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General Information
Species HottienousGlobe
Home World Threius
Body Molten Rock/globe
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Reflect attacks

Super Stragnth

First Appearance I got a Watch with..12 ALIENS!

This Alien is one of the Ocean type creatures in The Omnidewtrix.


Lavathrend is pronounced 'Lava-their-end' or more commonly prounced 'Lava-the-red', it's round globe contains hot water sufacing around Volcanic lava at the center. Lavathrend can use the spikes on it's back and throw them towards it's enemy.

The globe containing the item helping Lavathrends surivival is made up of highly radiated minerals gathered and melted into glass during the first years of it's planets life. The creature's legs and arms can make their poking spikes enlarge for hand to hand combat or weapon/item combat.

It's known for the male versions to be taller and stronger than the females who are shorter by ten to five feet. Males reach ten to eighteen feet. Females reach fifteen feet to nine feet. The tallest recorded Lavathrend so far known is the great creator at the height twenty-nine feet.


It's two back spikes are able to be thrown multiplated into eleven spike items going in a indepentent circle;The horns are useful enough to catch a intruder,expecially when they have become skilled in throwing their back items in combat for dire consquences or capture their own pet.


Cassie 12: Original Series

1st Appearance I got a watch with...12 ALIENS!

How does this do? training it's powers

Visiting relatives to freeze Zalkoons in rock.

Captured Tai as a Showoff to Stewart.

The Nerd comes! to chase after the Mutated goat.

Series Lavathrend is in

Cassie 12: Original Series

Ben 10: Hero of All Ages

Omniversal (By Cassie)


  • This is probably one of the first species seen on Ben10 Fanfiction.
  • Surprisingly,these creatures can make messes upon their arrival and is largly anticpated to use a bat which hits the target into something or thrown into the air.
  • Lavathrends motto with it's own bat being used is: "Annddddd,strike! He's out!"
  • The Robotic Version of Lavathrend is much taller and has been scraped off from continunity.
  • Lavathrend is a predator. And does not have a predator.
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