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Perfection has no age

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Perfection has no age

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Richard Moll

Ledgerdomain Dragon is very powerful creature from Ledgerdomain in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He protects th domain of Sage. He was 'killed' by Kevin after he challenged the latter. But the fact is, he's immortal and can't be killed. He always will return.


They say he was made by Sage as protector of his domain. Maded out his own blood and manipulated by mana, through the darkest arts. He has guarded the domain since the coming of Sage in the year 25 000 BC. He was beaten by 6 men: Only Kevin and Charmcaster have been proven to beat him. The 4 others are unknown for now.


Legderdomain dragon is a giant purple dragon of 6 m long. He has red eyes and two long horns. He have a blue tongue and stranely enough he has brown beard. He has visible thorning spine. He has two big wings. He's a very straight minded created wihout fear. He really doesn't fear anything. He's also a fair fighter. Once defeated, he doesn't try to defeat him again.

Powers and abilities

He is a very strong creature as he's a dragon. He have all the powers that are assiociated with dragons. He has super strenght, can fly and more important he's immortal. This sounds strange since Kevin defeated him by decapitation. He survives this as his head could function when it was seperated from his body. He can return to his state when ever he wants. He's also quit immune to mana.


He can be hurt like every other and even be 'killed', brought to a state which would mean for most creatures.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 2

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