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"I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again. You are the most important person in my life; I can't ever let anything happen to you, do you hear me? I won't be able to live if something happens to you."
— Lawrence Carter to Hadria Carter, in Fear

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Lawrence Carter is a citizen of Ateria in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. He was the city's police chief until he left for Teviv when Ateria was evacuated due to the To'kustars. Since his arrival, he has served as leader of his own team, as well as co-police chief with Ryan Thames.

Physical appearance


Important history

Early life

Not much is known about Lawrence's early life. At some point many years ago, he married April Wilson, who later gave birth to his daughter.

Three years before the start of the series, he was already the police chief in Ateria when Daniel Fermi came to the city and murdered September and Juniper Smith. He then tried to prevent Andrew Knowles and Tuesday Smith from kidnapping his wife, but ultimately failed.[1]

As of the start of the series, Lawrence still has no idea as to the whereabouts of his wife.

Return of the To'kustars

The Team

Battle of Teviv


Hadria Carter



  • Episodes named after Lawrence:
    • Journey (Lawrence Carter Leads His Team on a Journey)


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