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General Information
Species Demon
Home World Earth
DNA source The Jersey Devil
Body Winged Humanoid Animal
Predator None
Prey Anything he can catch
Alternate Counterparts The Jersey Devil
Alternate Jersey Devils
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hellfire Breath
Flight, Mind Control
Reality Warping
Dimensional Travel
Demon Summoning
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance Mutant Safari

Leeds is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of the Jersey Devil from the planet Earth in Ben 10: Haunted.


Leeds is a bizarre entity. He has a horse-like head with antlers. He also has leathery bat wings. His hands are clawed and his tail ends in a sharp triangular point. His eyes are red and his teeth are sharp. He also has cloven hooved feet.


Transformation Sequence

Ghost King kneels down as wings sprout from his back. His face then grows a snout and horns emerge from his head. His hands gain claws and his feet morph into hooves. Finally, he sprouts a tail and roars.

Powers and Abilities

Leeds can summon the flames of Hell from his mouth and fire it at opponents. It's worse than any burn. However, unlike the Real Jersey Devil's Hellfire Breath, which is blue, Leeds' is green.

He can fly using either his wings or demonic powers.

Leeds has mind control powers.

Since Leeds is a genetic copy of the Jersey Devil, he has the power to summon lesser demons and order them around. He can also warp reality and travel from dimension to dimension. However, he lays off these powers since they're too destructive.

If Leeds gets angry enough, he will go into a feral frenzy and attack a foe with his claws, teeth and antlers.

Leeds can use his tail to smack opponents down, same with his wings.


Leeds is a demon, this means he can be defeated by holy artifacts such as holy water or a cross.

Leeds can become frenzied if he gets too angry. This can lead to a quick defeat if you can time your attacks right.


Leeds was unlocked at some point during Ghost King and Jersey Devil's time in the Null Void. He was used off-screen several times over the months to terrorize the inhabitants of the Void.

In Mutant Safari: Leeds is used to torment Dr. Animo and he nearly does serious damage to him in his rage. However Ben arrives and calms him down. He then flies out a window, ashamed of what he almost did.

In Hypnotic Hijinx: Leeds breathes hellfire at the Mutant Punks. After they run away, he carries Ben to Sublimino's magic Show so they can confront him.

In Secret of the Skin Walker: Leeds flies out of Yenaldooshi's cave and tries to divebomb Ben and Kai. However Ben sighted him quickly and turned into Humungosaur, swatting him to the ground. He tries to get up but is too weak so he turns back into Ghost King.

In Ben Goes Evil: Leeds attacks Albedo Waybig thinking he's Ben. He tries to fire a shot of Hellfire Breath at him but Waybig easily defeats him.

In Undertown Mystery: Leeds escapes the collapsing warehouse through a broken window. He gets in a fight with Jetray in the air before he fires Hellfire at Jetray and escapes.

In Lonesome Ghost: Leeds is used to simulate a talk between Ghost King and Jersey Devil since the spirit is lonely, however this doesn`t work. He later appears to fight Ben after learning he played a hand in Jersey Devil`s latest defeat. Leeds is then fired at point blank by Julie Yamamoto and is ordered to leave. Leeds tearfully obeys and flies off into the sunset.

In War of the Villains: Leeds was used to try and intimidate the villains into not fighting, but they continued anyways.

In Albedo`s Revenge: Leeds engages Stinkfly in battle, almost buning him alive. Suddenly Negative Jetray appears and combats him before he was forced to the ground and becoming dazed. Leeds later appears again to fly away from the fight scene.

In Terror from Down Under: He flies over to team Tennyson, assuring them he wasn`t radioactive before escaping.

In Escape from Plumber HQ: He is the first of Ghost King`s forms to be turned "Ultimate". He then faces off against Ben and easily beats him before escaping.

He is used offscreen in The Sasquatch Factor to scare off Bigfoot Hunters.

In "Movie Set of Horrors" He is being chased by Ben as Fasttrack around a movie lot. He tries to attack but is stopped and offered a job by Jennifer Nocturne.


  • Mutant Safari
  • Hypnotic Hijinx
  • Secret of the Skin Walker
  • Ben Goes Evil
  • Undertown Mystery
  • Lonesome Ghost
  • War of the Villains
  • Albedo`s Revenge
  • Terror from Down Under
  • Escape from Plumber HQ
  • The Sasquatch Factor
  • Movie Set of Horrors
  • Etc.


Leeds gets his name from Jersey Devil's birth family. The Leeds family is often associated with the Jersey Devil, and so for a period of time he was known as the Leeds Devil. Ghost King has taken this past name and used it for his transformation accordingly.


  • Leeds is more powerful than he seems. Ghost King makes sure to hold back this form's demonic urges if he can, but sometimes he loses control.
  • Leeds mainly uses Hellfire to attack, but he is capable of far more damage if he wished.
  • He was unlocked so if Jersey was killed again he could be brought back to life quicker using this form's DNA. Another reason is he means a lot to Ghost King, so of course he's want him in his watch if he got lonely.
  • Whenever Ghost King turns into him, he insists on being called Leeds instead of Ghost King. Almost as if two separate entities share the same body.