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Lauren Genare, also known as Energy Revolt, is the main hero of the BTFF Cinematic Universe film, Energy Revolt. Portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence

Lauren Genare
Vital statistics
Home World Anodyne
Species Anodite
Age 33 (Born 1980)
Other info
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair Color Black (Human), Pink/White Glossy (Anodite)
Eye Color Brown
Relatives Charles Genare (human father)
Lila Genare (human mother)
Lazara (Birth mother)
Rabernathy (Birth father)
Affiliation MI6, Project: Heroes
Role Fighter, Role Model
Powers and equipment
Powers Laser Eyes, Mana Control, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Durability
Paraphernalia Sword Holders, Belt Gadgets, Pistol
Production details
First Appearance Energy Revolt (credited)
Portrayed By Jennfier Lawrence

Physical appearance

In her human state, Lauren has slick black hair that is shoulder length. Her eyes are brown. Lauren's body figure is slender. Lauren always carries a knife in her boot in case of emergency.

When she is in her Energy Revolt form, Lauren's skin turns pink. Her eyes become purple with her costume on. Her hair turns white with a magenta aura. Her costume is a navy blue spandex with a utility belt that has sword holders so she can transfer her mana to make mana swords. There are flashbangs, smoke bombs and many more. She wears black leather boots with no heels on them. She has on armored shoulder and knee pads which evolves her durability powers.


Lauren is confident in herself but is reliant of her powers. She gets what she wants without question or else she whips out some mana power. Lauren has shown to be kind and gentle to others, especially as her alter ego Energy Revolt. When both of her mother died, Lauren showed affection and mournfulness. Often noble, she always puts others in front of herself. Energy Revolt has proven time and time again her loyalty to justice and no interest in joining the evil side of the Universe.


  • Laser Eyes
  • Mana Control
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Durability


  • Sword holders
  • Belt gadgets
  • Pistol


  • Confidence issues
    • When her powers are drained or not as powerful, Lauren's self esteem demolishes, making her weak and feeble without the confidence of knowing that she has power behind within in.


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Tyler Kane



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