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Ledger Recon is the twentieth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[The episode opens with two human Plumbers of different genders, both members of Alpha Squad as denoted by their red suits. The brown-haired male is seated in one of two pilots' seats, while his blonde-haired partner walks behind him the ship, pacing back and forth as she ponders something. There is a bright pink flash immediately in front of the female as she paces in the direction of the back of the ship. The female transforms into her Anodite form as her hands begin to glow through her suit. The female blasts the flash, only to find a moment later that another fully matured female Anodite had reflected it within the flash. The intruder speaks.]

Mature Female Anodite: Hello, Lindsay, Michael.
Lindsay/Female Plumber Anodite: Verdona. She reverts to her human form. You know you shouldn't teleport in to the ship like that. You could've set off the alarms. As a matter of fact, (she turns around to her partner, Michael, who is standing out of his seat, eying Verdona with his hands glowing with mana) why didn't they go off, Michael?
Verdona: That would have to be my fault. I may currently be altering the alarm lights to be their standard white and am reflecting the alarm's music back into it.
Michael: The Anodites' interpretation of "music" has always baffled me, Verdona.
Verdona: That's fine. Lindsay, I wish you would've taken the time to try and recognize me before attacking, but I guess you have always been more on the offensive than the defensive.
Lindsay: Well, it got me into Alpha Squad, didn't it?
Verdona: Yes...Michael, would you mind shutting off the alarms? In spite of my work to reflect the noise, this is getting unbearable.
Michael: On it. He uses his powers to flip several levers on the dashboard while staying in place. He then walks over to Lindsay's side to ask Verdona something. Verdona, why are you here exactly?
Verdona: It's about your daughter.
Michael: Which one?
Lindsay: Chelsey?
Verdona: Precisely. Sorry, I'd completely forgotten that you have five now.
Michael: Yeah, but you still only visit one of them.
Verdona: Yes, and that's because the rest of them are all particularly bratty—no offense. I've become rather bored of those types of Anodites. How are they, by the way?
Michael: Our 16 year old got into a university.
Verdona: Scholarship?
Michael: No.
Verdona: Pity. What was her name again? Sara? Kaitlyn?
Michael: Sara's our 9 year old, and Kaitlyn's the 12 year old. Jennifer is our 18 year old. You're a great grandmother, by the way.
Verdona: Well, at least make note of the fact that I didn't give a name that doesn't belong to one of your daughters. But, yes, this is about Chelsey.
Lindsay: Is something wrong? We told her to call us if she needed us.
Michael: Yeah...we told her we were going to work.
Verdona: Yes, and I'll ask you the usual question at the end of this. Now, Chelsey is going to ask you to do something that is potentially dangerous.
Michael: How dangerous?
Verdona: Life-threatening, possibly fatal.
Michael and Lindsay (in unison): WHAT?!
Michael: We're not going to agree to whatever it is.
Aunt V, why? What is she going to do?
Verdona: I want to leave that to Chelsey. Just, please let her do it. She will prevail.
Lindsay: Are you sure?
Verdona: Absolutely, and if she does not--
Michael: You just said she'll make it out. Will she or won't she?
Verdona: Well, it's truly in the hands of fate now, but you've seen her magical expertise.
Michael: We're not taking that chance, Verdona.
Verdona: You either let her go, or she lets you two go. You should honor the fact that you have an Anodite daughter who is 21 years old, still lives with you and baby sits your other children, and asks your permission in matters like this.
Lindsay: Aunt V, what do you mean Chelsey has "magical expertise?" She hasn't used her powers a day in her life.
Verdona: Oh, two need to get to know your daughter. I'll leave you two to sort that out with Chelsey, though. Now, why have you been holding back your wealth and occupation from your daughters?
Michael: We have our reasons and we've already told you them. Nothing you will say will make us change our minds.
Lindsay: Well...
Michael: Lin', please. Verdona, I do think it's time for you to leave.
Verdona: Hmm...yes, I guess so. Can I just ask what your current mission is? What are you transporting?
Michael: No, this is Plumber business.
Verdona: Alright.

Verdona disappears. We pan over to a cargo hold in the back of the ship where two Galvan Plumbers are holding guns in their hands as they protect a staff encased in glass.

[We find ourselves at the some point in time on planet Earth in the middle of Antarctica. We focus our attention on Ultimate Rath as well as Chelsey and Julie, both wearing large blue coats with white fur over their Anodite and Galvanic Mechamorph forms (respectively). Trumbipulor stands right in front of Ultimate Rath without any protection from the cold. Ultimate Rath chooses an immediate course of action: kicking Trumbipulor a few miles into the air. When Trumbipulor falls, Ultimate Rath, Chelsey, and Julie all rush after his motionless body sitting in the snow, reverting to their human forms as they run over to him. As Ben and co. stand over Trumbipulor at all angles, we are able to see Ben's own green coat with white fur.]

Ben (to the unconscious Trumbipulor): I believe this keeps the whole "every team I get has to beat Trumbipulor" streak going. Ben makes the Assault Omnitrix on his wrist visible through a hole in his coat just wide enough for the tower. He speaks into it. I'm going to need another pickup.
Plumber Over Intercom: Any specific squad you wanna call for the job?
Ben: Gimme anything, as long as they're quick.
Plumber (intercom): Your location appears to be somewhere in Antarctica on our radars, Mr. Tennyson. Is this correct?
Ben: Yes, now get a squad, fast!
Plumber (intercom): Calling in Kilo Squad. They'll be at your position in under three minutes. If you have any complaints regarding Kilo, contact Magister November.

The call ends.

Ben: Hopefully we don't freeze to death in that time.
Chelsey: Three minutes definitely isn't enough time for that, Ben.
Ben: Hey, anything's possible. I mean, have you ever even been to Antarctica?
Chelsey: Yes. Charmcaster and I made some snow monsters that died a couple years ago. They turned out to be what the media calls "yetis," so we were kinda happy about it since we were pretty sure trying to come here and remove them from the area would be suspicious anyway.
Julie: So you made yetis?
Chelsey: Yep. And Charmcaster.
Ben: I can't stand this cold anymore. I'm heading back to the car.
Chelsey: Why do that when we can just teleport?
Ben: Because my best friend made that car, and I don't want to do anymore work. I just want to get home. By the time we get there, it'll be dark.
Julie: Sun's already setting.
Ben: Alright, so let's get a move on.
Chelsey: Shouldn't we wait for the Plumbers?

Ben sighs and begins to slouch. The Omnitrix tower pops up, followed by Ben transforming into Diamondhead.

Diamondhead:'s not that cold as Diamondhead. Well, let's get this over with. He slowly raises his hands with his palms facing upwards, simultaneously lifting large pieces of his crystals out of the ground, creating a structure that perfectly fits Trumbipulor. When the structure is a few miles in height, Diamondhead ceases heightening it. There. He can't escape, and the Plumbers will be able to know exactly where he is. Now, (he turns around and faces the direction of his car) will you two come on?

We follow Diamondhead and co. overhead for a few minutes in their trek back to their transportation, which is merely Ben's car, the DX Mark 10. Ship can be seen seated in the backseat, his face stuck to the glass of the back window as he awaits his owners' arrivals. As they all arrive, they're immediately distracted by a loud helicopter that flies noisily overhead in the direction of Diamondhead's crystal beacon, with a large galactic peace symbol underneath and a "K" in the center of each symbol.

Diamondhead: That must be Kilo Squad. He walks over to the car and unlocks it by having it verify the Omnitrix symbol. I bet that wasn't even three minutes.
Chelsey: As a matter of fact, (Chelsey looks at her own regular-sized wristwatch which pops throw a hole on the left wrist of her coat) right now makes exactly three minutes.
Diamondhead: Pfft. He reverts to human as he enters into the driver's seat. Ben: Stroke of luck.
Chelsey: Well, they made it anyway, Ben.
Ben: Okay, okay, maybe they did. Everybody inside. The faster we get home, the faster I can go to bed.

Chelsey and Julie rush into the car, with Chelsey heading into the backseat with Ship and Julie seating herself to Ben's right in the front passenger seat. Ben starts up the car with keys from his pocket, manages to turn on the heat in the car shortly after turning it on, and engages a submarine mode for the car. Wings appear on the back and the wheels slide upwards into the car to create flatter sides. The car proceeds to roll into the water, while the car engages in a superspeed travel mode.

[We fast forward a bit later into the night with Chelsey standing in her front yard waving to the DX Mark 10 in front of her. With Ben and Julie waving from inside it, the two drive off into the distance. Chelsey turns around and walks up to her house. She steps inside, being careful not to wake her sisters upstairs. Without her touching the light switch, it is flipped up. Her parents Michael and Lindsay, both in their human forms, stand in front of her in the living room of the house.]

Chelsey: Mom and Dad. I thought you were working late tonight.
Michael: We got off early.
Lindsay: Yeah, Chelsey, we need to talk.
Chelsey (walking over to one of the two three-cushioned couches in the room and seating herself): What about, Mom?

Michael and Lindsay slide Chelsey over to the center of her couch and the two sit around her, with Michael on Chelsey's right and Lindsay on Chelsey's left.

Michael: Chelsey, we know you have something important ahead.
Chelsey: What?
Lindsay: You don't have to lie to us anymore, Chelsey. Verdona came to visit us today. She told us about your "magical expertise."
Chelsey (astonished): She did? What did she tell you?
Lindsay: Just that. We were hoping you would tell us everything else, including this big thing you have planned to ask us about.
Michael: We've talked it out all day, and we've decided that we'll say "yes." All you have to do is ask, Chelsey.
Chelsey: I don't know what you're--

The doorbell rings.

Lindsay: Sorry, Chelsey. To Michael. Could you get that, dear? Michael nods in response and gets up to go to the door and opens it. He greets whoever is it at the door rather blithely. To Chelsey. Come now, Chelsey. You can ask us.
Chelsey: But I really don't know what you're--

Chelsey is interrupted as she and Lindsay avert their attention to Michael speaking to the person at the door.

Michael (to person at the door): Yes...Is it really something that you need to talk to her about now?...Are you sure?...Alright, come inside. He turns to his side, allowing the guest inside, his hand pointing to Chelsey. She's right over there.

From the darkness of the night outside comes Charmcaster. She steps up in front of Chelsey and Lindsay.

Chelsey: Hope, what are you doing here?
Charmcaster: It's Charmcaster, Chelsey.
Chelsey: Whatever. You don't normally come over.
Charmcaster: I need your help, Chelsey. I have to ask you to do something, something

Michael and Lindsay gasp at the sound of the familiar words escaping Charmcaster's lips. Michael shuts the front door.


Part II

[We open back in the Tennyson residence, where the living room is occupied by Michael, Lindsay, Chelsey, and Charmcaster.]

Lindsay: Chelsey, what are you talking about?
Charmcaster: Umm, can I just talk to Chelsey alone on this, Mrs. Tennyson?
Lindsay: You just said you wanted to take her on a life-threatening mission. As her parents, we want to know exactly what it is and why she should be involved in it.
Charmcaster: Well, I didn't say that it was going to be life-threatening. Chelsey couldn't do that.
Chelsey: Give it up, Charmcaster. They know.
Charmcaster: What? Did you tell them?
Michael: I'm going to assume you're talking about her powers. Her great aunt told us that she was a powerful Anodite, a chip off the old block in my opinion.
Lindsay: Well, my block, of course.
Michael (rolling his eyes): Of course, honey.
Charmcaster: Well then you know that your daughter is very powerful. I mean, she's probably not as powerful as myself, but still, I need her.
Chelsey: Hope, please.
Charmcaster: Alright, but your parents will say "no."
Michael: It depends on what the mission it is. He walks over to the couch and seats himself back at Chelsey's side. Begin.
Charmcaster: Well, I don't think there's any better way to start than with this.

Charmcaster points to her chest, on which there is a tear revealing her skin.

Chelsey: What happened to—Wait...the Alpha Rune...where is it? Charmcaster drops her head. No...
Charmcaster: Yes.
Chelsey: How?
Michael: Umm, what's going on?
Chelsey: Don't you guys get it? Charmcaster is the leader of Ledgerdomain. Charmcaster turns her head to the side as sounds of sniffling are heard. Chelsey gets up to her feet and hugs Charmcaster. CC, what happened? Where is the Alpha Rune?
Michael: How was Charmcaster the leader? What happened to Adwaita?
Chelsey: He was defeated by an intruder to Ledgerdomain, an Osmosian named Aggregor.

Michael and Lindsay gasp, turning to each other as they do so.

Chelsey: What?

Michael and Lindsay turn back to Chelsey.

Michael: Nothing.
Chelsey: Do you know Aggregor?
Lindsay: No, we've never heard that name before. Go on.
Chelsey: I don't know anything else. Pushing herself away from Charmcaster as Charmcaster wipes her eyes. CC? What happened? Tell me.
Charmcaster: He came into my tower, stole my heart, then broke my castle, my heart...(Begins to weep again) and left with the Alpha Rune.
Chelsey: Who did? Who broke in?
Charmcaster: I don't know his name. She wipes her eyes. I just know that I'd never felt like how I did with him. For those few minutes, (Looks to everybody with a smile on her face with tears running down her face regardless) everything was perfect, even without Daddy.
Chelsey: want me to help you get it back?
Charmcaster: Yes. I can't do this alone.
Chelsey: Is that thief a powerful Anodite or sorcerer?
Charmcaster: No. He doesn't have an ounce of mana he can control inside him.
Chelsey: So, why do you need me? He can't just leave Ledgerdomain with the Alpha Rune. I mean, get that I'm your best friend and everything, but...
Charmcaster: I understand, but he did leave Ledgerdomain.
Chelsey: What? How? Did he break the Alpha Rune?
Charmcaster: No. She wipes her eyes again. He went to Vicinox.
Chelsey: Where?
Michael: Vicinox. I haven't been there, but it's the darkest part of Ledgerdomain. Almost no mana flows through it, and they say if you go deep enough, you'll never find your way out. Not a bit of the mana goes that far in. They also say Milky Way is on the other side of Vicinox, but one person's ever been stupid enough to go far enough in to even try to find out. His dead body was found floating out of Vicinox a day later.
Lindsay: Hun'.
Michael: Sorry to hurt the mood like that, but it's true. Chelsey, I can't allow you to go into Vicinox.
Charmcaster: Mr. Tennyson, please.
Lindsay: Michael, please.
Chelsey: Mom, you're—you're on my side?
Lindsay: Yes, and your father should be, too.
Michael: I'm not allowing this. She could die.
Lindsay: You heard Verdona. Chelsey is very strong. She's 21 years old; I don't know how long she's been hiding it from us but she must be greater than we were—in our prime, of course—at her age.
Chelsey: Thanks, Mom. Dad.
Charmcaster: Please, Mr. Tennyson.
Michael: No means no.
Lindsay: How about this, honey? Chelsey, we'll give you these. Two cubes filled with mana float in front of her face. If you ever need us, Chelsey, these will know, and they will call us briefing us on the situation.
Michael: But what if they don't work?
Lindsay: They're not technology; so long as there's even a bit of mana nearby, it will be able to contact us.
Chelsey: Dad, c'mon.
Michael (sighing): Okay. But if you don't come back...He hugs his daughter and carrying her off the floor, then placing her down after a few seconds. Good luck, Chels'. And Hope.
Charmcaster: I'm not really interested in a hug, Mr. Tennyson, but thanks.
Michael: I was just going to wish you good luck, too, but alright.
Charmcaster: Let's go, Chelsey. Take my hand, it'll make the teleport easier.

Chelsey and Charmcaster hold hands.

Charmcaster: We're going to appear just outside of Vicinox

Chelsey nods. A flash of pink takes their place almost immediately after contact. Afterwards, Michael and Lindsay stand up off the couch.

Michael: Lindsay.
Lindsay: Yeah?
Michael: I don't think it was a good choice to let her go. Who knows how powerful she really is.
Lindsay: Have faith in Verdona, Mikey. I think you handled that well, though. You were so stern, until I changed your mind.
Michael: I don't know...
Lindsay (becoming increasingly closer to Michael, their faces especially coming closer): Don't worry, Michael. You're a great father. We make a good pair.
Michael: Once partners, always partners, Lin'.

The two slowly approach each other. No more than two inches away from each other, there is another powerful glow next to them. Verdona appears in its place again.

Verdona: Hello! Am I interrupting?
Michael: No, of course not, Verdona.
Verdona: Good.

Michael and Lindsay step a bit away from each other, but with Michael still holding his arm around the back of her body.

Michael: Verdona, what is it now?
Verdona: I just thought I'd interrupt you two.
Michael: Well, good job, you won.

Verdona loses her smile. She approaches Michael, with Lindsay stepping away from the two. Verdona puts her left shoulder on Michael's right shoulder.

Verdona: I really came here to applaud you, Michael. Your daughter is 21 years old. You may not have to let go of her completely right now, but you have to let her begin to live her own life, a less controlled life. If you don't--if you mess up even once—she'll defy you and leave you two like (she snaps the fingers of the hand on Michael's shoulder) that.
Michael: Thanks, Verdona. But she's my little girl, and I know what she wants.
Verdona: She'll always be your little girl, but--
Michael: Let me finish. Verdona distances herself from him. And I know what she wants: to be free.

Verdona's smile reprises its position. She disappears.


Part III

[We open in a town built out of rock by stone creatures that lies in an area flowing with mana. AT the edge of town, a stone road cuts off into a pitch black area of the dimension. There is no transition between the bright pink Ledgerdomain and the pitch black zone; it just becomes dark. A stone creature attempts to place more of the road to enter the zone, but the new road immediately crumbles. The stone creature, head drooping and disappointed, retreats to the stone creature town. There is a bright flash, and the bodies of Charmcaster and Chelsey appear at the end of the road. Immediately, the several stone creatures swarm the border around the two.]

Stone Creature #1: Charmcaster.
Charmcaster: Z'netal.
Z'netal/Stone Creature #1: Why are you here? Have you grown tired of our agreement already?
Charmcaster: I am not here for you, or your village.
Z'netal: We are more advanced than a mere village, Charmcaster. Now, why are you here?
Charmcaser: We are going into Vicinox.
Z'netal: Why? Have you exiled yourself? Is there some new ruler now?
Charmcaster: Yes, there is. And he is in Vicinox holding the Alpha Rune right now.
Z'netal: Oh, so you think you're just going to get it back? Without the Rune, you're not as powerful as usual. His hands begin to glow. Our magic should prove to be enough to stop you, Hope.
Charmcaster: You think you're going to defeat your leader?
Z"netal: Of course not. The stone creatures in the area surround Chelsey and Charmcaster. Their hands all begin to glow pink. But *we* intend to destroy you.
Chelsey: Please, we mean you no harm.
Z'netal: You may not, but Charmcaster is responsible for our isolation here near Vicinox. We agreed that she wouldn't be allowed over here since she'd never need access to the dark world.
Charmcaster: Quit whining, Z'netal. I need to go in there now, so either let us go peacefully, or I'll destroy this entire place right now.
Chelsey: CC, please. To the stone creatures. Can you just please call off your friends? We will go into Vicinox and come back out and leave. We promise.
Z'netal: We don't care about new promises, sorceress; we care only for the one Charmcaster is breaking.
Charmcaster: I'm tired of this argument.

Charmcaster's arms are outstretched.

Z'netal: She's going to cast a spell.

Every stone creature proceeds to blast at Charmcaster. Before any of the blasts reach her, though, they freeze in place as Charmcaster's eyes shut and she speaks her enchantment.

Charmcaster: Hauriendam! Each stone creature's blast turns into a shard made of mana. They fall flat on the ground and break. The stone creatures then attempt to run from the area, but all the mana is stolen from them. Each creature falls forward on their knees and breaks. Let's go, Chels'.
Chelsey: Charmcaster, what have you done to them?
Charmcaster: I siphoned their mana for myself.
Chelsey: killed them? Are you really going to stop at nothing, not even murdering others, to get the Alpha Rune back?
Charmcaster (turning around and stepping into Vicinox): Let's go, Chelsey.
Chelsey (still facing the broken rock creatures, arms folded, eyes closed, and back faced to Charmcaster): No, Charmcaster. You're as evil as Gwen says. Tell me you're going to show some restraint, give mercy in the future.
Charmcaster: Firstly, don't bring up that lucky little brat Gwen Tennyson. Second, Chelsey, just--
Chelsey: No, tell me.
Charmcaster: Chelsey, look in front of you!

Chelsey opens her eyes and finds that the rock monsters are reassembling themselves as the mana in the area is channelled into them.

Chelsey: Charmcaster, aren't evil!
Charmcaser: Yeah. All that spell does is take mana. Since it's the building block for rock monsters, they're forced to fall until they get more energy. Now, please, come on, Chelsey!
Chelsey: Alright, alright! She enters her Anodite form and blasts off into Vicinox, stopping at Charmcaster's side. One of the rock creatures successfully rebuilds a substantial amount of his body, restoring consciousness to himself. He blasts at Chelsey, who creates a portal to defend herself, but just as the disc-like blast enters Vicinox, it stops and crumbles into tiny crystals. Chelsey puts down her shield. Whoa.
Charmcaster: Their mana isn't strong enough to breach Vicinox, and ours is too vital to waste on them. Use your human form and preserve as much of your power as you can. There's not enough mana flowing in here to waste what we have.
Chelsey (reverting to her human form): Wow. Where'd you even hear about Vicinox, Hope?
Charmcaster: From Daddy. She turns around and quickly wipes her eyes. He would always say he'd take me here as soon as I was powerful enough. Now that we're here, it almost makes me wonder if I'm powerful enough...
Chelsey: You definitely are, Hope.
Charmcaster: I know it's easy for my best friend to say this, but I just have always wanted to hear it from Daddy.
Chelsey: Charmcaster, you're 22 and fate has brought you here. Sure, I may be saying it without much thought, but you are here, and not just because you want to test yourself.
Charmcaster: Yeah...I guess I am.
Chelsey: Now, let's get a move on. Can you track the guy who stole the Alpha Rune?
Charmcaster: No, there's too little mana in here to use on finding him.
Chelsey: Then just how are we going to find him?
Charmcaster: Have you ever heard of Vulpimancers?
Chelsey: Yeah. They are a species of alien dogs, right?
Charmcaster: Yes, and they can smell out anything fairly well and without the aid of magic either.
Chelsey: So? What do you expect to do? Leave and find one?
Charmcaster: No, but I want to turn one of those rock monsters into a Vulpimancer and use him as a pet.
Charmcaster: I'm kidding, Chels'. It takes almost no mana to conjure up one of those creatures in any shape. She faces into the darkness of Vicinox with her hand proceeding to glow. With one hand held outside of Vicinox to restore her mana as she procures a rock monster, she creates a Vulpimancer before her. It has the patterns of a rock monster and is wildly sniffing the area without moving from its spot. I guess I'll get on first. She steps onto the back of the Vulpimancer, seating herself as she would on the saddle of a horse. Get on, Chelsey.
Chelsey: Won't this thing be destroyed without mana?
Charmcaster: He doesn't need mana. It will live so long as it is intact, but as soon as it's broken, we're going to need a new one.
Chelsey: Okay. She seats herself on the Vulpimancer's back as well. Is he ready to track the thief? Charmcaster: Yes, and all it needs is the start command. She lowers her head over the Vulpimancer rock monster's face and speaks to it. Initium.

Charmcaster pulls her head back and seats herself properly upright as the rock monster begins to walk forward with his nose to the ground sniffing.

Chelsey: The start command, was it not a spell?
Charmcaster: It wasn't. I created him ready to respond to that and the stop command only, and only from my mouth with my voice.
Chelsey: And you're sure he doesn't need any mana to function?
Charmcaster: Only to regenerate when he's destroyed.
Chelsey: You mean, *if* he is destroyed.
Charmcaster: Sure.

We advance about a half hour, placing ourselves miles past the entrance to Vicinox. Chelsey and Charmcaster are both slouching on the rock monster, bored but unable to sleep at the risk of falling off of the Vulpimancer without the other knowing and becoming eternally lost in the world. Charmcaster shakes herself out of her bored state for a moment and looks around.

Charmcaster: It's getting darker in here.
Chelsey (yawning, head relaxing on her hand): Which means...?
Charmcaster: Which means it's getting riskier and riskier to use magic. Soon enough, there'll be no circulation, and we'll be forced to live off of what we have, then die after we run out or try to leave.
Chelsey (yawning): Deep, CC.
Charmcaster: Stop yawning. It's going to spread. Yawns are contagious.
Chelsey (yawning): Nah...
Charmcaster: Yes, they (yawns) are. See?!
Chelsey: Well, I can't help it, CC. Yawns. I'm sorry.
Charmcaster: Ugh.
Chelsey (raising her head abruptly): CC, watch out!

Charmcaster frantically looks around in front of her, finally realizing a Scrutin flying at her from her right. Charmcaster prepares to blast it, but she's beaten to it by a large blast coming from her left that destroys the Scrutin. She turns to Chelsey who is still distracted by the destruction of the Scrutin.

Charmcaster: Chelsey, was that you?
Chelsey (shaking her head and turning to Chelsey): No, I thought it was you.

Both turn to their left where a bright source of light makes a waterless water fountain visible. Someone walks around the fountain from the back, making him- or herself visible. A man in a totally black suit, save for a dark gray visor that's only visible thanks to the source of light he's holding behind his back.

Man: Hello, Charmcaster. He pulls out the Alpha Rune from behind his back, placing it in necklace form around his own neck. He holds the Alpha Rune up by its back. I believe you were looking for this.

Chelsey looks to Charmcaster, whose jaw is dropped at the sight of the man.


Part IV

[We open with the man in the black suit standing before Chelsey. Charmcaster, and the Vulpimancer stone creature they're riding.]

Chelsey: Would you mind handing the Alpha Rune back to us? Surely Charmcaster will meet your demands when it's returned.
Man: Charmcaster is an evil tyrant who upon retrieval of the Alpha Rune will do nothing for me or for anyone else. As soon as I'm done with this rock, I'm putting it in the hand of those stone creatures you think so little of.
Charmcaster: Why don't you stop testing your ruler and return to your domicile, rebel?
Man: I am no rebel, and you are not my leader. I am not from Ledgerdomain.
Charmcaster: Then how did you enter this place? From where did you enter and how?
Man: Need-to-know basis, Charmcaster. Need-to-know basis.
Chelsey: Please, sir. At least give it to me. I will meet all your demands as soon as we leave, then give the rule back to somewhat competent.
Charmcaster: Hey!
Chelsey: Shh. So, sir?
Man: My name is E--err, Dawn.
Chelsey: Dawn? That's a girl's name, dude.
Dawn/Man: Shut up; it's my name.
Chelsey: No, it's not. Your name starts with an "E"; you almost said it.
Dawn: No, it's not! It's Dawn!
Chelsey: You're lying.
Dawn: No, I'm not!
Chelsey: Yes, you are. C'mon, tell us; we promise not to tell anyone. Plus, who will we tell?
Charmcaster: Oh, I'm tired of this. Her hands begin to glow. Give it to me or I'll take it.
Dawn: You can't take it; you'll be wasting your mana.
Charmcaster: Wasting? I brought all my mana here ready to fight.
Dawn: Then you're dumber than you look. Behold the power of the Alpha Rune.

Dawn blasts mana at Charmcaster. She leaps over the beam as it's being fired, blasting him into the waterless fountain behind him as she touches back down on the ground.

Charmcaster (walking over to the fountain): I'll take that.

Charmcaster reaches down for the Alpha Rune, but as she touches it, she begins to shoot pink sparks and become encompassed by a field of mana. Her hair raises and her teeth begin to grind. Chelsey, still in her human form, flies over to Charmcaster and pushes her away from the Alpha Rune. She creates a shield behind herself while she stands over Charmcaster.

Chelsey: CC, you alright? Charmcaster moans in response, dropping her head on its side on the ground. Don't worry, CC. Before I try to help you, I just have one thing to ask of you. Charmcaster's interest peaks, connoted by her turning her head a bit. I need you to bring Gwen here when we're done. I'm giving you this choice for a reason. Will you do it? Charmcaster drops her head. Sighs. Alright, I'm going to give you some of my power.
Charmcaster (moaning, speech slurred): No...Chelsey...
Chelsey: Shh. This'll be quick, I promise. She places her hands over Charmcaster's heart. Abosia! While rubbing Chelsey's hands over Charmcaster's heart, proceeding to transfer some of her power to Charmcaster, Charmcaster observes through Chelsey's shield—which begins to have honeycomb holes in it because of Chelsey's energy transferral—Dawn, getting up. She moans. It's alright, Hope. About thirty seconds till I'm done.

Dawn gets up and realizes that both Charmcaster and Chelsey are distracted. He reveals a diamond-shaped compartment on his chest where mana, stolen from Charmcaster, is stored. He taps into it and blasts a straight beam into the sky. Several rocks appear around the fountain, creating a winding staircase out of rocks to the top of Vicinox, where a bright white gem is visible. Dawn looks Charmcaster straight in the eye and winks at her. He proceeds to run up the rock pathway, but is nearly knocked off by a blast from the distance. He looks down and sees a small but indistinct figure. He blasts it, knocking it back into the darkness of Vicinox. He continues to rush back up to the top of the staircase, just as Chelsey completes the energy transfer. Charmcaster jumps up to her feet, leaving Chelsey on her knees with a shield before her and Charmcaster. Charmcaster points up to the roof of Vicinox where Dawn is.

Charmcaster (yelling): You! What are you doing up there?
Dawn (yelling): It's too late, sorceress!

Charmcaster creates stairs out of mana up to Dawn, blasting at him. Up on top of the rock, as the blast comes towards him, Dawn removes two crystals from his pockets: the Tetragen and the Rexahegen. He puts them on the sides of the glowing white crystal hovering over the rock, and a large burst of energy is created. Charmcaster is distracted by a random electric surge that appears in one spot in the sky, not realizing the large burst of energy in Vicinox. Finally, the large burst pushes Charmcaster off of her stairs and down onto the ground, being saved by Chelsey creating a trampoline out of mana underneath her. The burst takes over the skies and brings light to the entire dimension. The sky becomes dark blue and rocks just like those in Ledgerdomain become visible in the skies, including that of the rock that Chelsey, Charmcaster, and their artificial mana-powered Vulpimancer are standing on. After Chelsey relieves herself of the weight of Charmcaster on the trampoline, she keels over and reverts to her human form. Charmcaster runs over to her and creates a shield in front of her. Dawn descends slowly to the ground with the three crystals in his hand. He stops as he touches down.

Dawn: Thank you, Charmcaster. The end has begun. He blasts a beam of mana out of ihs Alpha Rune at Charmcaster, but the beam immediately melts into a stream of water on the floor, swiftly evaporating afterwards. What?
Charmcaster: Dark mana overpowers regular mana.
Dawn: Then how is your shield up?
Charmcaster: Because it's a mix. I've had to work with this stuff before. Guess you could call me dark, too.
Dawn: Hmm...
Charmcaster: Not going to give you time to think about whatever. Shadoss!

A dome-shaped fully opaque shield appears over Charmcaster and Chelsey. Inside, Charmcaster, on her knees, teleports something into the dome. Gwen appears before her, also on her knees.

Gwen: Huh, what am I doing--She looks down to Chelsey. Chelsey...She immediately looks up and sees Charmcaster. CHARMCASTER. What did you do to her?
Charmcaster: Oh, pipe down, brat. Did you forget that we're friends?
Gwen: We're not friends, Charmcaster. Not totally an enemy at this point, what with what happened back with your dad...
Charmcaster: I'm not talking about us; I'm talking about Chelsey and me. We've been best friends for years.
Gwen: Where are we?
Charmcaster: Ledgerdomain, or to be more specific, Vicinox. Gwen's eyes widen. You know about Vicinox? That's interesting, seeing as Chelsey doesn't and she actually lived here a bit.
Gwen: Not much, except that there's rumors that some alien lives in here. Why are we here?
Charmcaster: you see for yourself. Note that this place is made out of dark mana, so try not to take in too much of the air. Charmcaster lowers the shield, making it transparent and tall enough for Gwen to stand up straight without being targetable. As you can see, some guy's taken my Alpha Rune. I'm just trying to get it back from him.
Gwen (standing up, yelling to Dawn): Hey! You there!
Dawn: Gwen Tennyson. A pleasure to meet you. You shall be the first to be defeated by the full power of the Armada.
Gwen: The Armada? Wait, you work for the Commander, don't you?
Dawn: Since the end is on the horizon now, I suppose it's fine to divulge this. Yes, I work for the Armada, for the Commander. And it's time for the plan to go into "the last stage."
Gwen: Charmcaster, open this, I'm taking him on.
Charmcaster: You haven't been listening, have you? This place is made only out of dark mana. You're not used to it; it'd overwhelm you.
Dawn: You've seen the power of the Alpha Rune, now I shall unleash the power of the Tetragen, the Rexahegen, and the Vindicogen! He puts them together on his chest and blasts all of the power into Charmcaster's shields. Charmcaster falls.
Charmcaster (weakly): Chelsey...Chelsey's feeling the weight of the dark mana.
Dawn: Don't worry, you two won't have to witness her death. He unleashes his powers into Chelsey, keeping her down. You know, I love the power, but I believe the Commander wants to destroy the Tennysons himself, so I'm going to give you a deal, Charmcaster.
Charmcaster (weakly): I'll die before I make a deal with you.
Dawn: No, you'll die as soon as you make this deal with me. He blasts Gwen powerfully as well, knocking her down next to Chelsey's and Charmcaster's respective unconscious and weak bodies. If you wish for the Tennysons to live to fight the final battle, since I'm just a merc looking for work, getting paid for retrieving this stuff, give yourself to me.
Gwen (weakly): No, please, let me.
Dawn: No, She is the most powerful of you here. Extending his hand. Come, Charmcaster.
Charmcaster (weakly): You're going to spare them? Just for me?
Dawn: Yes. With you being the most powerful, as soon as you're out of the way, Ledgerdomain will be in the right hands just before the Commander invades it. Everyone will fall with peaceful thoughts. Oh, who am I kidding? I just want to kill somebody while I'm here.
Charmcaster: So why not somebody else?
Dawn: Because I've already showed you so much. Come.

Dawn begins to levitate Charmcaster over to him.

Gwen (stretching her arm out as far as possible): Wait!

Dawn drops Chelsey.

Dawn: What?
Gwen: Dawn, please. Let me do this.
Charmcaster: No, Gwen, I have to do this, but it's not to save you; it's to have my best friend, since all I am to you is evil.
Gwen (dipping his head then raising it back up to Charmcaster): Charmcaster, you've changed.
Charmcaster: I know; I've heard.
Gwen: No, you don't. She crawls over to Charmcaster and puts something in her hand. Hold this, Charmcaster, and maybe we could become friends again if you're ever brought back. Or if not...
Dawn: Alright, break it up.

Dawn continues to levitate Charmcaster over to him. He absorbs her energy, and her pulse stops absolutely. Gwen gets up to her feet.

Gwen (voice slightly different): You shouldn't have done that. She blasts Dawn, who refracts the energy back to Chelsey. Her Anodite form becomes visible, but it's dark blue like the mana in the area. Chelsey rises back up to her feet. Chelsey.
Chelsey: Gwen, what's wrong with your voice? Are you alright?
Gwen: It's not Gwen; it's Charmcaster.
Dawn: What are you talking about, Tennyson?!
Charmcaster Gwen: Gwendolyn switched bodies with me. Head dropping. She sacrificed herself for me.
Dawn (blasting at Gwen while Chelsey defends her): How are you still alive, Tennyson?
Chelsey: I don't know to be honest. Blasts at Dawn, but his energy yet again flies in another direction. Would you please stop?
Dawn: No, I have ultimate power.
Chelsey: No, you don't. That crystal isn't even real.
Dawn: Oh, yeah? What makes you say that?
Chelsey: I know the legend of the three Unleashed crystals. One on a place that's hot; one on a place of the ancient and brawny; and, one somewhere where time is of the essence.
Dawn: Lies! I have the Vindicogen in my possession! He blasts Chelsey with what remains of power in the Vindicogen. What? Why have you not perished? And why has this thing's power been drained already?

Something attacks Dawn from the back. He falls flat on the ground. An old man stands there, just behind him, with a wooden staff in his hand and a blue robe all over him. He is a white human.

Charmcaster Gwen: Who are you?
Old Man: My name is Enchient, and I suppose you're Spellbinder's daughter, Charmcaster. I can't compliment your similarities to your mother or father in your current state, though.
Charmcaster Gwen: Yes, I am Charmcaster.
Enchient/Old Man: If you don't mind, (rips the Alpha Rune off of Dawn's neck and puts it on) I'm taking over again.
Charmcaster: were the ruler before?
Enchient: Yes, just before that unruly Adwaita took over.
Charmcaster: Well, you'll be pleased to know that I'm taking over again.
Enchient: You're the ruler now?
Charmcaster: Yes, and I came here to reclaim my throne from this guy.
Enchient: And I've been waiting for my throne for decades. Blasphemy, anyhow, as you're only 16 years old.
Charmcaster: I'm 22 years old.
Enchient: What? My calendar is off now. 6 years off...Regardless, I'm more experienced. Charmcaster Gwen: You're old news, Enchient.
Chelsey: Guys...
Charmcaster Gwen and Enchient (in unison): What?
Chelsey: Where's Dawn?

Dawn appears behind Enchient and stabs him, deteriorating Enchient to dust, leaving only Enchient's clothes and the Alpha Rune down on the ground. He then blasts Charmcaster Gwen to create a distraction. Chelsey comes in the way and blasts Dawn onto his back. As soon as he falls, the Alpha Rune flies off of him. He teleports away almost immediately afterward.

Charmcaster Gwen: Thank you, Chelsey.

Chelsey stands still in her Anodite form in her fighting stance. Charmcaster Gwen gets up, weakly, and steps around Chelsey to see her from the front.

Charmcaster Gwen: Chelsey? She looks down to Chelsey's stomach, where this is a large bloody wound. Chelsey, you're hurt.
Chelsey (standing in the same position, shaking fervently): CC.
Charmcaster Gwen: Chelsey, I don't have enough power to share, but I'll bring you to a--
Chelsey: It''s too late. CC...Charmcaster...Hope...
Charmcaster Gwen (beginning to cry): Chelsey, no!
Chelsey: You were the best best friend someone could ever have. Tears begin to run down her face. Love you, bestie. Starting at her legs, she gradually deteriorates into sparkling blue particles that scatter as they fade. Never forget that.
Charmcaster Gwen: Chelsey, no!

The particles spread across in the area. Charmcaster Gwen, hurt, holding her upper right arm with her other arm by one of several rips and tears in the clothing. She drops on her knees and cries for just a second, but before even being able to wipe her eyes, she rapidly blinks then absorbs some dark mana from the air. She teleports away from the barren again area.


Part V

[We open with an overhead view of the DX Mark 10 being driven through the Bellwood night. We zoom into the car with a view from the backseat of Ben driving.]

Ben (driving, with one hand on the wheel): Good thing it's Saturday, the day every villain in the world just randomly decides to come after me here or some other place in the world. At least tomorrow I'll be able to relax...hopefully. He revs his car up and speeds through the street. We watch as there is a large flash in the front passenger seat. Ben stops the car immediately using the handbrake, drifting to a stop at a red light. He looks to his right. Atomhammer?

From Ben's perspective, we see Future Ben's Atomhammer seated in the passenger seat.

Atomhammer (Future Ben): Ben, Chelsey's been killed. Present Ben's eyes widen and his jaw drops slightly, The end has begun.
Professor Paradox's Voice: He's right, Super Ben. Present Ben closes his mouth and looks into the backseat, where Professor Paradox is comfortably seated. Well, the younger one of you. I don't believe I've had the opportunity to see the two of you together yet. We must be off now, Bens.

Professor Paradox snaps his fingers and the DX Mark 10 alongside its occupants teleport.

[We find ourselves inside the Tertiary Wing. Within the Commander's throne room. Someone knocks at the door. Speeding through the ship's circuitry, the Commander takes control of the door unlock keypad. It slides open, revealing Albedo and Dawn. The two step in and bow at the Commander's altar as he takes control of his chair and its projector. He projects a hologram of his Thep Khufan form in the chair. He faces the chair to his bowing proponents.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Albedo, is the process ready?
Albedo (raising his head, facing Thep Khufan Commander): Yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: How shall I setup?
Albedo: Are you wired into that seat?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes.
Albedo: Then you shall have to do nothing but sit still. It should be a brief process. He walks up to the back of the Commander's chair and pulls out a device similar to an Omnitrix tower, with the exceptions being the entire face appearing red and not featuring an hourglass symbol and the lack of side patterns. He plugs it into a random place on the back of the seat by the tower's base. Patterns on the side begin to appear on the side of the tower, glowing brighter and brighter red as move data is taken from the chair. Finally, it stops increasing its luminescence. The Commander's hologram disappears in the chair. Albedo removes the tower. It's complete. There is a static sound coming from the tower. Apologies, Commander. I will get you out shortly. Tertiary Wing AI: AI restored. Creating new backup drives to replace dated version.

Albedo transforms into Negative Echo Echo and splits into two personalities, accidentally giving each his own tower.

Negative Echo Echo: Oops, minor miscalculation. He returns to one body, places the tower on the floor and duplicates into two, this time keeping one tower. Both Echo Echos. Much better. One of the Echo Echos picks up the tower and places it on the other's chest where the Omnitrix would otherwise be for Ben. The tower adapts to the Echo Echo and creates a base like the Omnitrix's. It falls into the base, creating what appears to be a flat Omnitrix dial. The Echo Echo not wearing the tower signals "Are you ready?" with a thumbs up. The Echo Echo wearing the tower nods, and the other smacks his tower for him. Crying out in pain, the Echo Echo wearing the tower gradually gets taller while his arms becomes thinner and thinner. Soon enough, the Echo Echo appears as Negative Benmummy with the Commander's robes. The tower falls off of Negative Benmummy's chest. He catches it before it hits the ground and clearly listens in on its continued static sounds. One second, Commander. One more step.

Negative Benmummy slowly lifts the tower into the innards of his body. He goes through excruciating pain, crying loudly once more. His voice becomes incrementally deeper, to the point of being identical to the Commander's own. He reaches inside of his body and tosses the tower away into a corner. He grabs a Cyogen crystal from his chair and places it inside of him.

Thep Khufan Commander (physical form): I am...reborn. He repeatedly clenches, then immediately unclenches, his hands into fists. My entrapment within that computer had been a great distraction, yes, but luckily it hasn't hurt my physical abilities in any way. I truly must thank you, Albedo.
Negative Echo Echo: It is no problem, Commander. Reverts to human.
Albedo: You can return the favor, possibly, after the Earth is destroyed?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes, Albedo. I will have something set up for you. For now, however, you are dismissed.
Dawn (raising his head to the Commander): Me, too, boss?
Thep Khufan Commander: No, we have to discuss something.
Albedo: So then I shall be on my way.
Thep Khufan Commander: Wait, Albedo. Points to the tower in the corner.' How shall your invention be disposed of?
Albedo: Preferably, in no way at all. What if you ever end up in a similar situation?
Thep Khufan Commander: Hmm...good thinking. Dawn, can you place it in the Emergency safety section of the inventions wing when we're done here?
Dawn: Yes, sir.
Albedo: May I do it, Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: You've done your part to the fullest, Albedo. I command you to lounge. Feel free to roam the ship. However, as the Galvan you are, I trust you'll be spending your time experiment.
Albedo: Of course, Commander. Albedo goes to the door, turns around and bows to the Commander once more. He leaves the room. The Commander subsequently seats himself on his chair.

Thep Khufan Commander: Rise, boy. Dawn stands up. as you know, I monitored a good deal of your mission in Ledgerdomain. I lost connection of it at some point. I believe it was due to the pulse of dark mana in the area.
Dawn: I suppose. Apologies, I forgot you had been monitoring me. I would have taken the precaution so as to not disable the signal.
Thep Khufan Commander: It's fine, but I want to know, where is the Vindicogen?
Dawn: It's gone. It was a fake.
Thep Khufan Commander: I thought as much.
Dawn: What? Then why did you send me on this mission?
Thep Khufan Commander: My Khufans picked up on it, while I had my heart and scanners set on where the true final gem must be. It was worth the investigation, Dawn, no?
Dawn (sighing): I'm at least getting paid, right?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. The Tetragen and Rexahegen first.
Dawn: No, no, no, Commander. I'll give you one, then you give me half the pay. Then the other half with the rest. Betrayal's running rampant, Commander. You know that.
Thep Khufan Commander: You realize my rank in the Thep Khufan Army, mercenary?
Dawn: Yes, and do you realize that I have in my back pocket a remote that will respond to my command to send to the Thep Khufan General a message about your big mission, *Tersce*?
Thep Khufan Commander: Grr...alright. I admire your personality, Dawn. You've managed to pull off keeping your identity a secret and now this. He removes two gold cubes from behind him. You've made yourself a rich man, Dawn.
Dawn: Thank you, Commander. My pay, now. He removes the Tetragen and Rexahegen from his pocket and hands them to the Commander. He then relieves the Commander of the gold cube and protects them. Ahh, the pleasure of fair business. Thep Khufan Commander: Yes...and is Mistress ready?
Dawn: I was beginning to think you'd never ask. Yelling. Come on in, Mistress!

The Commander presses a button on his chair, allowing someone banging at the door to enter. Mercedes. with a black mask similar to the Lucky Girl mask as well as short green and black clothing, steps in the room on her own.

Thep Khufan Commander: Why is she alone?
Dawn: I assure you, she's safe. We haven't done all the testing, but what we could do for how much you're paying us and the time you've given already was done. She is a clean slate, left now with the will to fight and be under your command.
Thep Khufan Commander: Hmmm...Mistress come hither. Mistress flips through the air, landing perfectly at the base of the Commander's altar. Perfect. And have you found where she hid my two men, Dawn?
Dawn: Yes. Scarogus and Bandit are currently in the infirmary downstairs and should be ready to fight in a few days.
Thep Khufan Commander: How unfortunate. Alert them they will not be taking part in the conquest of Earth.
Dawn: Oh, so you have the real third gem then?
Thep Khufan Commander: No, but I know where it is exactly. Mistress, are you ready for the battle? Mistress nods. Can you speak?

Mistress shakes her head.

Dawn: There is a slight issue.. In making her a clean slate, her communication skills are slightly marred. Her brain should iron out the issues on its own in a matter of days. Thep Khufan Commander: You seem rather intelligent.
Dawn: "Seem" being the key word, boss. I'm just repeating what my scientists said to me. It's weird that you've asked the same questions so far.
Thep Khufan Commander: "So far?" What other questions did you ask?
Dawn: "Do her *other* powers still work?" was my only other question.
Thep Khufan Commander: And the answer, please?
Dawn: No, as some of those powers may reawaken her old slate.
Thep Khufan Commander: I guess I can still use her....
Dawn: For what exactly?
Thep Khufan Commander: Acquisition of the final gem, from Chronospect.
Dawn (gasping): Good thing you didn't invite me; I'm never going into that dimension.
Thep Khufan Commander: That's fine. You are dismissed. Don't forget the-
Dawn: No need to remind me, thanks. Dawn walks to the corner of the room with the tower, heads back to the door, and bows to the Commander. And by the way, I don't really have a remote.

Dawn walks out the door, with the Commander shutting the door after him.

Thep Khufan Commander: Mistress, you will be joining me on Chronospect. We will be ascertaining the final piece of the puzzle to bring about the Unleashed, the result of the combination of the Tetragen, the Rexahegen, and the legendary Chronogen, kept under heavy guard by the Vigilanuum. And Ben Tennyson's 22 year old self. He likely will have already called upon the present for assistance, but if we work to our obvious potential, not even that will be enough. He removes a gauntlet-like device from a compartment in his chair and puts it on Mistress's left wrist for her. Your other abilities might be locked out, but this has some more powers for you. Experiment on your own. Mistress nods in response. Good. He steps out of his chair, opens the door and gestures Mistress out of the room. He walks behind her down the hall to another room and enters a password on a keypad outside the door to unlock it. He gestures Mistress in as soon as the door slides open. He follows her in, locking the door behind him and turning back to the rest of the room to see a large oval-shaped blue head atop a tall, slender body in a lab coat. Professor Xonode, is it ready?
Professor Xonode/Oval-Headed Alien (in a lab coat): Yes, Commander. I've actually been working on other projects since I finished a few days ago.
Thep Khufan Commander: A few days ago? Why was I not informed of the portal's completion?
Professor Xonode: I had assumed you had been. I called Scarogus and left him a message; he should've told you.
Thep Khufan Commander: Why did you not tell me directly?
Professor Xonode: Leaving him messages has always worked in the past, Commander. Worry, not, though; I will contact you using my new Xobots in the future.
Thep Khufan Commander: So long as it works, Xonode. Where is it?
Professor Xonode: Right over here. He walks to a dark corner of the room where a large octagonal portal is hung on the wall. Apologies about the light. With all the delay on your arrival, I thought I would have enough time to redesign the thing. Make it sleeker, you know?
Thep Khufan Commander: So it is not ready?
Professor Xonode: On the contrary, it is up and running. I've run several interdimensional transport tests in the last week—that is, including some bug testing transports. Let me just move it into the light. Four glowing, descending upside-down triangles appear starting at his forehead and running down to his eyes in the center of his oval-shaped face. He moves his hands as the portal follows him to the center of the room where the light is at its brightest. He puts it down here. There. The triangles on his head fade to his blue skin color. Setting up. He walks over to a section on the side of the portal, on which a holographic display appears. With the push of a few holographic buttons, the portal turns on, creating a bright view of the destination in Chronospect. There you go, Tersce.
Thep Khufan Commander: What was that, Slaka?
Professor Xonode: Apologies. There you go, *Commander* Tersce.
Thep Khufan Commander: Close enough. Well, Professor Xonode, while this isn't the first time or the last time I'm saying this...[Our view turns entirely black as the Commander speaks.] the end has begun.




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Ultimate Rath (cameo)
  • Diamondhead

(by Future Ben)

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Echo Echo
  • Negative Benmummy / Albedomummy

Spells Used

(by Chelsey Tennyson)

  • Abosia

(by Charmcaster)

  • Hauriendam
  • Shadoss


  • The title is based off of the video game series Ghost Recon.
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