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Eatle after his transformation

Eatle's return. Credits to creator

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 10

Air Date[]

March 15, 2012


This episode starts out with Gwen walking towards the door to anywhere and looks at it. She does a spell and the door opens but hex is standing in front of the door. Hex laughs and tries to zap Gwen and knocks her out. Hex closes the door and it begins crumbling and glowing pink. Kevin and Ben come to Gwen and wake her up to see the door crumbling. Gwen tells them they have to get in there and Ben turns into Eatle and charges at the door. It breaks open and Ben turns back and they walk around Ledgerdomain. Just then the pathway begins to break and fall. Ben turns into Fasttrack and grabs Gwen and Kevin and speeds to the end of the pathway. Just then a rock monster pushes Fasttrack down and it tries to smash Kevin. Fasttrack gets up and pounds the rock monster to dust with Gwen and Kevin. He turns back and they begin walking towards a huge tower. Gwen breaks it along with Swampfire and they walk into it to find Hex there, Spellbinder comes out of the tower and tries to destroy them. Hex goes after Gwen while Spellbinder goes after Kevin. Swampfire creates a root that goes into the tower and climbs into it and finds an energy sucking stone. He picks it up and begins losing energy and throws it down but Spellbinder comes and punches him. He turns into Four Arms and has a fist fight with Spellbinder. He beats him up and Ledgerdomain becomes stronger with energy. The team leaves and walks away from the door. Just then, Charmcaster walks into the realm and sees her father on the ground and stares at him and blasts him.



  • Spellbinder
  • Hex
  • Rock Monster

Aliens Used[]


  • Eatle returns since Ultimate Alien.
  • The gang goes back to Ledgerdomain for the first time since UA.
  • Hex and Spellbinder appear in this episode since UA.

Next Episode[]

Rise of the Vilgaxian Army Pt. 1

Previous Episode[]

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