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General Information
Species Osmosian (formerly)
1/2 Osmosian 1/2 Prypiatosian
Home World Osmos V
Residence Null Void
Affiliations Plumbers (formerly)
Occupation(s) Second-in-command of the Rooters
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radioactive Blasts
Equipment Rooter Uniform
Containment Suit
Voice Actor Steve Blum
First Appearance Poisoned Well

Leander is a villain in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. He is an Osmosian from Osmos V. He is a former Plumber and is second-in-command of the Rooters.


Leander wears a Rooter Uniform and a black helmet resembling a Prypiatosian-B head.

Powers and Abilities

Leander has advanced skills in technology, as he was the one who was responsible for the creation of the Toxin Vessel.

Being a Prypiatosian hybrid, Leander can shoot powerful radioactive blasts from his grillplate.


Leander was with Servantis and Swift when they were exiled from Osmos V. They eventually became Plumbers, until Servantis began to question the strength of the Plumbers, believing that they were becoming soft. After the death of Devin Levin, Leander joined Servantis in separating from the Plumbers and creating their own faction.


Leander first appeared in the episode Poisoned Well. He was responsible for the creation of a normal Plumber craft that was transformed into an advanced spaceship, able to release a deadly toxin that would poison an entire planet. The Rooters planned to use the toxin on Earth, in the hopes of putting the Plumbers in disarray long enough for them to focus on their real target.

Ultimately, the plan was foiled by the efforts of Ben Tennyson, Manny, and Helen. While Leander expressed his failure was a foolish mistake, Servantis exclaimed that it was merely a setback, and vowed that Max Tennyson will understand why the Rooters did what they did.

Episode Appearances

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