Lecter is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl in Star of a New Hero.


Lecter looks like a gray Frankenstein, with two electricity conductors on his back. He has gauntlets on his hands and boot-like feet.

Lecter is confident about inventing, although he usually never invents. He wants stuff to get used, and does not want anything useless.


  • Super smart
  • Super strength
  • Shooting electricity
  • Electrokinesis
  • Technokinesis
  • Shapeshifting his electricity
  • Creating five different types of electricity:
  • Purple electricity, which is normal for Transylians and used to attack
  • Blue electricity, which powers machines up
  • Large green electricity, which brings technology to life
  • Invisible static electricity, which gives him telekinesis and the ability to stick stuff together
  • Yticirtcele (opposite electricity), which is red and powers things down


He appears in every episode of Star of a New Hero.

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