparent piece of dark red glass, revealing gears inside of him.

Legendary Clockwork wears the Legendatrix symbol on his chest.


Legendary Clockwork can travel through time, faster than Clockwork.

Legendary Clockwork can fire gold time rays which can send people through time.

Legendary Clockwork can fire time rays to age an object/person to dust.

Legendary Clockwork has the ability to create a projection of what happened in the past, unlike Clockwork who needs to rotate his protusion on his head.

He is also more durable than Clockwork.


Although he is more durable than Clockwork he is still vulrable to attacks slightly stronger than those of Clockwork's limit.