General Information
Species Mechanian
Home World Cyberios
Body Robot Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Various Mechanisms
Atomic Energy Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility

Leadhead is a DNA sample of Mechanian from the planet Cyberios.


Leadhead is a slim robot with black arms and legs. He has large cylinders near his wrists and has white gloves. His feet are large, metal boots. His mouth doesn't move when he talks. He has a retractable mask hidden in his helmet.


Can transform his arms into a plethora of guns and cannons. He can tuck in his arms and legs in his torso. Detachable/extendable body parts. He has other useful objects hidden inside his body or he can create them at will (Throwable projectiles, robotic creatures etc.). He can manipulate radiation and atomic energy. Leadhead can transform his whole body into various machines. Such as a car, or a jet. Or advanced ones such as a walking garbage can that dispenses all sorts of objects.


Leadhead is sensitive to electricty. It shortens his circuits.

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