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Leaked is the thirtieth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open focused in the darkest point of the night on a sign posted at the left side of a road heading toward a building. Written simply onto it is "Area 51-K." We pan to the right to see a car headed toward the rebuilt facility, but is stopped by an electric field. A light is pointed at the car revealing a nearly entirely black car--even down to the tint of every window--which is only derived a fully black status by the green stripe running from the back of the low and wide racing vehicle to the front of the hood. At this point we also pay attention to the wheels which feature a slight green glow, but are also not much akin to standard wheels without their rubbery appearance. We finally see the owner of the light, a heavy robot emitting the light from a round part on his chest. The robot raises a hand and gives the driver of the vehicle a thumbs-up. As the electrical field is ceased for a moment and the car drives forward, we pay attention to the glowing, green-backed license plate reading "BEN10K" at the bottom of the back of the car. After minutes of driving, it finally stops another field. From above, we see a spherical device move along a rod that ends just above the hood of the car. The sphere points a red 'eye' at the center of the hood, then expands the eye. It fires straight down at the car, whose driver not even attempt to escape. After ten consecutive seconds of blasting, the eye stops and contracts, the entire sphere returning to its hiding place. We look to the hood of the car, where a large hole has been left where the engine once was. Slowly, however, the hood of the car begins to regenerate, parts sticking together via spider-web like connections that ultimately lead to the entire engine and additional parts in and of the hood being restored. The electrical field ceases and the car proceeds through to a final stop. A human female in United States Air Force uniform is seen bending over with a flashlight pointing to the window.]

Female United States Air Force Officer: Please roll down your window.
Familiar Male Voice (slightly robotic): Oh, you know it's me, Colonel.
Female United States Air Force Officer: And you know the security precautions we take are very serious. Roll down your window. It's quick as long as you're not the real deal. The driver window is rolled down without another word. The colonel leans into the car and moves her flashlight around the area, switching through various modes which allow for sight even of invisible beings. She finally steps back out of the car and turns off her light, putting it away in a pocket on the inside of her uniform. Alright, you're free to go, Ben.

The driver window is rolled back up as the final electric field is shut off and the car drives through. The car arrives at a door as we turn to the right side of the car and see, in the place where a fuel tank would be, the Omnitrix symbol. It glows as the car is suddenly covered in Galvanic Mechamorph patterns. As a great flash makes it away into being, the car is parked off to the side of the car. Just before the flash reaches its apex, we are able to see the corners of the car change to white, leaving the center section black and a green stripe overhead the vehicle. We see an elastic being disconnected from this car. Then the flash begins to die out. As this flash fades away, we find a tall, familiar figure now standing before the front door. He presses a simple doorbell next to the door. Within seconds, we hear someone racing to the door who promptly opens it. We see the familiar face of Colonel Rozum, with features of his body making him appear much older: the bald head, the series of bags on his face, and the gray--or more accurately, white--mustache. Rozum smiles. (Notable is the height advantage of the tall male figure over Rozum)

Rozum: Hello, Ben. I see Mary didn't give you any trouble today.
Ben/Familiar Tall Figure (deeper voice than normal): Surprisingly, she didn't, General.
Rozum (under his breath at first): Good girl... Aloud, to Ben: That's Lieutenant General now. I'm too old to still be playing the big war game.
Ben: After being General for almost fifteen years straight, I don't think I'm ever going to stop calling you that. Plus, it's way shorter than that.
Rozum: But it's my true title. General Yuri deserves it more than I do.
Ben: You can keep telling yourself that, but I'm still calling you General, and I still say you deserve it just as much. But there can only be one...
Rozum: Exactly. Look, Ben, I know you're not here to discuss this. So why are you?

We focus on Ben's face. The unordinary muscular build we had earlier spotted was no mere mirage. Ben's face has different features than normal, to say the least before mentioning the brown mustache and beard, which connects to his hair graying a bit in the back.

Ben: I'm here to say my old friend.
Rozum: Oh. Come, come in.

Ben, or more specifically the original Ben 10,000, steps inside as Rozum heads over to a doorless room within the Area 51 building's first floor. Utilizing the immense increase in light compared to outside, we are able to observe this Ben. He sports a white shirt, with his iconic black stripe down the front as well as another line encompassing the waist and neck. His forest green pants also reprise their iconic roles. Even his shoes appear similar to the Converse sneakers he's always loved. As Rozum is in the small compartment room, Ben 10,000 steps behind a white line that stretches from the front wall of the room to the one parallel. Without touching his Omnitrix, he transforms into Ghostfreak, who unlike his younger counterpart sports pitch black skin with gray lines spread across the body. His Omnitrix symbol, however, continues to take its place within one of the gray lines at his chest.

Ghostfreak (in his classic, creepy voice): Ready to go, General.

We move to Lieutenant General Rozum standing in a room with a wide control panel. He presses a button, and while still standing upright, he begins to speak into a very sensitive, control panel-mounted microphone.

(Lieutenant General) Rozum: Lieutenant General. And unfortunately, you're not ready to go.
Ghostfreak: What? What do you mean?
Lieutenant General Rozum: Yuri, and the President, have agreed on new security measures for reaching the Vault. You're gonna have to do this in your human form.
Ghostfreak: What? But don't my transforming and going through those tests outside mean anything?
Lieutenant General Rozum: Unfortunately, no. Word's gotten out that with the right amount of research, one could manufacture their own, personal Omnitrix. You may not know this, but several small-time companies have attempted mass production of custom Omnitrixes in the past. All of these different occurrences were halted and shut down in their tracks, but they were close. Not to mention, a Galvan or any speedy thinker could figure out the solutions to every test outside after just looking at it in broad daylight.
Ghostfreak: But it's night time!
Lieutenant General Rozum: That's too bad. These things aren't under my control anymore, and even if they were, I might have just been on board considering how easy breaking in here is starting to get.

Ghostfreak raises his hand and index finger, preparing to rebut, but he lowers and turns his head to his right. He reverts to his human form and flips himself around, facing away into the distance where a simple door is seemingly miles away, yet still in the building. In reality, however, using recent Human technological advances, the door's appearance and wall is distorted in a way that makes it appear farther away than the mere 30 feet it is from the starting line before Ben 10,000.

Ben (10,000): If I'm going to pull this off, I'm gonna need to do more of a warm up.
Lieutenant General Rozum: More than none?

Ben 10,000 puts on a straight face and decides to overlook the comment. We now focus on him from the front as he enters a fighting stance with his fists at his side, upside-down and facing forward, and his legs facing outward away from his sides, his shoes seemingly pointing the way. He begins practicing his punches. First one punch with his left hand, the head of which fist taking up our entire field of view. The fist is brought back to Ben 10,000's side as he repeats with his right hand, which like the other, takes up the entirety of our screen.

[The fist is brought back again, except this time to the right side of an Asian cartoon character and karate master in a white cloak. We move to a different view of the side of this character as he attacks someone with a sword out of self-defense as he is surrounded by a horde of similar enemies. We pan away to find this battle-in-progress being viewed as a simple TV show. The high-definition flat on the wall is being watched from closeby by none other than Kevin Levin, relaxing alone in his garage-home awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend, Gwen Tennyson. We hear the doorbell ring. Kevin scrambles for the remote, switches to the news, then rushes off to the door. He looks at himself in a mirror on the wall adjacent to the door's, even fixing his partially-flipped collar. He then hears the loud and rapid banging on the other side.]

Kevin: Calm down, I'm coming! Kevin turns to the door then heavily inhales and exhales. He opens it. Gw-- He quickly realizes the figure at the door is not the one he's expecting. However, the figure is familiar. It is gray, skin like Sunder; it's tall, maybe 1.5 times that of Sunder; and he wears an orange pelt with black spots to cover only his groin. His body extends past the door frame or roof but continues to stand upright. Uh, (innocently:) who is it?
Sunder-like Alien (deep-voiced, still scratchy like Sunder's): Where's my money, Levin?
Kevin: Uhh...what money?

The alien bends down, revealing its face which takes up a good deal of the door frame.

Sunder-like Alien: The money you owe me.
Kevin: I mean, that's pretty vague--

The alien throws his hand into the doorframe and grabs Kevin out of the house. Moving back to an upright stance, the cyclopean being holds Kevin up to his own face.

Sunder-like Alien: I'm gonna ask one more time, Levin. Where's. My. Money?
Kevin: Club, please, no, not now! I have a girlfriend and she's coming o--
Club/Sunder-like Alien: A lady friend? I think I should have my guys whack her. That way you'll have no girlfriend and be more focused on getting me my money.
Kevin: Dude, I swear, I'll have it soon.
Club: My patience is wearing thin. I think I need to give you a little bit of *motivation* before you actually give me anything.
Familiar Female Voice (originating behind Club): And what kind of motivation were you thinking about giving my boyfriend?

Club flips around.

Club: This guy owes me money.
Gwen/Familiar Female Voice's Owner: That's not a reason to be holding him.
Kevin: Gwen, please, I can--
Gwen: Save it, Kevin; (her eyes beginning to glow pink) nobody lays their hand on him except me. Her eyes quickly return to normal. Wow, that sounded wrong. She outstretches her arms and fingertips as her eyes' pink luminescence return. She wraps a mana hand around Club's waist. Let go of him.
Club: Or what?
Gwen (with a grin): Thought you wouldn't ask.

We focus in on Gwen's eyes in these last moments.


Part II

[We open keyed in on the glowing pink eyes of Gwen Tennyson. We pan out to a full view of the scene to find her crushing her open palms into fists, the mana grip around Club--a caveman-like alien resembling Sunder--being guided by her motion and squeezing Club. Club coughs and unintentionally opens his hands, dropping Kevin onto the floor on his back. Gwen continues to grin as she takes Club back into the air and back down onto the ground. The final blow is unleashed in the form of being launched against the driver side of Kevin's car, creating more than a minor dent on more than half the car.]

Kevin (gripping his head): MY CAR!

Gwen steps up to Club, lying against the side of the car.

Gwen: What do you have to say for yourself?

Club moans, dizzily shakes his head, then finally drops it onto the roof of Kevin's car, the owner of which comes rushing over to Gwen's side with his hands gripping his temples and hair.

Kevin (to Gwen, distraught): What did you do?!
Gwen: What? I thought I'd try it your way, without asking questions. It's not like he wasn't bad...right?
Kevin: That's not the point, Gwen. I owe money, and if he's dead, I'm gonna be even more dead!
Gwen: That doesn't make any sense.
Kevin: It will when the rest of his guys hear about this. I mean, c'mon, Gwen. Of all the times, you choose this one to be stupid--His body eases, lowering his shoulders. His hands just barely raise over his head and lower a bit to the side. He turns and looks to Gwen, who simply stands there facing opposite Kevin, to the street, with her arms crossed. Her face begins to take up on most of our view, with Kevin hazily focused on in the background over Gwen's shoulder. Gwen begins to barely hold back her tears as Kevin proceeds to speak. Gwen...I'm sorry. I swear, I didn't mean it. I know you're not--

Gwen throws herself around, revealing her crying face and her hands balling into fists, which are stiffly down at the side of her hips.

Gwen (her tears beginning to race down her face): Kevin.

Gwen pauses to wipe her tears.

Kevin: Oh, Gwen, please don't do that.
Gwen: Kevin, Ethan, Levin. I...think it's time we took a break. She begins to blink rapidly, tears flooding. Kevin attempts to approach and hug her, but she shoves him away. I'm serious, Kevin.
Kevin: Gwen, come on, don't be like this.
Gwen: Just...please don't make this any harder than it has to be. She turns back away and faces the sidewalk. You can call the Plumbers to pick up Club on your own, if you're going to. I'm too stupid to do it. I'll be at my dorm if you need me. And by the way, (Just barely turning around and showing the right half of her bawling face) don't need me.

Gwen prepares to teleport away, turning away from Kevin completely and holding her glowing pink hands over her head. A bright pink sphere begins to encompass her.

Kevin (attempting to run after Gwen before she goes): Wait, Gwen, NO--

The mana orb disappears from the sidewalk, with Gwen inside. Kevin's head drops. He looks to the unconscious Club lying on the side of his car. This is all your fault. He walks over to and absorbs the material of his car. He pushes Club aside then attempts to carefully open his extremely bent out-of-shape car door but manages to accidentally tear it off. He presses a button on the console in his car that opens the garage in front of the driveway. He tosses the car door inside and then presses yet another button.

Male Voice (Plumber intercom): Plumber Immediate Relay Services, what are you calling for?
Kevin Levin: Need a pickup for an injured guy here in Blue Lake.
Male Voice (Plumber intercom): Your call has been received. The nearest respondent will arrive shortly.

[We move forward a few minutes, still in front of Kevin's garage-home where a Plumber infirmary vehicle arrives. Several Plumbers step out of the vehicle, including Karin Frikton and Cooper Daniels. While Cooper and the paramedics work to lift Club into the back of the brought ambulance, Karin approaches Kevin, who is back to his human form.]

Karin: So, what happened here?
Kevin: Club just caught me off guard. He wasn't hurting anyone.
Karin: Really?
Kevin: Yeah. Look, just take him away, alright? And when he's okay, please bring him back to his planet.
Karin: Why do you care?
Kevin: Why does it matter to you?
Karin: Is...something wrong, Kevin?
Kevin: No, why?
Karin: You...just seem a bit more aggressive than normal.
Kevin: Well, I'm not, I'm fine!
Karin: You sure about that?
Kevin: Yes. Don't you have a job to get to? Why are you and Cooper even out here? Aren't you supposed to be in Bellwood?
Karin: We're Plumbers; we're supposed to be ready to respond to any call, and we were semi-closeby. Sorry for helping you. No need to be so mean to a friend just helping out.
Kevin: We're not friends. You're Ben's friend.
Karin: Kevin, I'm just as much your friend as I am Cooper's, Ben's, and Gwen's. Well, maybe not as much as Cooper...or Ben, but Gwen, yeah.Kevin's eyes swiftly gape at the sound of Gwen's name, then close a bit. Something's wrong. And it has to do with Gwen, too, doesn't it?
Kevin: No! Kevin sighs. Yeah...
Karin: Well, I'm here, Levin. Doesn't look like they'll be getting Club up any time soon. What's going on with her? Is she okay?

Kevin almost silently sighs again before he speaks.

Kevin: How are things going between you and Cooper?
Karin: Things are...okay. We're trying to get past the whole romantic-at-all-times section of our relationship. We don't know a ton about each other. I mean, we know a good deal, but not everything we could or should. But I guess that's why we're still here for each other: to find out. If it turns out we're not as compatible as we thought, hey, at least we tried, and we'll have been better for it. I let time go past as it's supposed to. Things happen for a reason, you know? Kevin raises his head. What's that have to do you with you and Gwen?
Kevin (grinning): That's it!
Karin: What's it? Was it something I said?
Kevin: Yes, it was. Thanks, Karin. I've got some things to sort out. Kevin rushes to the team attempting to lift Club with no avail. He touches his car and absorbs the paint, covering his body in it. He then transforms his hands into giant mitts. He lifts Club from his underside and gently lays him into the back of the car. C'mon, guys, I need to get to my car.

Cooper looks to his fellow paramedics and shrugs. Everyone reenters the car except Karin, who joins Kevin's side.

Karin: Err, Kevin, what are you up to?
Kevin: I'm going to fix things between me and Gwen.
Karin: Oh, that's what's wrong. Well, I don't want to get in your way. Just, don't do anything too crazy, alright?
Kevin: I'm not.
Karin: Alright, good luck then.

Karin walks over to the front passenger door of the Plumber ambulance and enters. The back doors are shut in sync with Karin's, and the vehicle slowly makes a U-turn and heads back the way it came. In the meantime, Kevin loses the layer of armor he had had on and removes his cell phone from his pocket. He dials up Ben and holds the phone as it rings several times, finally heading into voicemail. Kevin exhales a sigh of anger and crushes the phone into pieces.

Kevin: Needed a new one anyway.

He faces his car once more and seats himself in his driver doorless car, removing his keys from his pocket and starting it up. The car fails to actually start, leading to several attempts before the engine finally fully roars and the different instruments fly on. Kevin enters first gear and slowly drives forward into his garage. When inside, he hits the button that had previously opened the garage, reversing the effect by shutting it. He then reaches his hand out of his car and hits a green button jutting out of the wall adjacent the car. The practically empty garage's floor proceeds to lower into the floor, our focus still at the main level of the room.

[We pan outside of the garage and stay outside until a time where outside is just barely darker than midday. At this point, the garage door opens yet again and Kevin's car emerges with its front facing out at the sidewalk. We pan around the car and find the roof and driver door repaired, and in the case of the latter, returned to its place. Kevin presses yet another one of various buttons on his center console under a square LCD screen. A number pad appears on the screen and he quickly taps in "1227." He is then met by a list of contacts from his phone. He taps the first entry and a phone ring is heard. Within two rings, the call is picked up on the other side. A familiar voice speaks.]

Familiar Male Voice (call): Hey, Kev.
Kevin: Alright, there's only one guy I know could have what I need, and it's you.
Familiar Male Voice (call): Ahh, shucks, Levin, thanks. I might just give you a discount when you get here. How rare's whatever you're looking for?
Kevin: As rare as tech levels over 20 on Earth.
Familiar Male Voice (call): Whoa. That's some serious rarity we're talking there, friend. If we're going to make a deal, I'm going to need you to be here. Just in case anyone's listening in on us.
Kevin: Alright. The normal place?
Familiar Male Voice (call): Of course.
Kevin: Okay. See you there, Argit.
Argit/Familiar Male Voice's Owner (call): Look forward to making this deal then.
Kevin (out of it with the low amount of enthusiasm in his speech and his eyes focused ahead of him): Me too.

Kevin pushes a button that shuts off the screen, effectively ending the call with Argit. He enables the radio and proceeds to head off out of his driveway and down the road opposite the direction the Plumbers had come and gone from.

[We reopen with an overhead view of Kevin's car pulling up to a yellow light as it flips to red. It's now night, with the only bit of luminescence in this part of what seems to be a desert being the intersection's lights. We focus in on Kevin's face, as a passenger flashes blue and into existence in the front passenger seat. The new being is identified as Professor Paradox, with a wide grin.]

Kevin: Paradox?
Professor Paradox: Yes, and hello! I'm here with a single query.
Kevin: And that would be...?
Professor Paradox: A question, by the way, is its meaning. I need to you truly believe you need go through with this?
Kevin: I need to know this, Paradox, if we even have a chance.

Paradox sighs and transforms his grin into a straight face.

Professor Paradox: It seems you do.

Professor Paradox disappears.

We pan back overhead. As the light turns green, Kevin races off screen.

[We close to black for a moment and reopen with a view from a dark road on a hill into a sprawling city with a few bright skyscrapers. Racing into view is Kevin's car on the road in front of us down into the city. We pan to the bottom of the hill road as Kevin's car drifts onto the first flat street in the city. He drives up to the first light and sees a sign in the driver-side mirror attached to his door meant for drivers on the opposite side of the road. It reads "Now Leaving Bellwood." He looks to his right and sees a similar sign. "Welcome to Bellwood. Population: 96,340 (estimate). Est. 1638" on separate lines. Kevin grins but quickly regains a straight face just before a horn is honked behind him. He looks up at the light and sees it being green. He speeds forward into the city. After a few minutes of driving straight, he finds a dead end street and turns onto it. He drives to the end, makes a U-turn, and parks his car on the right side of the road just in front of a dark alleyway. Kevin hits a button on his car and the call between him and Argit is restarted.]

Kevin: Alright, I'm here.
Argit (call): Took you long enough.

A red light is shone out of the alleyway. Argit steps out into the dim light on the street near the alley holding a laser light. Kevin removes the key from his car, shutting everything down, and steps out of the car, gently closing the driving door. He walks over to Argit.

Kevin: Alright. I want to see all you got.
Argit: I'd prefer it if you just told me what you wanted. Time is of the essence, you know?
Kevin: Since when do you care about how much time you waste on a sale?
Argit: Since I started carrying multiple customers at once.
Kevin: Well, okay. I'm wondering if you have anything that can let me...see the future.
Argit: Hmm...just making sure: you don't want to actually go into the future, but you want to see it?
Kevin: Maybe even, bring someone--or something--back, to ask them a few questions.
Argit: I think I know just the thing. Should there be a time limit on how long they'll be here?
Kevin: Doesn't matter.
Argit: Alright. One moment.

Argit turns back into the dark alleyway and returns after a couple of minutes with a golden gauntlet with a wrist disproportionately larger than its hand.

Kevin: That was a pretty long moment.
Argit: Meh.
Kevin: So what's--wait, is that a Techadon gauntlet?
Argit: Don't be silly. It's a Chronosapien's hand.
Kevin: Why do you have that?
Argit: You pick up a lot of weird possible treasure on your journeys.
Kevin: "Pick up?" As in, you stole that?
Argit: Doesn't matter. You willing to buy it?
Kevin: What does it do?
Argit: With the right setup, you can bring back any person from the future so long as you have their current DNA, and assuming they haven't somehow changed their DNA in the future, you should be able to open a portal that can bring them back.
Kevin: Sounds like you've used it before.
Argit: I have; borrowing stuff from the future is way fun. So, what's your price?
Kevin: How about half of your debt to me paid off?
Argit: any cash?
Kevin: You will, as soon as you have less money to think about not paying me back.
Argit: Eh...alright. But 75%.
Kevin: 60%.
Argit: 70%!
Kevin: 65%.
Argit: 66%?
Kevin: Alright, 55% it is.
Argit: Ugh. Whatever, (hands the Chronosapien glove over to Kevin) take it.
Kevin: How do I use it?
Argit: Alright, you'll need to get some kinda sample of DNA from whoever you're trying to get first. Who you getting? Me? Sunder? Tennyson?
Kevin: Me.
Argit: Oh. Well, then that can be easy. Argit steps around to behind Kevin. Now just hold still...
Kevin: Hey, what are you--Kevin's eyes gape. Ahh! What did you just--?

Argit comes back around front of Kevin, holding a single one of his hairs. He then taps a section on the palm of the hand, opening a little cylindrical pod. He places the hair inside and closes it using eyelid-resembling 'doors' over the pod.

Argit: Now, just put it on your hand...

Kevin lifts the gauntlet up with one hand and puts it on the other.

Kevin: Now, what?

Argit removes wires from within the gauntlet and touches them to Kevin's skin, as if connecting them.

Argit: Point the palm away from you and think a time.
Kevin: That simple?
Argit: I think so.
Kevin: What do you mean you "think so?"
Argit: Hey, last time I did it was like a month ago, and I don't do it too often. Lay off. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's it.
Kevin: Better be. Kevin points the palm of the gauntlet ahead of him, straining his brain as he thinks of a time until finally, the warp in time opens up. A glowing blue rift appears before the two. What now?
Argit: Hope your future remembers this and walks through.
Kevin: What time is it?
Argit (pulling down his right sleeve to reveal a line of likely stolen watches): 8:32 PM -- 20:32 24-hour time.
Kevin: Now I should.

[We transition to an oval-shaped office room, what appears to be the Oval Office located in the White House. A blue suit, jacketed man with a similar hairstyle to Kevin's, blue sunglasses, brown pants, and black shoes stands facing the windows during this night. Behind him stands a woman in an all blue suit, a dress replacing her pants, however. Her brown-orange hair is fixed in a bun facing upward but backward. She wields a clipboard and pen.]

Suited Woman: Do you remember if this is the time?
Suited Man (in Kevin's voice, just barely deeper): I'm sure of it.

A similar light blue rift to Kevin's opens up before the man.

Suited Man: Let's hope this works.
Suited Woman: Good luck back there, alright?
Suited Man: Thanks. I shouldn't need it, though. It wasn't that bad, was it?

The man faces the light blue portal and steps up to it. He heavily inhales then exhales. As he prepares to step forward, the portal shuts abruptly. He and the woman's eyes gape.

[We shift positions again to where we began, a white room within the Area 51-K building. Ben 10,000 in his human form has made it across, even in himself shocked by his ability to escape the laser-based obstacle course unscathed. He salutes to the aged Lieutenant General Rozum from a distance and turns around to the lone door at the end of the course, now right in front of him. He turns the knob and steps inside to find a light blue cube.]

Ben 10,000: Kevin. He steps over to the cube in the pitch black room and grabs it. He squints at it as he brings it closer to his face. He drops the cube without a second thought and transforms into Ghostfreak, flying at top speed through the lasers in the room back to Rozum. He lands at Rozum's side and reverts to human. I know, I went alien, but Rozum...

[We transition back to the present where the first, black-panted and black-shoed leg of the person stepping through is spotted. Rectangular patterns are lined up on the edge of the pant leg. The being makes its next step, revealing his head first: black hair hanging over a side of his face with a strip of gray, an X-shaped scar on his chin, and an evil grin. His full body is made visible, revealing the same rectangle patterns not just across this person's other leg, but across the side of his torso and on his shoulder plates. His arms, much thinner than Kevin's, are the only things uncovered aside from a part of his face. We hear Ben 10,000 speaking to Rozum as the portal closes behind the being entering Kevin's present.]

Ben 10,000 (voice-over): ...Kevin's gone.


Part III

[We open again in the present where an 18 year old Kevin has met with his supposed future self. Argit stands at the older Kevin's side as the portal behind the latter is closed.]

Argit: Whoa, this guy looks awesome. Levin, you sure that's *your* future?

The present Kevin prepares to throw his hand at and grab Argit, but Kevin 11,000 holds up his hand in front of his younger self. Kevin 11,000 looks down to Argit.

Kevin (11,000): Argit. Boy, has it been a while.

Argit gulps.

Argit (worried tone): What do you mean?
Kevin 11,000: Well, we had a lot of fun along the way, Argit. But you went through quite the ordeal with that accident...
Argit: What?! What accident?! When?!
Kevin 11,000 (acting, turning his head away and holding his fist to his heart): It's...too painful to recall, my friend. Just enjoy what you have now.
Argit: Oh, man! I'm gonna die in--err, how much older than him are you?
Kevin 11,000: I don't remember everything about how and why this visit occurs. He turns to his present self. How old are you?
Kevin: 18.
Kevin 11,000: Oh, yes. He faces Argit again. 26 years.
Kevin: 26? I...I was going for 25, though.

Kevin 11,000 pans Kevin's body and sees the Chronosapien gauntlet, then grins.

Kevin 11,000: That device there isn't the most accurate. It's not tailored for everyone. The modifications in place don't appear to take into account the fact that every brain in the universe is different, even among humans. Still, it's a great improvement over your past works, Argit.
Argit: Eh...thank you?
Kevin 11,000: We never did compliment each other, did we? I suggest you two do so soon; you don't have much time.
Argit: Alright, alright. I seriously don't want to hear about me dying anymore. If you need me, I'll be inside. And, keep that thing away from me, Kevin.

Argit runs into the darkness of his alleyway, both Kevins watching him off. When far enough away, Kevin 11,000 turns to the 18 year old Kevin.

Kevin:'re my future?
Kevin 11,000: It depends. No future is set in stone, plus I'm not sure if I'm in the right timeline. What is your Ben called now?
Kevin: Super Ben.
Kevin 11,000: Eh, yes. I'm one of your best bets, Kevin. Kevin begins to walk around Kevin 11,000, looking at every last detail of him, grinning. He returns to in front of him. "Cool," right?
Kevin: Yeah, but what's with the scars?

Kevin 11,000's eyes gape as he rubs the X-shaped scar on his chin, soon slowly lowering his hand back to the side of his body.

Kevin 11,000: I'd rather not talk about it. But there is one thing we need to talk about.
Kevin: What's that?
Kevin 11,000: I don't know. You brought me here to ask, didn't you?
Kevin: Oh, yeah.
Kevin 11,000: Well, lay it on me.

Kevin somewhat exhales a heavy sigh.

Kevin: Are you...still with Gwen?
Kevin 11,000: Gwen Tennyson?
Kevin: Who else?
Kevin 11,000: Uh, just, making sure. And, yes. We're still with the lovely Gwen. We've...been married for awhile now. We even had a son, Devlin. He's a...a very obedient boy, yes. He takes after his mother.
Kevin: You mean, he's a nerd?
Kevin 11,000: No. You'll see exactly what he is, in time.
Kevin: Yeah, and by then, I'll change our future so he isn't a nerd. Kevin 11,000 smirks. Kevin then steps over to his car. He unlocks the trunk with his regular key and slides the Chronosapien arm into a jungle of other random devices. He then shuts the trunk and proceeds to the driver's door. As he's unlocking the door with his focus on the key hole, he looks up to Kevin 11,000. You coming?

Kevin 11,000 shakes.

Kevin 11,000: Err, yes. As the present Kevin opens the driver door and sits in, Kevin 11,000 opens the other and does the same on the opposite end. They shut their doors simultaneously. Panning the car's interior from the front passenger seat, he speaks. Ahh, the old car.
Kevin: What do you mean "the old car?" What happened to our car? Please say she's--
Kevin 11,000: Nothing. Happened. Except a few cosmetic changes that make her look like a completely different beast. You're going to love what's to come; I did.
Kevin: Can't tell if I can't wait or not; the more changes I throw at her, the more expensive it is to fix her up.
Kevin 11,000: Don't worry about the expenses. We're great at making up the money we need, aren't we?
Kevin: Yeah. Except for when it comes to Club.

Kevin looks straight ahead out the windshield, shifts into first gear, and pulls away from his parking spot near Argit's alleyway into traffic.

[We pan away to the hill entrance Kevin used in his trip to Bellwood and transition to Blue Lake City. Once more, we transition, this time to a hallway on one of the higher floors of a dormitory. We zoom down the hallway to a specific room with its golden number plate broken off. Moving through the door, we enter an unlit room with two beds, one on either side of the room. A TV is in the center of the room on the wall featuring the entrance door, and to either side of the room next to the beds are wooden desks with light blue laptops atop them. We hear the door creak open and see a bit of light enter the room from the hall alongside a shadow. A woman enters the room and flips the light switch adjacent the door on as she slowly closes the door.]

Familiar Female Voice (from under the sheets of one of the beds): I know you're here, Anna.
Anna/Woman Entering the Room: Didn't think you'd still be awake.

We pan over to Anna to grasp her appearance. She wears a pink tank top, extremely high short shorts, and black heels, and holds a beige purse. While predominately of Asian descent, she appears as if she's lost all the physical features typical of a person like her. Blonde-haired, sporting a tan, and featuring a curvier figure than most, Anna bears more resemblance to the everyday popular-for-her-looks girl than anything.

Familiar Female Voice (sounding as if she's crying): How could I not be?

Anna lays down her black purse on the floor adjacent her and her roommate's TV stand and steps over to her roommate's bed in the corner of the room opposite the entryway's, just next to another, wide-open door to a bathroom. Anna seats herself at the corner of the bed and lays her hand on where she believes her roommate's shoulder is.

Anna: Look, Gwen, you have to--
Gwen/Familiar Female Voice: You can't tell me anything about what I have to do, Anna.
Anna: Hey, I know everything about boys, Gwen.
Gwen: You don't know enough to hold a guy longer than 6 months. You've never held a guy longer than that, so how are you supposed to give advice to someone who's been in one for two years?
Anna: Hey, I'll have you know, I have been in a two-year relationship.
Gwen: Sam doesn't count, Ann.
Anna: Why not?
Gwen: Dating someone for six months, breaking up for a year, then dating again for another six months before breaking up again isn't exactly a two-year relationship.
Anna: Hey, we loved each other the whole time.
Gwen (somewhat under her breath): Not enough to have dated the whole campus while you two were off.
Anna: Hey, we were trying new things.

Gwen throws part of her cover off of her, revealing the white T-shirt she's wearing and her ruffled long hair. She sits up a bit and looks to Anna who releases Gwen's shoulder.

Gwen: Look, Anna, you're not helping.
Anna (standing up): Well, sorry for trying to help my roomy.
Gwen: Don't be sorry; at least you tried...unlike everybody else.

Gwen grabs her covers to place them back over her, but upon doing so, she hears knocking at her door.

Anna: It's, like, 11, who'd be at the door now? Gwen throws more of her cover, preparing to step off her bed. Anna puts her hand on Gwen's shoulder again. I'll get it.

Anna steps over to the door and opens it. She immediately starts screaming upon sighting the visitor.

Gwen (leaping off her bed and rushing over to the door): Whoa, what's going on? Upon arrival at Anna's side, Gwen covers her screaming friend's mouth. We now get a view from just behind Gwen and her slightly shorter roommate Anna, revealing the guest to be none other than-- Paradox. What are you doing here?
Professor Paradox: May I come in?
Gwen: Um, sure.

Gwen steps to her side, removing her hand from Anna's mouth as Paradox steps to the center of the room. Anna closes the door and proceeds to whisper to Gwen.

Anna (whispering, to Gwen): Who is that guy? Doesn't he know he's not supposed to be in the girls' dorm?
Gwen (also whispering, to Anna): He's my uncle and he probably does know. He never visits me unless it's important, though.
Anna: Then he must've never had anything important to say; I've never even seen him before.
Gwen: He normally visits me when I' my friend's house.

Gwen steps over to Paradox, with Anna following suite while rolling her eyes.

Professor Paradox: Are you done whispering about me?
Anna (in a normal tone): He's got pretty good ears for an old guy.
Professor Paradox: I'm not old, per se. I'm technically in my 40s.
Anna: "Technically." Hey, you know you're not supposed to be in here, you know?

Professor Paradox raises a brow to Anna.

Professor Paradox: Would it in any way be possible for you to vacate the vicinity for a moment? I need to speak with Gwen a moment.
Anna: Uh. What?
Gwen (shoving Anna towards the bathroom): Can you just stay in the bathroom while my *uncle* talks with me?
Anna: Don't you think I've got better things to do in the actual room?
Gwen: Yes, and as soon as you get back, I'll stay in the bathroom as long as you want, 'K?
Anna: Hmm...alright.
Gwen: Thanks. Now, go.

Anna rolls her eyes and heads into the bathroom, shuts the door and locks it from the inside. After being assured Anna's away from them, Paradox and Gwen face each other.

Gwen: Paradox, what's going on?
Professor Paradox: Gwendolyn. Sit down.

Gwen raises a brow before following Paradox's bidding and seating herself at the edge of her bed facing him.

Gwen: Okay.
Professor Paradox: Gwendolyn, a bright girl such as yourself shouldn't be associating in such a way as you do with a troublemaking hoodlum such as Kevin Ethan, and you know that.
Gwen: What?
Professor Paradox: You heard me, Gwendolyn. And I know I was loud and clear.
Gwen: But that's why you're here? To tell leave Kevin?
Paradox nods. Why? I don't need your help with something like this, thank you.
Professor Paradox: I'm just making sure everything's set in stone.
Gwen: What do you mean by that? What do you mean "everything's set in stone?" What's set in stone?
Professor Paradox: That's nothing you need know now, Gwendolyn. If everything's correct, then you won't ever need someone in your life, as is just what you need. Kevin Ethan isn't the right one for you, just as no one else is.
Gwen (beginning to tear up, confused): What?
Professor Paradox: And do stop with the whats, Gwendolyn. Everything I'm saying is the truth, and you can understand that much. Just as Kevin will never find someone like you, you will never find someone like him. You're not perfect for each other, you'll both hold it over yourselves for parting ways, but that's the way it's meant to be.

The room around Gwen and Paradox falls away, the new location being in a dimension all its own, a completely pitch black area, with Gwen still sitting on something as comfortable as a bed but completely invisible. Gwen stands up and looks around.

Gwen: What are we doing here?
Professor Paradox: Just proving a point before I go.
Gwen: Your point's clear, Paradox; I get it.
Professor Paradox: As lucid as it may seem, I feel it can be made even more so.

A screen appears before Paradox, and he slides off to the side as Gwen's attention is focused completely on the screen. We see low-resolution views of a variety of situations between Kevin and Gwen. Starting just months prior in Kevin's car, the two begin to speak calmly, but quickly, the situation elevates.

Kevin (two months prior): So...what'd you think of the movie?
Gwen (two months prior): It was good.
Kevin: Just "good?" C'mon, Gwen, thought you were really looking forward to this.
Gwen: I was looking forward to the first movie, but that was terrible. This one wasn't much better.
Kevin: Oh...well, why didn't you tell me that? Could've saved us a few bucks.
Gwen: Could've saved *you* a few extra bucks, you mean.
Kevin: What? What do you mean?
Gwen: That's just extra money you can use to buy more car parts or pay off some random guy's debts. Speaking of that, who was that you were talking to after the movie?
Kevin: A friend.
Gwen: Okay, and why were you talking to that friend?
Kevin: What? Why does it matter?
Gwen: Because you hugged her right before you came over and kissed me.
Kevin: What? You were looking at us? That was supposed to be a surprise kiss.
Gwen: It's a "surprise," alright. You're cheating on me, aren't you?
Kevin: What?! Gwen, I swear, I--
Gwen: Then you're gonna tell me why you were talking to that girl right now.
Kevin: Gwen, why are you getting on my case like this? I'd never do all the things I've done since I met you just to cheat on you. Gwen, I tell you I love you every single day, if not, every other two. Why would I cheat on you?
Gwen: Most people can never tell when it's happening. I...I'm sorry, Kevin. Look, I love you just as much, more even. You aren't cheating in my's just, kinda scary.
Kevin: What is?
Gwen: Well, competition. I know what a guy sees in a girl and I don't exactly have--
Kevin: Gwen. You alone are what I see in a girl. Remember that. Gwen smiles and kisses Kevin on the cheek. Kevin smiles afterward and the two remain silent the rest of the way to Gwen's college, where Kevin waves goodbye to Gwen with a single parting statement. By the way, that movie could've been way better for the both of us if it wasn't for that annoying girl in the red sweater next to me, talking the whole time.

Gwen's eyes widen to the greatest point and she dons a furious facial expression as she grabs Kevin's passenger car door.

Gwen: You could've just told me to stop talking!

Gwen slams the door shut and walks through the parking lot to the dorms. Kevin dons his own baffled face as he speaks to himself.

Kevin: What did I say?!

There is a bright green flash from the backseat, followed by Ben leaning his head forward.

Ben (two months prior): "That annoying girl in the red sweater next to me?" Seriously?
Kevin (dropping his head and banging it against his wheel): Oh, man. He bangs his head against the steering wheel a couple more times until he manages to accidentally honk the horn, grabbing Gwen's attention. As she turns around, Ben taps Kevin's shoulder and points Gwen out. Kevin swiftly rolls down the passenger window and yells. Gwen, I didn't mean you!
Gwen (facing away once more, heading back to the dorms, angrily, shouting back): GOOD NIGHT, KEVIN!
Ben: Sorry, Kevin but you blew it.

Kevin drops the back of his head against his seat's headrest. We pan back away from this low-res display to see Gwen's own baffled expression as Professor Paradox approaches.

Gwen (present): Wait, Ben was in the back?! Why?
Professor Paradox: Giving Kevin Ethan some pointers.
Gwen: What?!
Professor Paradox: Now, you're interrupting me with those whats?
Gwen: Sorry.
Professor Paradox: Accepted. Now, yes. He wanted that date to be a great one; you two hadn't actually done much in these last 4 months, had you?
Gwen: I thought you were persuading me to drop Kevin.
Professor Paradox: I am. His efforts were pointless, fruitless; nothing much would happen for a long while, and even then, it would simply be the parting of two souls who just may not belong together.
Gwen: Really?
Professor Paradox: Yes, Gwendolyn. More screens begin to appear around the area showing different dates and the events of hanging out between Kevin and Gwen in the past couple of years, each flipping through points of different dates at random intervals and sounding off the scenes at low volumes however audibly to Paradox and Gwen. I can show you an infinite number of dates and such where you two have just shown no sign of being those so-called "soul mates." One would normally say no assistance can be given in deciding your emotions, especially those given for another, but such a major couple in history like this...well...The previous location is brought back. The assortment of screens all shut off and disappear as Gwen and Professor Paradox are returned to Gwen and Anna's college dormitory room. Nothing more needs to be said.

Professor Paradox disappears. Gwen drops herself back into an upright seated position on her bed.

Gwen: Anna, you can come back out. I know you were listening anyway.

Anna swiftly opens the bathroom door.

Anna: Hey, I beg to diff--Anna takes one good look at Gwen's expression and stops herself. She sits at Gwen's left side and hugs her. What happened? Where's your uncle?
Gwen: He had to go...I...I...
Anna: What is it, Gwen?

Tears race into her eyes and down her face immediately.

Gwen: I have to break up with Kevin.

Anna pulls away from Gwen as Gwen faces her. We pan away out the window at this high floor of the dormitory, watching as Anna comforts Gwen with another seated hug, Gwen audibly crying on her shoulders. As we've fully panned away, we see Professor Paradox hovering on a holographic disc outside the window. He shakes his head and teleports away on his disc.


Part IV

[We open fixated on the bright afternoon sky above Bellwood, the surfaces of building rooftops just barely visible at the bottom of our sight. Abruptly interrupting the placidity of the scene, a large surge of golden electricity races by us, taking the very wind with it as flies by. Viewing the surge from the back, another figure enters our field moving at similar speeds. This one, however, is clear in shape and size. It flies on a disc, its uniform is dark gray from the back with some lighter grays visible on its robotic skin, especially on the areas of its metal head not taken up a green eye that wraps around the very space where an eye would be on a head. As the alien on the hover disc goes by, our camera locks to just beneath its disc, where clear as daylight is the Omnitrix symbol planted on the bottom. This alien is like no other; he is undoubtedly Frisbit, speeding to catch up with an electrical alien belonging to the species of Nosedeenians, also known as the Megawhatts. When the distance between the two is only mere feet, Frisbit begins to lean forward as if attempting to grab the Megawhatt rather than just speed up. Akin to how the city's serenity had been interrupted, Frisbit's attention is stolen by a distant ball of magenta light. Only for a moment is Frisbit no longer fixated on the Megawhatt, as he is quick to return his attention to where it belongs. The Megawhatt's yellow energy flies by the light with ease, but when Frisbit attempts to pass it by, the magenta light expands to a large ball of a much lighter hue than the light. Frisbit slams into the ball head-on, his disc falling away from him. He attempts to hold tightly onto the ball before falling off, but he fails with his regular hands -- gray stubs -- so he holds out an unoccupied hand as he slides down the ball and it splits into three sharp claws of fingers. He snaps the fingers tightly onto the ball, his grip now tight. Regaining control of the disc he had totally forgotten about, he still keeps his eyes seeing only through his humanoid body. Through these he sees the content of the ball: a familiar girl in an unusual outfit, for her. Gwen Tennyson stares out at Frisbit and Frisbit does the same, analyzing her in a light blue tank top and white sweats.]

Frisbit (angrily): Gwen!
Gwen: Ben. So sorry.
Frisbit: You should be! Can you move out of the way so I can catch up with that Megawhatt?
Gwen: The Plumbers will handle it, Ben.
Frisbit: I *am* a Plumber, Gwen!
Gwen: The others will. Please, can you help me a second?
Frisbit: With what?
Gwen: With *who*. And...Kevin.
Frisbit: What happened to Kevin?
Gwen (snapping her finger and teleporting Frisbit into the ball, with his frisbee reattached to his back): *Me* and Kevin.
Frisbit: Oh...well, Gwen, I don't know if I--
Gwen: Just...just give me your word that you're telling the truth.
Frisbit: The truth about what? That I can't help?
Gwen: About whether or not you were in the back seat of Kevin's car when we went to a movie a few months ago.
Frisbit: What? That's absurd! Why would I--? The interior of the mana ball transforms. Rather than being a plain magenta, it is now showing a video on a round surface. The very same scene Gwen had endured, with Kevin calling out to her as she leaves his car following an improperly worded line, and Ben revealing himself in the backseat afterward, plays itself at mute for Frisbit. The alien reverts to human. Ben: Where did you get that?
Gwen: Paradox, Ben. He showed me all the proof I needed to see, he told me everything I needed to know...answer my question. Were you there?
Ben: You saw the video, Gwen. I--
Gwen: Yes, or no.

Ben sighs.

Ben: Yes, Gwen, but--
Gwen: That's all I needed to hear.
Ben: For what? What are you going to do?
Gwen: That's none of your business.
Ben: Kevin's -- arguably -- my best friend. And you're -- unless I love hanging out with some other cousin more than you -- my favorite cousin. And you came to *me* for confirmation on something involving you two. I think that makes it my business.

Gwen takes a heavy breath and exhales.

Gwen: We've just...drifted apart, you know? You saw him yourself. You had to be on the date with us to make sure it went well.

Ben simply stands with bulbous eyes before responding, as he repeats what Gwen said in his head.

Ben: Gwen, he didn't need me for that date. Sure, I gave him lines, but that was just to help him get his words across the way he wanted to. Trust me, everything he said, he meant. It was all basically him. I was taking things he told me about you earlier and just reading them back to him so that he could get them right while he was with you.
Gwen (her voice distant as she rewatches Ben appear in the back of Kevin's car on the video playing in the bubble, taking apart what Ben had just said): weren't feeding him lines?
Ben: I was, but they were only his lines. The truth is, Gwen...Kevin, he, err, he l--

The bubble abruptly pops, changing Ben's almost silence in volume to a scream at the top of his lungs as he plunges towards the ground with Gwen just barely above him. Gwen's eyes glow pink as she descends, and she does nothing but fall back first. Ben's screams soon stop as he lifts his Omnitrix towards his face, twists the dial until a hologram appears and smacks down on whatever comes up first. Our own angle is moved to the ground half a mile below the two which is at the very center of an intersection. Slamming down into the barren area is Brawnoceros, his right fist landing first creating a crater and surrounding it in dust and debris. He coughs through it, looking up into the sky at the falling Gwen. He holds his hands out in preparation of catching her, but her body begins to rotate effortlessly so that her feet face the ground. Now in a position where she appears to be on her tippy-toes, and her arms are spread out wide to either side, the bubble abruptly appears around her and she comes to a full stop before it even touches the crater or reaches Brawnoceros. Gwen's eyes revert to include a white sclera, green irises, and typical black pupils. With Brawnoceros backing away from underneath the bubble, it begins to lower with her inside, arms still spread out and feet stretched downward. When the bubble is inches off the ground, it fades away, dropping Gwen out of it into a similar pose as Brawnoceros, fist first on the ground and kneeling. She gets up and faces Ben.

Brawnoceros: What that about?
Gwen: I need to go, Ben.
Brawnoceros: What? Why? You no can break up with Kevin!
Gwen: I'm...not going to break up with him. Look, I have to go now.
Brawnoceros: No, I know what you doing, and you not going to do that him! I know it not my choice, but you have be fair!
Gwen: Ben...I have to be quick with this.

Gwen creates a bubble around herself and Brawnoceros, who reverts to human, again. She plays a video in the bubble, this time with sound. We see Kevin outside of Gwen's dorm building, knocking at the front door. After a minute of waiting, someone arrives at the door, an older woman in a green suit and black heels. Her brown hair is tied back into a large bun and it appears as though she is going out somewhere, red lipstick and black eyeliner on her face.

Older Woman (video): May I help you?
Kevin (video): Is Gwen Tennyson here?
Older Woman (dragging the final sound on): Why?
Kevin: I need to see her.
Older Woman: For what other reason would you need to know whether someone's here, other than to kill them? Now, (grabbing a phone on the wall just next to the door) who are you?
Kevin: Kevin Levin, I'm her--
Older Woman: Boyfriend. She hangs the phone up. She's spoken a lot about you, Mr. Levin. Mainly fondly, but recently, more...negativity is present.
Kevin: I know, and I...have to fix things. Wait, who are you?
Older Woman: This dormitory's advisor. I live here as well as supervise the area, make sure everything is in check. That often includes conversing with the other residents.
Kevin: O...kay. So is she here?
Older Woman (sighing): No, she left hours ago looking for you.
Kevin: What?!
Older Woman: She's bound to be far from here, unless you live nearby.
Kevin (to himself): So she's back at the garage...
Older Woman: Eh, what was that?
Kevin: Nothing. Thanks for, eh, that.

Kevin flips around and heads for his car. The video ends here and replays from the beginning, the sound being cut off.

Gwen (in reality, to Ben): Now, I have to go. He has to think I was waiting for him. Ben: Oh. Alright, Gwen. Transforms into Dreadsense and manages to make a hole in the bubble just underneath him that he falls through then gets regenerated after he's exited. He reverts to human to speak to Gwen from outside the bubble. Take care, Gwen. Don't do anything stupid.

Gwen chuckles.

Gwen (jokingly): That's your job, doofus.
Ben (jokingly, a grin tugging his lip to the upper left): Still saved the world, dweeb.
Gwen (raising her hands in the air, her eyes beginning to glow magenta once more): And I'm still in college at 16.

Gwen disappears.

Ben (shouting, his hands at the edges of his mouth): I'm pretty sure disappearing counts as me winning!
Omnitrix: One new message.

Ben raises a brow and taps the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix (in Gwen's voice, some static in the clip): Like you had a better comeback.

[We transition to just outside of Kevin's garage where Gwen magically appears. Our focus is drawn, however, to just down the street where at an intersection, Kevin comes to a stop at his older self's command.]

Kevin (in the driver's seat): Why'd you make me stop all the way up here?
Kevin 11,000: I have my reasons, Kevin. Do I need to tell you, honestly?
Kevin: I'd kinda like that.
Kevin 11,000: Wouldn't you want to go to Gwen first?
Kevin: She's not there, you just saw.
Kevin 11,000: Don't look now, but I think you might be surprised by who's standing out front. Kevin adjusts the rear view mirror, angling it to the front of his garage. Standing on the very bare strip of lawn with her arms crossed and tapping her foot impatiently, she waits for Kevin. Go get her.
Kevin: I don't know...she was pretty angry la--
Kevin 11,000: You're never going to know until you try. So, go.
Kevin: I don't even know what to say.
Kevin 11,000: Then let me tell you exactly what you need to. Worked for me all those years ago. You can see that worked out very well for me, with Devlin and all.
Kevin: Yeah, I guess so. How are you gonna feed me the lines, though?
Kevin 11,000: I've picked up some tricks over the years. Just get out there, and I'll do the rest.

Kevin shrugs and exits the car, Kevin 11,000 remaining with a devilish grin. We pan back over to Gwen as Kevin appears in front of her. Her head is turned away from him, not even realizing when he comes.

Kevin: Gwen?

Gwen raises a brow and turns to Kevin.

Gwen: Kevin.
Kevin: You...still mad?
Gwen: really hurt me.
Kevin: Gwen, I said--
Gwen: You were sorry? Kevin, you've been saying you're sorry for awhile. Guess it's funny at times when other people are around, our friends, was basically just us.
Kevin: Gwen, I don't think you realize what kind of beef I have with Club, or what kind I'll be having after what we did to him.

Gwen readies a response, but she stops herself, realizing and rereading what Kevin had just said.

Gwen: Did you just say..."we?"
Kevin: Yes, Gwen. Club wouldn't be out like that if it wasn't for us, together. I got myself into trouble, and you tried to help me get out of it. It's the kind of cycle a relationship's supposed to work in, or at least ours.

Gwen's eyes widen.

Gwen: You've...never really said anything about us like that before. Did Paradox visit you, too?
Kevin: What? No. This is all off of me, Gwen. He approaches her and slowly takes her left hand in his right. Gwen, whatever happens, no matter what kind of beef I have with some body, no matter what trouble either of us are in, I want to help you and I want you to help me, but really the first thing. Of all the girls I've ever been with, you're definitely the second best.
Gwen: Aww, K--what?
Kevin: Well, yeah. Charmcaster was way better, you gotta admit, even if she did lie. That just made her hotter, you know? But, second place, Gwen, that's gotta be awesome. I hope I'm in second for you, too.

Gwen's eyes narrow and she pushes herself away from Kevin.

Gwen: I thought I was going to forgive you today, come to a compromise for the next few months. But, no. Kevin Ethan Levin, you don't understand what it's supposed to mean to be in a relationship, and I don't think you ever will.
Kevin: What? What did I do wrong?
Gwen: I'm not supposed to be your second best, you-you-you idiot!
Kevin: What?!
Gwen (tears beginning to appear at the base of her eyelids and slowly clouding her speech): I'm supposed to be your best best! Like you are...(she turns her head away, dropping it and facing the ground) like you were, until today. I don't know who was in that car with you, but I hope they make you happier than you were with me...because it's over.

Kevin simply stands idly by, silent, as Gwen teleports away, a puddle of tears magically appearing where her feet previously were. Kevin's eyes, which we now see are maroon instead of their typical gray, revert to their normal pigment. His eyes widen, and he drops to his knees ever so suddenly.

Kevin: Gwen...(we fixate on his right eye, where a droplet of water is concocted) no...(for the first time, Kevin sheds a single tear purely out of emotion).


Part V

[We open in the center of a dark Omnitrix City focused on the very top of Ben 10,000's headquarters. We zoom down to the base as another zooming alien races to the entrance. There, he comes to a swift full stop as a human male comes into existence before the entrance in a lab coat. He is the quite familiar Professor Paradox.]

Professor Paradox: Ah, XLR8. Or should I call you, "XLR-8,000."
XLR8 (Ben 10,000): This is not the time, Professor.
Professor Paradox: I say *every time* is the time.
XLR8: Well, I say you're wrong, then. Paradox, Kevin--
Professor Paradox: Kevin? Ooh, that sounds like something important. Let's make sure no one overhears this. Meet me at the balcony in your headquarters!

Professor Paradox disappears.

XLR8: That's over 80 floors up! He drops his head in anger then transforms into Stinkfly.
Stinkfly (Ben 10,000): I don't have time for this. Just as his wings begin to flap powerfully, something grabs him by the tail and slaps down onto the ground face-first. He reverts to XLR8 and dashes a few feet away before turning around and observing the culprit.
XLR8: Ah, man...

We pan over to the ground entrance of the headquarters where Vilgax stands proud and tall.

Vilgax (Future): Miss me, Tennyson?

We pan up to the crescent-moon lit sky and swiftly fast-forward to the sunlit mid-day sky.

[We drop down from the day sky where we left Kevin, at a different angle. We look at a blurry image of him down on his knees on the grass before his own place of work and living, his head bowed. We pan out to see our view is derived from the rear-view mirror in Kevin's car, adjusted by Kevin 11,000, who readjusts afterward for his past self. With a close-up on his face, we see him grinning. A car races by next to Kevin's car, stealing 11K's attention for a moment. After it passes, he fixates himself on something outside the driver window in the sky, far off in the distance. He slides over into the driver's seat and zooms in on the item with his eyes, as if they were cameras with optical zoom capabilities. Perfectly focused on the item, he recognizes it as none other than Ben, if only by the Omnitrix symbol on the center of the Combustiball-formed Ben. 11K's eyes widen and he looks to the mirror once more to see Kevin still crying at the lawn. 11K now quickly forms a plan. His dark gray irises flash maroon red as Kevin had before, and we transition to outside the car, the front lights now bright. Combustiball slams onto the top of the car, reverts to human, and slides off the roof onto the ground just before the passenger side door. He knocks at the window three times. The window slowly rolls down, and at the passenger seat we see 17 year old Kevin Levin at the driver's side.]

Kevin: Yeah, Tennyson? Want to apologize for probably scratching the roof paint?
Ben: Kevin, no.
Kevin: So why are you here?
Ben: I don't think you understand what you just did.

Kevin simply squints questioningly at Ben.

Kevin: You saw?
Ben: Yes, Kevin. Gwen came to see me about something right before she went to see you; I didn't want her to do something stupid, so Dreadsense watched her -- as scary as that is. But...Kevin, you know what you said. And if you really don't care for Gwen anymore, just say it. Ben turns away from Kevin, facing the wall at the opposite end of the sidewalk. And stay away from her off missions while you're at it.
Kevin: You can't tell me what to do, Tennyson.
Ben: When it comes to my cousin, I think I do.

Kevin chuckles.

Kevin: I don't think you know who you're dealing with, Tennyson.
Ben (raising his left sleeve and cocking his arm to make the Omnitrix to visible to Kevin): I think it's more important to know who I am. Even with your powers, if you absorb my Omnitrix again, I'm not letting Gwen come in the way again. Thanks to what you did, what you said, today... Transforms into Combustiball.
Combustiball (in as deep an intimidating voice as possible): ...She wouldn't come in the way anyhow.

Kevin chuckles again.

Kevin: I'm only joking, Tennyson, chill.
Combustiball (his body just barely angled to face Kevin while still facing away from the car): I don't think you know when you should be joking. Faces away from Kevin once more. And I thought I was immature.

Combustiball re-enters flight mode and soars off into the sky. Kevin then rolls his eyes, removes his fake grin he'd had on for Ben, and rolls up the passenger window. Immediately there are another three knocks at that window, and Kevin realizes another him out there. The one at the driver's seat suddenly transforms into 11K as he rolls down the window for the true present version.

Kevin (present, melancholy): Dude...
Kevin 11K: I saw what happened; it really is too bad.
Kevin: I thought you were going to help me...
Kevin 11K: I did the same thing all those years ago.
Kevin:'re still with Gwen.
Kevin 11K: And who said that?
Kevin: You did, like, twice.
Kevin 11K: Oh...well, I lied. You think Devlin looks even remotely like Gwendolyn?
Kevin: He does have her eyes.
Kevin 11K: Those are my wife's eyes.
Kevin: Well...who's our wife then?
Kevin 11K: That's for you to find out. If I tell you everything about the future, it won't be as...interesting.

[We fade to black and reopen at the parking lot of a familiar mall. Kevin's green car sticks it with its distinguishing black stripe across the middle. The car navigates through rows of vehicles in search of a space close to the mall's entrance. We pan to within the car's front where Kevin and his older self, Kevin 11,000, are seated.]

Kevin 11,000/11K: Maybe it'd be best if you just parked as close as possible, as in, just take the next spot we pass. You can absorb something, create a pillar and launch yourself over here when we're done.
Kevin: Hey...that is a pretty good idea, actually.
Kevin 11K: I tend to come up with those; the leader of this quadrant of the Plumbers has to.

Kevin dons an ear-to-ear grin which quickly turns into puzzlement visible all along his face.

Kevin: But what happened to Max?
Kevin 11K: You know what I'm going to say.
Kevin (sighing): "That's for you to find out," (beginning to exit the car, leaving it on as 11K stays at the passenger seat) yeah, yeah. He shuts the car door when he's outside and peers in through the open window. If you need anything--
Kevin 11K: I won't be needing anything, don't worry. But you will. I'll be feeding you some lines, alright?
Kevin: As long as they aren't as bad as what you said to Gwen.
Kevin 11K: I said what we felt, Kevin.
Kevin: Yeah...sure...(Walking away) Close my window!

[We transition to the interior of the mall at the entrance area. Kevin steps in via the automatic sliding doors and marvels at the view.]

Kevin: Alright, I'm inside.
Kevin 11K (in Kevin's mind): Good. As I recall, you're looking for a brown-haired dark girl, about Gwen's age and height.
Kevin: That's pretty vague; can't you give me anything else?
Kevin 11K: Umm, blue eyes. That's all I remember, honestly. You'll know when you see her, I promise.
Kevin: How am I supposed to know? There is no response from his older counterpart so he brings his palm to his face, slowly slides it down in anger, and begins to scout the area for anyone fitting the aforementioned description. After a minute of idling, he begins to walk about so as to not draw attention, and surely enough he finds a girl in a yellow shirt and blue jeans, holding three bags over one arm and one Kyael Mors handbag over the other's shoulder, who meets the criteria. He approaches her. Uh, hey, do I know you from somewhere? Girl (squinting, attempting to recall Kevin): I don't think a name?
Kevin: Kevin.
Girl:, I don't think so, Kevin. Did we ever speak or something?
Kevin: I don't really know; you just look really familiar. I, guess I'm crazy.

Kevin fakes an awkward chuckle then slowly begins to turn away. The girl touches his shoulder and his head immediately refocuses on her, a brow raised to give the illusion of surprise.

Girl: Wait, maybe I might remember you, maybe I might not. You have a piece of paper? Kevin begins to sort through his pocket contents with his hands in search of paper, quickly finding a pink sticky note with a light outline of a face on it. Well, whatever you were drawing, hope you don't mind me replacing it with a number. She pulls out a pen from her pocket and writes on the sticky note as Kevin holds it. That's my cell; call me some time.

The girl grins as she proceeds to the entrance. He turns the note to face himself, and while his eyes stare directly at it, his mind lingers as he feels pure delight. His eyes bulge, though, and he turns to the girl. In place, he calls to her.

Kevin (shouting): Wait! The girl swiftly stops and flips around. What's your name?

The girl points to the sticky note in Kevin's hand, and he looks down to it with a raised brow again. He quickly spots, above the proper number of digits in a phone number, the name 'Amber.' Kevin smiles, and in the distance the girl, Amber, proceeds to the exit.

Kevin 11K (in Kevin's mind): See, and you didn't even need my help.
Kevin: Suure, that's why I just felt my eyes change.
Kevin 11K: You can feel that?!
Kevin: It's not exactly a smooth change.
Kevin 11K: Huh, I should make note of that.
Kevin: Alright. So...we've basically got a date. When should I call her?
Kevin 11K: Leave that up to me.

We watch as Kevin's gray irises flash and become a barn red once more. A sinister grin akin to that which his older self normally appears with is donned, and we transition to just outside the mall where he follows the idea of his older self. He absorbs the pavement and launches himself off of a diagonal pillar yards into the air, the pillars receding into the ground after he leaves the ground. He lands perfectly behind his car and proceeds to the driver door, entering the car seamlessly. When the present Kevin is seated, his elder's eyes and body become the focus as we watch the mind-controlled Kevin mimic everything that is done. When the care for Kevin 11K's eyes are gone, we pan to the younger one's emotionless, dull face. Just his eyes are the focus, but we see everything around his head as time whizzes by. Day turns to night, his location within his car changes to his home where he rushes through doing things, and finally, the entire scene becomes a bright location where Kevin is accompanied by the young, dark girl from earlier -- Amber -- in a blue dress, while he wears a sleek black tuxedo. The two talk but quickly their civil conversation becomes one of hostility and argument. Time slows to regular pace as Kevin rushes outside after the girl leaving what appears to be a high-class restaurant. She retreats to a limo, and as the window rolls down, everything begins to play at normal speed and Kevin's eyes revert to gray.

Amber: Gwen always told me you were a jerk; judging by tonight, you're probably cheating on her right now.
Kevin: What?!
Amber: And don't ever call me, Kevin Levin. My family's lawyer will have your number memorized.

Amber quickly has the back window rolled up, and the limo slowly removes itself from the curb and joins traffic down the road from the restaurant. Kevin stands puzzled in front of the joint for a moment before yelling something.


Someone lays a hand on Kevin's shoulder, quickly jolting a reflex to spin his body around with his elbow directed straight at the entity's upper body. Before Kevin is able to fully flip, however, the person behind him grabs him by the elbow. Kevin raises his head and turns it to look behind him as best as possible, catching a glimpse of some of Kevin 11K's facial features. Kevin rips his elbow out of his older self's hands and moves it to his side angrily. Flipping his body around, he points a finger to 11K's face as he prepares to speak, but 11K raises his hand.

Kevin 11K: You're invading my personal space.
Kevin: I'm you; what's it matter if I invade your personal space?
Kevin 11K: Because we are still separate entities, and it's a tad uncomfortable to have an extended index directed straight at my glabella.
Kevin: My what?
Kevin 11K: You have much to learn about human biology. Surely your friends will catch you up in due time.
Kevin: Dude, I don't want to know biology. I want to know what just happened between me and that girl!
Kevin 11K (casually): Ahh, you said the wrong things, she got angry at you, she stormed off. Shrugging: Women, you know, what are you gonna do?
Kevin: I thought Amber was our wife.
Kevin 11K: I never said that.
Kevin 11K: Hey, I controlled you for most of the date, didn't I? Technically, you won't have to even go on that date for another 20-some years.
Kevin: Why would you control me for the date?
Kevin 11K: Don't worry, I said exactly what you would have said.
Kevin: So twenty years ago--
Kevin 11K: 25, you mean.
Kevin (growling at first): *25* years ago, you went on a random date with this girl and you knew that it'd just be random but you made me go on it anyway?
Kevin 11K: First, if you don't do exactly what I did those years ago, there's no guarantee you're going to be my past. Second, I was led to believe she was supposed to be the one anyway, just like you, by me, in this very same line of events. As I said, (begins to raise his right open hand up to his face, with the palm facing straight up into the sky; our focus, like Kevin's, is on the hand and forearm while 11K's face in the background is blurred) things are never set in stone, (11K balls his hand into a fist) unless you make them.
Kevin: That doesn't make any sense.
Kevin 11K: What doesn't make any sense?
Kevin: You're saying that you said the exact things I would've said to Amber, but you never got to hear what I actually said, and you never got to say anything to Amber yourself when you were me, unless you're not my future after all. Kevin 11K: Oh, that's simple, really. First off, it's a chain; a long time ago the original running version of us knew his past self was going to call for help from the future and decided he'd speed up the process by doing all this for us. But back before that happened, when he was that Kevin -- you, he had the experience of saying the things we'd say to Amber. Second, before I got here, Paradox fed me the exact lines as well as the actions that had to have transpired in the last few hours you were under my control. All the same as that original Kevin would have said as you, who's now nothing more than the alternative.
Kevin: Huh. Cool, I was actually kinda thinking it was that.
Kevin 11K: Well, I wouldn't be able to confirm if you're telling the truth; thoughts I had over a decade ago aren't exactly fresh in memory.
Kevin: Do you remember this conversation?
Kevin 11K: Sure I do.
Kevin: Then all's fine, except what we're gonna do now.
Kevin 11K: Actually, in that brief interval after I let you go in the restaurant, I found something interesting out about your buddy Club.
Kevin: "Buddy?"
Kevin 11K: "Buddy" in the sense that you two like to knock each others heads in every now and again, for fun. Sarcastically: You two *obviously* don't want to *kill* each other.
Kevin: Smells a lot like sarcasm.
Kevin 11K: You've got a good nose. So apparently Club is about to do a deal down at some docks south of here, on the East Coast. I'm thinking we hit the place, cause enough trouble, take down Club once and for all along the way.
Kevin: Take down Club? Are you crazy? Even the two of us together won't be able to take him; we're still just Osmosians, and lousy hybrids at that.
Kevin 11K: I'm not crazy, just lacking in ability. And you really shouldn't put yourself down like that; you have to realize your potential, take advantage of it. Like I did.
Kevin: How? Our best powers come from absorbing materials. The only other way is absorbing people, and I'm not doing that, not again. Kevin looks up to see 11K simply staring at him. You don't want to--

Kevin 11,000 nods.

Kevin 11K: It's more elaborate than that, though. You've seen me with at least one more power than I should have, the one to control you. That's not a natural Osmosian thing. That mind control comes from absorbing aliens' abilities.
Kevin: How are you controlling that?
Kevin 11K: A better question is "how am I controlling *several thousand* sets of abilities?"
Kevin: Thousand?
Kevin 11K: Several, thousand.
Kevin: That's...that's not possible.
Kevin 11K: It is, thanks to some future technology. An inhibitor built like a collar to be worn by Osmosians. With it on, we can play down all of the abilities that can have adverse effects on our personality and self control. Most of the time, it leaves Osmosians with just the base ability to absorb materials, as you said.
Kevin:'re not wearing a collar.
Kevin 11K: That's the minor problem. First, it's not exactly collar-shaped. It's a cube, that projects a collar around you to signify that the inhibitor's being worn. I'm wearing it, but after an extended period of only minor battles, I haven't needed to disable it. It's still working, but it's simply fallen into my body. It was unintended, but when you neglect it for so long...
Kevin: But if you disable it, you'll still go crazy.
Kevin 11K: With it still on me, I still have control. Disabled just means it's not inhibiting any more than just my personality. But to disable it, I need to remove it from my body.
Kevin:'re saying I need to cut you open?
Kevin 11K: Not really. But there are some specific details I have to note. It's sunken into my neck, partially interfering with my voice in a way that's making a tad scratchy.
Kevin: I wasn't going to say anything, I thought it was normal.
Kevin 11K: No need. Now, to get it out, we're going to need something with the capability to freeze to unimaginable temperatures.
Kevin: Why?
Kevin 11K: The collar ceases function when it's frozen. Originally an oversight by the creator, he left it in in case of dire situations where it needed to be removed and this was the only remaining method. I need you to slightly slip in through my neck, and freeze it, but just partially. I need my powers, but I don't want to lose control. Kevin: Won't there be blood then?
Kevin 11K: One of the few other powers I've taken to absorbing is regeneration. While the inhibitor has had a serious effect on the rate of regeneration, it should still be sufficient for clean up.
Kevin: Okay. I've got some Cyogen in my trunk; where's the car?
Kevin 11K: Right here.

Kevin 11,000 holds his hand out and Kevin's car slowly becomes visible parked on the curb. After around 30 seconds, it becomes fully visible and tangible -- fully present.

Kevin: Another one of your powers?
Kevin 11K: Yes, and also another that's been evidently affected by the inhibitor.
Kevin: I see. Well, let's check the trunk. Kevin approaches the trunk of the car. He raises his hand over a large red circle where a lock previously stood. A red ray is projected out of it that runs down Kevin's hand, scanning it completely. After reaching the bottom of his hand, the ray retracts and the red circle becomes yellow. It displays a large "L" in the center of the display. Kevin bends over and opens his left eye wide, facing where another ray, in yellow this time, appears and performs a retinal scan. Upon completion from top to bottom, this too retracts. As Kevin stands back up straight, the circle becomes green and the trunk makes a faint "click" sound as it pops open. Kevin pulls the trunk cover up, revealing an assortment of riches, weapons and other likely nicked -- either by him or a brave middle man -- items. Kevin: There're a couple somewhere in here. Help me look.

Kevin 11,000 nods and begins the search with his supposed younger self via shuffling through, whether it involves tossing things aside or simply pushing them away from one spot. It's not long before Kevin 11,000 stops searching and grins, lifting a somewhat shimmering piece of Cyogen. The blue diamond-shaped crystal quickly attracts Kevin's attention. With him having noticed, 11,000 extends his arm out and holds the cyogen out in front of Kevin, who puts his own hand out to catch it. 11,000 drops the crystal.

Kevin 11,000: Let's make this quick.

Kevin 11,000 turns his back to the much younger Levin.

Kevin: What am I supposed to do exactly, just shove it in?
Kevin 11,000 (pointing to the scar at almost the center of the back of his neck): Right here, slowly. Once you've reached it, go as quickly as possible then hold it tight and wait for it to freeze the cube once you've hit it. Then I'll give you the cue to take it out.
Kevin: You sure about this? We don't have to go after Club.
Kevin 11,000: We don't have to, but we should. He's the reason we've lost Gwen, after all. Kevin nods. Don't worry, I'll get back all the skin that's pierced. Might be a bit slow compared to normal, but it'll grow back in time. Kevin nods and inducts a serious tone through his facial expression. He reels his hand back with the Cyogen in hand and drives the crystal into the back of 11,000's neck. Quickly! Do this for Gwen!

Kevin pushes the crystal in swiftly and stops as it abruptly halts upon colliding with something inside 11K's neck.

Kevin: I think I've got it!
Kevin 11K: You're not done! Freeze it!

Kevin holds tightly onto the crystal as it covers the top of the cube. Just around the point where 11K had been impacted, some icicles protrude out. In seconds, Kevin ceases gripping and removes the Cyogen.

Kevin: I got it.

The icicles slowly expand, creating a collar of ice around 11K's neck.

Kevin 11K: Alright, we're ready to go.
Kevin: You know the place?
Kevin 11K: We get to a ship, I'll put in the coordinates.
Kevin: Dude, just say "coords."
Kevin 11K: 25 years of being around Paradox has had an averse effect on my vocabulary; I'd much rather it be as stripped-down as yours.
Kevin: Was insult?
Kevin 11K: Possibly, but it's more like reflection on my past. You know, as one would look back on their past thinking how naive they were as a child, not knowing an ounce of English. Normally this would be in your mind, but I'm right before you; it paints a much clearer, more accurate picture.
Kevin: You really do talk a lot.
Kevin 11K: Apologies.
Kevin: There it goes again. Just say "sorry."
Kevin 11K: Alright, let me help you drive.
Kevin: No, I'm fine. I don't want you to control me so we get there only to find out "hey, the ship's blown up and it turns out we won't be getting to Club's deal." Now, please, get in passenger; I'll drive.
Kevin 11K (shrugging): Whatever you say.

[The two step into Kevin's car -- Kevin to driver, 11K to passenger. The car swiftly starts up as the trunk is shut through the press of a button at the dashboard. After shutting, the light in the circle transitions from green to yellow then red, locking at the last change. The car begins to expel exhaust just before Kevin slowly pulls away from his parking space and off onto the open city road. We pan up to the full moon in the sky up above, as we transition to a sky with only a crescent to light the starry way. We move to the left, to the very center of an alternate future's "Omnitrix City," where the monumental headquarters of Ben 10,000. At the high-up, relatively recently installed, balcony of the building, Professor Paradox stands observing something on a holographic screen, something he normally keeps to doing in a dimension all his own. Ben 10,000's footsteps are heard approaching from behind. When he is behind Paradox, Paradox speaks just before an arms-crossed Ben 10,000 does.]

Professor Paradox: Save the dramatics, I know what has to be said. And, no, I had absolutely nothing to do with them.
Ben 10,000: So you expect me to believe that Vulkanus's little friends came by my house just to visit?
Professor Paradox: Yes, "visit" in the terms of--
Ben 10,000: No need to explain; I said it. What are you doing here?

Professor Paradox moves aside, allowing Ben 10K to see the screen. He steps forward to watch the events transpire in Super Ben's timeline. Kevin's car arrives at the aforementioned docks, with the young Kevin and 11,000 emerging from the vehicle and stepping up to the field. 11,000 says something to Kevin as the latter dives and the former stays in cover. With Kevin diving in, he fights through a group of Club's goons, though only barely managing to make it through even them. It's not long before one little surprise attack leaves him stuck on the ground for a few seconds, with Kevin 11,000 stepping up to the plate now.

[We zoom into the screen, taking to the timeline to hear everything that transpires.]

Kevin 11,000: Seems you three won't be dealt with easily. That's good, (the ice around his neck is shattered of his own accord) because it's time for me to bring out the big guns. Kevin 11,000's transformation begins to unfold. Each of his arms extends, the left becoming an oddly-shaped Tetramand's, and the right become a lava-filled, hot-as-the-sun tendril covered in a few pieces of a charcoal-skinned Pyronite, with a Galvanic Mechamorph tendril atached to the same shoulder. These very pieces soon take over his expanding chest and the entirety of his torso, leaving openings like a Pyronite's only around his neck and at the shoulder of his left arm. His head bears more resemblance to the pyrokinetic species, however, flames exploding out at all times with a black skeleton's head being used as a face. Above them, a pair of wings grow. One is entirely Lepidopterran, but the other mixes black and crimson Pyronite skin and a Lepidopterran wing, He grows to immense heights, two extra, small Vulpimancer arms growing under his main set. His legs become stretched out versions of Four Arms' in his original look, black pants and all. Even his feet take to looking like a Tetramand's. Four squid-like tentacles grow out of the back of his body and touch the ground. They are the supports of his entire being, his legs suspended in the air and useless. A grin appears on Kevin 11,000's greatly mutated face. Club's friends, meet Kevin 11,000.

[We pan away from the holographic screen and focus in on Ben 10,000's face, which has become one with simply gaping mouth and eyes.]


Part VI

[We begin where we left off, all eyes on Ben 10,000's two wide-open ones.]

Ben 10,000: How. Did He. Get Out?
Professor Paradox: That version of Kevin Levin is quite naive, I must admit. He thought he was bringing a future version of himself, but instead he brought...your Kevin.
Ben 10,000: What's different about that version of Kevin?
Professor Paradox: This is one of those I told you about, the "good" ones.
Ben 10,000: Just because he's good doesn't mean he's stupid. How could he fall for this?
Professor Paradox: Well, it's all for love. You see, he wanted to bring back a future him to interrogate in regards to his now-, as of that time, former girlfriend.
Ben 10,000: Why? Big bad Kevin can't do it on his own.
Professor Paradox: Surely you know that no Kevin easily expresses his emotions. Yours, as you may recall, even shied away his own son because he wasn't needed for his master plot anymore. This young Kevin is far from that level of emotionless, but he still lacks the proper ability to express himself. With some assurance from his future self that he would still be with her in the future, he thought he might get some confidence or something of the likes.
Ben 10,000: And what happened? What did Kevin do?
Professor Paradox: *Your* Kevin abused that one's emotions, as he has a tendency of doing with others. He fooled him into believing that he was his future, and at the very moment we're watching, the young one still isn't aware of the plain fact that that just isn't true.
Ben 10,000: And so what are they doing there with Club now?
Professor Paradox: Well, after your Kevin managed to make that one's girlfriend break up with him and then fail utterly in a date afterward, he told the young one about a deal occurring just a short flight away. Taking the young one's ship, when they got there, as you saw, Kevin -- not yours -- battled Club's goons before Club himself arrived -- still haven't seen that actually -- while Kevin 11,000 built up for finally revealing himself, again fooling the young one, making him believe that the buildup was because the removal of his inhibitor too quickly would result in a massive outbreak of aggressive behavior.
Ben 10,000: He's going to deal with that aggressive behavior no matter what now. I have to get down there and help.
Professor Paradox: I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that.
Ben 10,000: And why would that be?
Professor Paradox: Because I simply can't.
Ben 10,000: I don't find that to be a very good reason. Without touching his gauntlet of an Omnitrix, he transforms into a purple-skinned ghost-like alien. At first his eyes are closed but they quickly fly open.
Streak: Move out of the way, Paradox.

[Paradox points to the screen once more, revealing Plasmodic aiding Kevin in getting back up on his feet. We rejoin the duo in the present.]

Plasmodic: Kevin, who's the bad guy saying he's you?
Kevin: He's not bad, Ben; he's my future. He's just showing off his powers.
Plasmodic: That's the most demonic-looking good guy I've ever seen.
Kevin: Well, he's good, don't worry. You met him earlier in his human form.
Plasmodic (Kevin now completely on his feet without any support): I...did?
Kevin: Yeah, after...what happened with Gwen.
Plasmodic: What? I was talking to you after what *you* did.
Kevin: I look completely different from him in his human form. You sure it wasn't the lighting or something?
Plasmodic: Look.

Plasmodic transforms into Dreadsense and immediately establishes a mental link with Kevin. The two stand absolutely still as Ben's memories are transferred. Behind them, the fully-mutated Kevin 11,000 observes the just-transformed Super Ben.

Kevin 11,000: Ben 10,000. Figured you'd show up sooner or later. With no response from either, he steps up closer. In proximity, the superior size of Kevin 11,000 compared to Dreadsense is especially noticeable. Oh, this is just going to be too easy, Benji.

Kevin 11,000 smacks Dreadsense aside with his heated tendril appendage. While 11,000 proceeds to turn away, he young Kevin still sands. And speaks.

Kevin (feeling betrayed): You...lied to me, to Ben. You changed into me, and lied to him.
Kevin 11,000: Oh, boo-hoo, Levin. You gonna cry 'cause I cost you the only girl you had a chance with?
Kevin: What...what are you talking about?
Kevin 11,000: Gwendolyn, what else? She is the only girl you'll probably ever have a chance with. Try finding another girl who loves you for more than the fortune you've looted from Tennyson.
Kevin (anger building): You said Gwen wasn't the one, and Amber wasn't the one.
Kevin 11,000: I've said things that aren't true, but do you think I care? You're mine. His eyes turn white like Dreadsense's before him. A gray mist floats slowly from his gaping mouth. Kevin simply observes for a moment before absorbing the ground and uppercutting the distracted alien back into a fully conscious state. You little--
Kevin: What? You little what? I thought there was something going on when you weren't nearly as big as me. He charges forward. Taller, but nowhere near bigger.

A dirt-covered Kevin leaps into the air as he transforms his two hands into sharp swords. Mid-air, the disapproving, head-shaking Kevin 11,000 smacks Kevin out of the air with his lava tendril. After hitting him, he snatches Kevin off the ground and lifts him to his face.

Kevin 11,000: You're pathetic; you have the strategic prowess of an infant Cybrian Kanin. Obviously, years of being with the Tennysons have weakened you. You don't deserve to be called a Le--

[Smashing down on top of Kevin 11,000, forcing him to release Kevin, is an alien bike-riding Club. In this appearance he bears a full set of armor, complete with wooden shield and various other metal and wood pieces. As we pan back out to Paradox and Streak, the former says something.]

Professor Paradox (smiling): Called it.

[We return to the present where Club announces his own arrival.]

Club: Levin, what are you doing here?
Kevin (getting back up on his feet): It's not my fault, Club. Blame the guy you landed on.

Club looks underneath his bike to see the crushed hybrid from his seat.

Club: Well, what do we have 'ere? He gets off his bike and leaps off of Kevin 11,000 and onto the ground. In a second, I'll get you, Levin, but I know this thing will earn me a couple hundred.

Club begins to lean forward, cautiously, to touch the thing.

Kevin: Club, don't--!

Kevin 11,000 flips himself over launching Club's bike miles and just barely missing Club himself on the flipping back-swing he makes. Standing up before Club, Kevin 11,000 speaks.

Kevin 11,000: Give me one reason why I should let you live, Club. You have thirty seconds.
Club: Because I run the most butt-kicking crew in the galaxy, and I'll kick yours down if you don't spare me so we can have a proper fight.
Kevin 11,000: Hmm...fair proposal. Just one problem: I don't play fair. Club immediately attempts to draw an alien sword from a rear pocket, but 11K flips the warrior into the air with his Pyronite tendril and smacks him back down into the ground around 50 feet in the air with his Vulpimancer knuckles. He winds his arm back then launches him straight into one of the huge freight containers. Club's weight combined with the heavy armor send him through the crate's outer wall and into the crate, which turns out to be filled with an array of weapons. The name's 11,000, Kevin 11,000. But you can call me the last alien you'll ever see. 11,000 reaches his smaller appendage to Club's face. As the downed enemy groans, 11K grins and absorbs more than just his powers, but his essence as a whole. The once brawny male caveman now stands thinner than a chocolate-poisoned Ultimo, with his skeleton almost bulging out of what little skin remains. We look from one of the crates forward to 11K's face as he bashes Club's thin skull in off screen. A viscous blue liquid is expelled all over 11K and a bit of the surrounding area, the former of which melts it all off of himself in seconds using the volcano-esque flame bursting out of his neck. In the background, Kevin stands tall looking at the bloodthirsty villain. Where were we, *buddy*?
Kevin: Right in the middle of ending this.
Kevin 11,000: Ah, right on the money.

Kevin 11,000 bends his tentacles then extends them, launching unrealistically high up into the air. As he reaches peak heights, he begins to rotate, leaving his now-flaming Vulpimancer fist extended ready to pound down into Kevin, who crouches down. Kevin expands his fists to great dimensions and holds his knuckles out ready to counter 11,000's. The older alternate Levin continues with a smug fist, so just as 11,000 approaches the ground, he steps out of the way slapping a large crater into the ground with 11,000 inside.

Kevin: For my future, you're not that smart. Breaking through the ground is Kevin 11,000's Vulpimancer hand. It absorbs the material off of the Kevin then launches him into another of the freight containers. Rather than actually break through it, he creates a body-shaped dent that he sinks well into. His body becomes numb, and he twitches as the last bit of strength eludes him, escapes him. Kevin 11,000 bursts through the ground, smiling stepping in front of 11,000 is Dreadsense.

Kevin 11,000: 10,000.
Dreadsense: I'm not him; I'm Super Ben.
Kevin 11,000: Oh, so this'll be easier than expected. Dreadsense's eyes turn white as 11K's grin turns to a look of dismay. His body gradually shrinks and his abnormal appendages and other growths either fall of or shrink back into his body. All of his assorted skin types and shades are reverted to his human form's, and the final part of his transformation reverts his three-eyed face--one on the left of an oversized Galvan's and the other vertically-arranged two of a Tetramand's--to that of his human form's. No, what's going on?! His eyes too turn white as he moves slowly over to Dreadsense against his will with zobmie-like movement. When he reaches Dreadsense, he slowly raises his hand to the alien's head. Kevin 11K still moving, Dreadsense's eyes turn to normal and 11K immediately smacks Dreadsense as powerfully as possible right in the face. You're more dimwitted than one can possibly be, "Super Ben;" with all these abilities at my disposal, did you legitimately not take a moment of your dwindling remainder of time to think one of them would not be able to counter master control telepathy.
Dreadsense: "Master Control Telepathy?"
Kevin 11,000: Your primary ability, better known in your time as (his eyes transition from white to red as Dreadsense's do) "mind control." As Kevin 11,000 moves his hand, Dreadsense does as well, until he reaches the Omnitrix abs twists it. He then slaps down on the Assault Omnitrix symbol, revealing Super Ben in his human form. Hmm...that's an interesting uniform, Tennyson. Never seen you wear it before. There is silence for a moment. What, You don't want to respond? Sarcastically: How rude.
Kevin: You're... (Coughs) a terrible...friend.
Kevin 11,000: You think I'm a terrible friend? Rewind, what, seven years in your time? Remember who shunned you after you got him his favorite videogame? Remember who kept his secret all those years after you trapped me in that prison dimension. He would've never come back to save me from the Null Void. He assumes a place face-to-face with Ben. You left me to die in an endless place filled with criminals, and you hadn't a care in the world for the kid who had to grow up in there. Out of 11K's field of view, a gust begins to swirl and become more powerful as something descends to the ground. You're no hero; you're a threat who's had all of his crimes go unnoticed. His eyes fade back to normal as he moves at lightspeed to grab Ben by the neck and shove the back of his head into a small new dent in the crate behind him. I should put you out right now, do another timeline doesn't have to deal with you until you inevitably -- finally -- perish.
Semi-Ominous Female Voice (echoing): Get your dirty hands off my cousin.
Kevin 11,000: You're brave, I'll give you that; but you're stupid as well. 11K just barely cants his head to look at Gwen with Ben's life tightly in his grasp. We see her at the corner of his eye. Her emotions are so greatly in control that her alien transformation has halted at both ears, an Anodite face (with eyes still human) left upon her. Your traits bear much more resemblance to your ex-cousin's in this version.

[As the magenta glow in her eyes appears, Gwen releases an impressive blast in Kevin 11,000's direction, effectively pushing him away with Super Ben's breathless slouching and sliding down onto the ground. We pan out to see Professor Paradox fixated seriously on the screen.]

Professor Paradox: What a powerful girl.

Pan to the left where we can see a transforming Ben 10,000 become an alien clad in titanium armor. This titanium alien bears great resemblance to his younger, alternate self's (Super Ben's), but his Omnitrix has taken to a large spot on the better half of his back, akin to Grey Matter's placement, and he has a second pair of rectangular eyes under his much thinner-than-normal regulars.

Titanium Alien: She may be powerful, but she is nothing compared to what the next over two decades will do to her in sheer knowledge and strategy. Now, we don't want this to get ugly, so please, move before I do it for you.
Professor Paradox: Benjamin, there are two sides to every coin. I'd say you're a penny; much easier to accidentally flip over to the darker one. The dilemma looming there is, oftentimes, that coin gets stuck to something, and before you realize it, you've got to extremes trying to turn it over. Paradox turns around to face the titanium alien. Ben 10,000, even if I am to be removed, you do not possess the knowledge needed to go to the correct timeline, let alone the correct place in the past. You know it's decades ago, but where exactly will you go? Even Atomhammer will be fruitless. As he turns back around to his screen, the silent titanium alien reverts to human not of his accord. He analyzes his body upon transformation. So, please, pipe down and observe; it's the only way you'll actually learn something.

[We zoom back into the time display, resuming with Gwen floating before Kevin 11,000.]

Kevin 11,000: The nerve you have is great, and that power, (he looks up to Gwen) it's unmatched by the Gwen I've seen. You can't let that power go to waste little missy; join--

Gwen screams at the very height of her lungs. The exclamation is ensued by a continued transmogrification, featuring a recoloring of the rest of her head, part of her neck, and even her hair up until it reaches the ponytail. Her eyes complete the head change, glowing a very bright pink on the outline and white on the rest of the sclera. A large Petrosapien-like crystal glowing and filled with mana is spawned over the girl, her mind holding it up though her hands are raised to give an illusion of it being their responsibility. The rock is cut up several ways into small shards that she focuses solely on 11,000. After he forcefully cracks his neck in preparation, Kevin 11,000 begins moving as a blur, ignoring every projectile coming at him.

Gwen (echoing): Stand still.
Kevin 11,000 (echoing and varying in volume due to his movements): You're a fool, Gwendolyn. The power you wield is far superior to your future already. By her age, (as the last wave of mana crystals land, he dashes forward and grabs Gwen by her flat shoes) you'll be a sorceress like I've never seen before.

Kevin 11,000 grabs her by the foot and attempts to slam her down on the ground, but mid-air, she regains control and reverses the effects onto Kevin 11,000 as she backflips, slamming him into a hole in the ground instead.

Gwen: You better keep what you have to say to yourself. I will not join you, I don't care how powerful I will be in another timeline, I just want you out of here -- one way or the other.

Kevin 11,000 struggles to escape his place in the ground. As Gwen approaches him, her transformation continues. First resuming at the neck, it begins to override her clothing down to her stomach and elbows. Also at each foot, the transformation starts. They stop, leaving a horizontal line from her right leg to her left where the change stopped. Her bare feet and legs up to around the knees are used to step on the foot of one of the last living members of Club's crew who rushes up to her. She then smacks her away solely with her melee combat skills. As she stands over Kevin 11,000, she aims a mana-charging hand at the villain's head from waist-level.

Kevin 11,000 (in immense pain): Please, don't.
Gwen: What is your name?
Kevin 11,000: Kevin Ethan Levin.
Gwen: I know that; what do you call yourself?
Kevin 11,000: Kevin 11,000.
Gwen: You know Ben 10,000, the one who only recently got a heart?
Kevin 11,000: I don't know; I only saw him for the first time since he trapped me in the Null Void last year. He was pretty friendly to his son from what I can tell. Gwen: So he has ultimate forms? An Omnitrix that actually looks like a watch?
Kevin 11,000: "Ultimate" forms?
Gwen: Then you have the Ben with the huge Omnitrix; the one with only 10,000 aliens. The one whose cousin -- whose me -- only knew magic.
Kevin 11,000: You only know magic as well.
Gwen (voice booming): LOOK AT ME! Returning to her standard echo: I know more than magic; I know the energy upon which magic was founded. I know my origins.

Something grabs Gwen just below each shoulder. She turns around, quickly blasting Kevin 11,000 in the hole. She finds a fully-formed 11,000 also behind her, the grabbing being done by his lower Tetramand hands. He absorbs her until her Anodite form begins to recede. Most of her clothing returns ripped or shredded, and when just her nose is left in its Anodite form, 11,000 grips her extremely tightly then sends her sliding on the ground a few feet.

Kevin 11,000: One does not simply deal the final blow at me, especially if that one is you.

[We take to Gwen's perspective where everything before our eyes is fading to nothing. When everything is gone and we see nothing but black, we pan speedily up into the stars. Light years away from Earth, we see a glowing pink ball of a planet. A burst of energy and minuscule stars occur on a desolate location of the planet. The ground there lifts off a few feet into the air, and when it stops, a semi-transparent female Anodite appears, analyzing her body. Her hair abruptly joins her, all glowing white and tying itself into a ponytail on its own.]

Female Anodite: Where am--? Another burst occurs on the small glowing rock, introducing Professor Paradox to the scene. Paradox, bring me back, now.
Professor Paradox: I'm afraid I have no control over that, Gwendolyn. Well, actually, I do, but it would entail aging your body a few hours.
Gwen/Female Anodite: Do it.
Professor Paradox: But that's not the best method. You can take yourself back, whenever you feel, but before you do, I feel you should be informed of something.
Gwen: What now?
Professor Paradox: First, let me ask: Who are you here for?
Gwen: You brought me here.
Professor Paradox: No, not here. And I didn't bring you. The form you are currently in is not your own, but it's your astral projection. When an Anodite loses consciousness, their astral projection is what keeps them in control during this time. Your body isn't free from harm, like a full Anodite's would particularly be, but you are open to leave whenever.
Gwen: Good, then I'll soon as you tell me what you need to tell me.
Professor Paradox: Thank you. Do you recall the events I showed to you last night?
Gwen: Yeah. She raises her hand as she readies a projection of her memories. I can--
Professor Paradox: Do not waste your energy, not that you could.
Gwen: What do you mean? She attempts to display her memories but failure leaves her confusingly analyzing her hand. I...can't use my powers, here?
Professor Paradox: Smart girl; correct. You see, your astral projection is using what little power you have remaining to keep you afloat. I recommend you stay here as long as you can, but you have friends whose lives are being threatened.
Gwen: Then I have to go.
Professor Paradox: Not yet, there's still time. Being that 11,000 duplicated using Splixson abilities and not a Sonorosian's -- Ditto's and Echo Echo's species respectively--
Gwen: I know.
Professor Paradox: Of course you do. But as I was saying, that being the case, he's still recuperating from the damage you dealt to him. In all honesty, among your friends, you're the last hope for your timeline.
Gwen: Stop saying that. I'm not here for my friends. I'm here to save lives that that Kevin's going to wipe out, starting with Ben.
Professor Paradox: So, in regards to my earlier inquiry, you're not here for Kevin Ethan?
Gwen: No, I'm not. He's just here.
Professor Paradox: Really?
Gwen: You know what's true, Paradox.
Professor Paradox: And so by that logic, I know you are simply speaking prevarications.
Gwen: Prevarications? Lies? Paradox nods. I'm not lying.
Professor Paradox: Then why did you follow Kevin for the entirety of the day?
Gwen: Simple: I didn't.
Professor Paradox: I beg to differ.

A hologram appears just adjacent Paradox displaying the back of Kevin's car where a small cylinder the same color as the vehicle's paint is planted just near the trunk's handle. It flashes a bright green. The hologram now displays Gwendolyn wearing headphones at a seat in the rather small Blue Lake City Plumber base. A rather heavyset alien Magister appears over her.

Heavyset Magister (flashback): What are you doing, Gwendolyn?
Gwen (flashback): I'm sorry, Magister Kenan, but I need to do this.
Magister Kenan/Heaveyset Magister: Just tell me what you're doing.
Gwen: Research...on a possible threat.
Magister Kenan: You sure? Because that looks an awful lot like Kevin's car to me.
Gwen: Yeah...because he's the threat.
Magister Kenan: What?
Gwen: He's changed...I don't even know him anymore.

A large mana bubble appears around the past Gwen.

Magister Kenan (banging his fist as against the bubble): Let me in there, Tennyson, right this instant!
Gwen: I'm sorry, Magister.
Magister Kenan: I will have you demoted and permanently removed from the Plumbers!
Gwen (to herself): Like that'll stop Luc--

The memory is halted by Paradox, then the hologram disappears.

Professor Paradox (present): I think that's all we need to see.
Gwen (present): I only watched that car to make sure Ben was safe. Or did you forget he was watching Kevin too?
Professor Paradox "Too?" That implies someone else was watching, and to my knowledge, there were only three people watching Kevin -- two of which *you're* aware of.
Gwen: Well if one of them's me, tick me off that list because I was only watching out for Ben. Kevin doesn't care for me, so why should I care for him?
Professor Paradox: Excuse me?
Gwen: What?
Professor Paradox: You believe Kevin doesn't care for you.
Gwen: Yes, he hasn't in months, and you told me that.
Professor Paradox: I am? Well, you'll have to clarify when, because surely you aren't referring to our meeting at your dormitory.
Gwen: I am; you know that.
Professor Paradox: When in our conversation did I say that?
Gwen: Show me the conversation right after I found out Ben was along.

Another hologram appears aside Professor Paradox. It plays at a low volume, but Gwen is able to read her and Paradox's lips. When she reads the thing she was searching for, she speaks out.

Gwen: Stop it there. Professor Paradox pauses the memory and steps over to Gwen's side to observe with her. Play it at full volume.

The clip plays, and as we face the two, we listen to the conversation in the hologram.

Gwen (flashback): I thought you were persuading me to drop Kevin.
Professor Paradox (flashback): I am. His efforts were pointless, fruitless--
Gwen (present, as Paradox pauses the clip): Here it is.
Professor Paradox (flashback): Nothing much would happen for a long while, and even then, it would simply be the parting of two souls who may not belong together.
Gwen (present): Well, Paradox?
Professor Paradox (present): Clever phrase work there. Gwendolyn, I want to show you two more things before you go. Take a look at the tube again.

When Gwen next looks at the hologram, she sees herself, lying on the ground, injured after just having been absorbed by Kevin 11,000. In the background, Kevin 11,000 is attempting to heal his duplicate self, still stuck in the hole Gwen smacked him into. The Gwen gets up, and immediately feels a vibration. She removes her phone from her pocket and her eyes gape. Without the person on the other end speaking, Gwen responds.

Gwen (flashback): Karin? I'm so sorry...
Karin (flashback, call, sobbing): You heard?
Gwen: Yes, Karin, and I'm so sorry.
Karin: I...I thought we were perfect.
Gwen: Everyone thinks that about whomever they're with, but you have to realize...there's more than just romance involved in a relationship.
Karin: We knew that...but I guess we couldn't pull off anything beyond that. do you and Kevin do it?
Gwen: That's just the thing, Karin...we don't; we haven't, yet.
Karin: What? But you two have been together for two years, haven't you?
Gwen: Give or take...I don't know we've done it, but what we've been doing has to stop.
Karin: Are...are you and Kevin done too? Kevin came earlier, asking for help with you two, and I--
Gwen (eyes gaping): He did? No...not yet. We have to give this a try ourselves first, (smiling): then we see from there. Look, Karin, I'm in the middle of something. I'll see you later, okay? Please...don't let this take over your life. Everything's going to turn out for the best...I promise. Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened.

The projection's clip stops.

Gwen (present): None of that has happened before, Paradox. And what does that have to do with anything?
Professor Paradox: It has happened, *yet*.

Paradox simply smiles, then disappear, leaving a section of the clip on a loop.

Gwen: Paradox, wait!

Gwen watches the looping scene a single time to see its significance.

Karin (flash-forward?): I...I thought we were perfect.
Gwen (flash-forward, the present Gwen squinting at her lips and carefully analyzing the words): Everyone thinks that about whomever they're with, but you have to realize...there's more than just romance involved in a relationship.

Tears run down present Gwen's face, their Anodite counterparts being a very dark violet. She balls her hand into a fist and holds it to the center of her chest. While, she believes the clip is about to replay, it instead automatically fast-forwards to a later portion of the scene.

Karin (flash-forward): Are...are you and Kevin done, too? Kevin came earlier, asking for help with you two, and I--
Gwen (present): The "two souls" weren't us...
Gwen (flash-forward, eyes gaping): He did? No...not yet. We have to give this a try ourselves first, '(smiling) then we see from there.

The clip restarts from the beginning. On the present Gwen's astral projection, the impossible is done as she conjures a locket made of mana, wrapped around her neck. She looks down to it, opening it slowly. A smile develops as she admires the picture inside.

Gwen (present): They were Karin and Cooper...

Gwen's semi-transparent astral projection becomes a small glowing orb as it blasts off from the Anodite home world, Anodyne, in search of its true body on Earth. Having no physical support, the locket falls to the ground revealing the image inside: the upper bodies of Kevin and Gwen (from the neck up), their faces very close together while dancing in the middle of the desert two years prior in their most formal of outfits.


Part VII

[We open being taken to Earth where Gwen's astral projection lands within her body. As the injured girl wakes, the vibration ensues as it did in Paradox's look into the future. When she answers her phone, the screen flashes and our comic book-style Infernosphere fight scene follows. With a blue flash of light, Paradox appears over the scene, narrating each event, starting with this one.]

Professor Paradox: She picked up, and flawlessly recited the words she'd heard in our peek into her future.

The scene changes to Gwen in her half-complete Anodite form, covering only the waist up -- including her hair, facing off fearlessly against two Kevin 11,000s in his human form, the other fully mutated.

Professor Paradox: She faced off with great valor. The fact she had entered into a rather audible phone call with her friend did alert 11,000, so in spite of their injuries, they fought as well. Due to the nature of the duplication, however, it meant both Kevins were weakened. They were pushing as much effort as Gwendolyn, and she hadn't even fully entered her Anodite form yet.

We move forward to Gwen being pounded away by three Kevin 11,000s, now including a second human. The two humans have adopted a few extra powers, the one originally in the ole having mana-powered glowing hands and the other with a flame encasing his body thanks to his Pyronite DNA.

Professor Paradox: Unfortunately, sheer willpower cannot possibly win a battle, especially one in which there are three contenders and only one of herself. In spite of the fact that she was down, her transformation was still in progress, now faster than ever. As one of the Kevins realized this, he alerted the other two of him.

We now see Paradox and the human Ben 10,000 arguing on the latter's balcony.

Professor Paradox: More pointless bickering.

Quickly, we continue to Gwen rising to her feet, her anger fueling her upright standing, brightly glowing Anodite hair. The transformation was nearly complete, her right foot the only remainder of her human form. As the Kevins came after her from all sides -- involving a fourth Kevin who was also in his mutant form -- Gwen unleashed a mana rope. This opaque and very much tangible vice divided into four directions to capture and wrap around each Kevin by his waist.

Professor Paradox: Believing there to be still hope, she made the valiant effort to bring the increasing number of villains into her captivity, even if only a temporary distraction to them. She wasn't stalling, however; no, this smart girl had a plan in mind.

In the next instant, there are 8 Gwens. While one remains at the center, two are sent to all but one -- the weakest human that had originally been hindered by being flipped into a small ditch all his own. As if in a comic book, the original Gwen bears a chat bubble, inside which is a single word: Quotendus.

Professor Paradox: A discovery she had made while going over the various contents of her spell book -- or should I say, Charmcaster's spell book -- was a single incantation that duplicates its user. Upon replication, the next utterance doubles the existing count. With just three uses, there were eight of her on the field, all fighting primarily immobile Kevins. The aggregated blows to each of the clones simultaneously created a resounding array of painful cries. Each of the four was exclaiming together upon each linked attack, until finally, it just could not be endured any longer. The four merged back into a single mutated 11,000, who in his weakened state was forced to revert to his badly-injured human form.

Concluding the bundle of comic book -style scene, we see a large portal opened before Kevin 11,000 as each of the Gwens returned to the original. Out from the portal came Ben 10,000, his fist being the only weapon used to knock a still semi-active Kevin 11,000 out.

Professor Paradox: After his final spout, I finally allowed Ben 10,000 to come to *neutralize* Kevin 11,000. He had become too dangerous a cross-time phenomenon.

Returning to the present at both normal speed and style as Paradox snaps his finger and disappears we see Gwen approaching Kevin 11,000.

Gwen: Ben 10,000?!
Ben 10,000: The one and only!
Gwen: Wow, good to see you! When he wakes up, mind telling him I was only using an eighth of my powers since I was split eight ways?
Ben 10,000: Unfortunately, when he next wakes up, he's not going to know anything ,see anyone ever again, or learn anything new.

Gwen simply stands there, fearful for Kevin 11,000's fate.

Ben 10,000: Gwen, you're the one who visited me 12 years ago, correct?
Gwen: 12 years ago? It's only been 6 or 7, right?
Ben 10,000: I wouldn't be sure of how long it's been for you. I want to thank you, and, err, Ben for helping me all those years ago. You two really changed my life, even if Kevin did have to get involved again.
Gwen: What happened that made your Kevin so different from ours, from all the rest?
Ben 10,000: Not all Kevins are good except mine, Gwen. As he captures Kevin 11,000 in a Null Void egg, he turns around to face Gwen. But for the most part, he is a good guy. You're lucky to have him.
Gwen: I know, Ben.
Ben 10,000: That's Ben 10,000 to you. Gwen raises a brow as she begins to revert to human. Oh, I'm kidding.

Gwen shakes her head and throws herself at Ben 10,000 for a hug.

Gwen: Good to see you again, Ben 10K.
Ben 10,000: You too, Gwen. It's been years since you've looked like this.

Gwen pushes away.

Gwen: What, are you calling future me ugly?
Ben 10,000: No, just older. You two've got pretty different uniforms as well. He looks to Kevin, still perched within one of the freight containers. Gwen, I think you should--
Gwen: No need to tell me again. Plus, you've got your own Kevin issues to take care of.
Ben 10,000: You're right. Hope we meet again some day, Gwen Tennyson.
Gwen: I'm in college now...I really like "Gwendolyn" more.

Ben 10,000 grins then steps into the portal still present to his time.

Ben 10,000 (partially immersed in the portal, straight-faced once more, serious): Your Kevin needs to know something. He knows that Kevin 11,000 is no hero; he's the complete opposite, but he needs to know 11,000 knew nothing about you two, truly. Paradox told me that Kevin -- my Kevin -- has Amperi abilities.
Gwen: That means...he has telepathy.
Ben 10,000: Correct. And every time 11,000 needed a memory, it tended to be at the front of your Kevin's mind. Too often he thought about you or anything that 11,000 needed, so with those abilities, he took anything he needed.
Gwen: Why do I need to tell him?
Ben 10,000: He needs to know two are not destined to end, at least not as destined as Kevin said. You two have a future, even if that's only for a few more years, months, days, even minutes. Go to him, Gwendolyn, tell him the truth.

Ben 10,000 waves then completely disappears into the portal, which disappears afterward. With him gone, she turns to Kevin and Ben. The latter is coughing, but coming to, almost standing now. With no assistance needed for him, Gwen approaches Kevin. While the first thought is to heal him -- almost doing so as she raises a glowing hand to his heart -- she instead touches his forehead. Her human body glows, as do her again-pink and white eyes. She closes them, and flashing against her closed eyelids are memories from the last two days straight from the mind of the 18-year-old Kevin Levin. From the altercation with Club where she intervened, to meeting with Karin for advice, to going for Argit for the final piece to helping his and her relationship, to now. They were all there, and she'd seen it all. Her eyes fly open as iris and pupil colors reprise their necessary roles on her human body. She tightly hugs Kevin around the chest, her glow aiding in waking him once more. He coughs at first, but ignores this. A memory flashes before his eyes, causing her to step away, however still standing close to him.

Kevin: Gwen?
Gwen (smiling): Who else?
Kevin: I thought you said...
Gwen: Kevin, we both said things. And apparently, most of the things you said...weren't your fault.
Kevin: You...knew?
Gwen: I know now. I came to help Ben -- I'll admit that, you hurt me...but I learned a few things while I was here. I know how I took over your entire last two days. Kevin...I don't know that any other guy would go to those lengths just to be with me, and you obviously want to be with me, and not just because of whatever's on the outside...I just want you to know...I feel the same way.
Kevin: So...we're not done?
Gwen: That's up to you, Kevin.
Kevin: Well, of course, I--
Gwen: But, before you make your decision, I think you should know something: there's more than just romance in a relationship. For the last two years, that's been holding us back. We need to move forward, know each other. I'm not saying it's time to throw away all secrets and give the other every memory -- because I'd much rather know you were only ever engaged once -- but I feel like we don't really know much about each other. So if you wanna go on, well, you know things have to change, even if that's minor for the both of us. She raises her hand out to Kevin to pull him out of his dent. Are you in?
Kevin: I'm in for whatever you are, Gwen. He puts his hand in Gwen's and she tugs him up. The two end up extremely close to each other -- face-to-face -- upon completing the lift. Maybe one last--

Gwen swiftly pushes forward, locking her lips in Kevin's and wrapping around Kevin's neck as her eyes close. On the recoil to standing up straight, Kevin wraps his arms around her waist. Kevin, too, closes his eyes. In the background, Ben is just getting up and stretching from what he endured earlier. He rubs his throat a few times before noticing his cousin and best friend locked in a passionate kiss.

Ben: Why does this always happen to me?! A bright pink spark occurs mid-air right behind him. What was that?! He looks over to Gwen and Kevin, who managed not to notice anything themselves. You know what? Transforms into Frisbit.
Frisbit: If the bad guy's beaten or he disappeared or whatever, then I don't need to be here.

Frisbit removes his frisbee from his back, jumps in the air, and leaves it in the ground. When he lands back on it, he soars into the night sky. We pan over to Gwen and Kevin as the kiss ends and they are now simply touching noses. Gwen removes contacts from her eyes with mana, her true eye color being revealed.

Gwen: For starters, I have blue eyes; I just always wear contacts.
Kevin: Guess I've gotta say something.
Gwen: You don't have to.
Kevin: But I will. He moves to her ear. I kinda had a crush on you even when we were kids.
Gwen: We're still kids, Kevin. *We* have many more years till that's over.

[We pan up to the sky as the two continue speaking. It transitions to red, the moon fading as we enter the Null Void. When we return to ground level, we see Null Void Incarcecon. We enter it, and find Malevolence in his cell. He is speaking to someone via a phone embedded into his body.]

Malevolence: He escaped? But wasn't he sent to final?...He got put inside *again*? I imagine he'll have been put on Incarcecon for this one--with his suit, not that it'll help him much when the savages up there tear through it. Wait...Slix's parents are up there. Why didn't they keep Slix up there when he was born?...Offspring can't be...Splendid. If that rule applies up there then surely it will down here...Don't worry, I have a plan.

A guard walks by and punches one of Malevolence's bars in passing.

Null Void Guard: Pipe down in there. We can either send you to final or Incarcecon for insanity, your choice. Unless you're talking to someone, in which case, only one of those options remains.
Malevolence: Which one?
Null Void Guard: Whichever sounds worse. For you, probably final.
Malevolence: Sounds like more of a blessing in my eyes.
Null Void Guard: Sure, it does, Mal. Now, shut up or we'll see how much of a "blessing" final is.
Malevolence: Of course, officer.
Null Void Guard: Much better...

[We advance several hours to the next morning where the guards are opening everyone's cells one-by-one, manually. As they open Malevolence's, they notice his seclusion in a corner.]

Null Void Guard #2: Turn around, Malevolence! And so he does, revealing a small Galvanic Mechamorph of the same colors of Malevolence -- red and black. Is that a--a--
Malevolence: *My* offspring. And by law, any species that cannot--

We seamlessly transition to a scene where Malevolence stands before the new warden -- a Transylian who bears resemblance to Benvicktor and Dr. Viktor, save for the armor on his upper body which even up to his helmet borrows from Tetrax's original black armor design. He continues speaking where Malevolence left off.

Warden: --Mentally control their offspring must have any newborns birthed within the confines released unless otherwise declined exit by the warden as agreed upon by 15 local Magisters.
Malevolence: To my knowledge, you're not the closest partner with any of the nearby 15, correct, warden? I mean, what Transylian is?
Warden: I'm not a Transylian.
Malevolence: Your shape could've fooled me.
Warden: And your shape after final could fool one to believe you're just a drooping pile of Polymorph goo. And I have close ties with two local Magisters -- one being my well-respected niece, and the other her boyfriend. The two are both honorable, high-ranking Plumbers who could force any of my designations for your child to be set in stone. Fortunately for you, I am aware Galvanic Mechamorphs possess no ability to control others of their species -- or of any species that isn't entirely technologically-based. With that, I release your child.
Malevolence: Do I get to name him?
Warden: No. After a former Incarcecon prisoner named their child after their cell name, we had no choice but to give that liberty to this child's first adoptive parents. There's always that one ruins it for everybody.

One of the Null Void guards grabs Malevolence's child.

Malevolence: Hey!

The other guard behind Malevolence shocks Malevolence.

Warden: Have that Mech taken on the next ship out of here. Doesn't need to be carrying people; cargo will do for it. And get Malevolence out of here! As Malevolence is being shoved out the door, the warden shouts. Stop! The guards and Malevolence turn their heads around to face him. Malevolence, what happened to your right arm?
Malevolence: Someone *permanently* dismembered it.

The warden's eyes gape. Without a need for details, he simply sends them all away with a way of his hand, which too resembles Dr. Viktor's. Malevolence's Ship-like child remains in the room, turning to his father and whimpering. Malevolence simply turns away, grinning.

[We advance further to see the ship about to carry Malevolence's offspring. As it fears for its life in the back of the empty ship, just now taking off, it jumps up and down, whimpering.]

Plumber (solo pilot): Shut up back there! I don't get paid enough to babysit! I'm already flying just you somewhere!

The child follows orders, but an odd phenomenon ensues. He flips onto his back, now as immobile as a turtle in a similar position. But he begins to grow. His torso, his head, his arms, his legs, all growing to adult proportions. Very soon, he bears resemblance to his father -- no, he looks *exactly* like his father. He gets up with ease and steps up to the cockpit, just behind and out of the view of the pilot.

Malevolence's Offspring (in Malevolence's voice): Can I borrow this? As the startled pilot turns his head, Malevolence's offspring punches the Plumber in the face, then with a single strong jab to the pilot's window, destroys it. He shoves the unconscious officer outside with a broken helmet, destined to be taken by something hungry should he not come back to in time. Malevolence's offspring takes the pilot seat, straps himself in and cracks his thought-to-be-boneless knuckles. He then analyzes the control panel before simply merging with the ship. From the outside, we see the thrusters receive a major upgrade just before they propel the ship away at mach speeds.

[We appear back to Malevolence's cell where he is taking residence for the better part of today, an unusual occurrence. He chuckles to himself as his "permanently" missing arm is gradually regrown.]



  • Kevin Levin
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Professor Paradox
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Ben 10,000 (alternate timeline)
  • Argit
  • Plumbers
  • Lieutenant General Rozum (alternate timeline)
  • Colonel Mary Rozum (alternate timeline)
  • Anna
  • Magister Kenan
  • Female Dormitory Advisor
  • Null Void Incarcecon Warden (Endgame only)
  • Null Void Incarcecon Guards (Endgame only)


  • Kevin 11,000
  • Club (presumably killed)
  • Club's Goons (defeated)
  • Nosedeenians (cameo)
  • Malevolence (Endgame only)

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(by Super Ben)

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