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Ledus is a character in the series Plumbers. He is possibly the only normal one in the series, as he thinks. Peixes thinks he is his friend, but Ledus thinks he and his friends are morons. He has bad luck.


Ledus is smart, and by others he seems depressed. He has bad luck, but not as much as Papiro. He really cares about the academy. Cibus and Peixes think Ledus is a friend, but he thinks they are morons, like anyone else in the base.


Ledus prefers his brains, and his ice generating powers are used for creating weapons and machines from ice.

  • Super intelligence
  • Cryokinesis, controlling ice
  • Creating anything from ice, because of his intelligence


  • Heat
  • Bad luck (specifically him)
  • Coffee (it makes him crazy)

Species and Planet

Species: Cervellon

Planet: Glace Cerveaun


Ledus is like Brainfreeze, just with green eyes.


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