General Information
Species Xerafronian
Home World Xerafron
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Flight

Enhanced Agility
Extreme Knee Strenght
Retractable Limbs
Gyro Spin
Missile Launching

First Appearance What It Takes

Launchviper is the Ne-O's DNA sample of a Xerafronian from the planet Xerafron. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


Launchviper has a humanoid look. He has an elliptic-shaped head, with two components on both sides, a short neck, and a body covered in black armor and lime-green spots all over him that glow. He has large legs with a sharp component extending out of his knees.

Powers and Abilities

Launchviper has a variety of powers. The jets on his legs allow him to fly extremely fast, leading to his enhanced speed.

His knees contain an extremely powerful energy, allowing Launchviper to smash down, for example, a solid wall of diamond with them. They also have a neutralizer inside, preventing Launchviper from feeling pain when using them.

He can retract his legs, arms and head into his body and spin, allowing him to blast through enemies easily or to drill through matter.

His most commonly used power besides flight is his ability to fire missiles from the launchers on his palms. The missiles are black and lime-green and leave a trail of orange-red, or, lime-green smoke behind them.


  • What It Takes
    • Launchviper was unlocked through the random transformation feature of the Ne-O. He was used by Nick in order to fight off the oncoming Mechamanders but was eventually overwhelmed.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Nick briefly turned into Launchviper in order to survive the explosion of the Exilist Fortress.


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