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Fred 40: Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 5/1/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Know your Nemesis


Julia: Hey Fred.

Fred: Julia? What're you doing on Hathor.

Julia: Is something wrong with you?

Fred: What'd you mean?

Julia: You're disappearing!

Fred: What?!

Fred vanishes.

Theme Song!

75 years after Fred's disappearance, Metarid is working on a new trix called the Spheromatrix. A fleet of spaceships attacked Galvan Mark II.


Metarid: What's happening?

A stranger entered Metarid's lab.

Metarid: Who are you?

The Stranger: That information is classified.

Metarid sends the Spheromatrix to outerspace in an escape pod.

The stranger: You shouldn't have done that, Galvan.

The stranger starts torturing Metarid.

On another planet. A baby alien is found my 2 Arachnichimps.

10 years later...

Brock: (while holding the Spheromatrix) What is that contraption?

It attaches to Brock's chest.

Brock: AHH!!! Get it off me! Get it off! (realizes nothing's happening) Nothing's happening.

The Spheromatrix starts beeping and radar appears on it. Brock follows the radars.

Brock: I'm guessing that big green dot on the radar is a treasure. (Reaches his destination) I'm finally here!

He spots a cave and enters it.

Brock: This place gives me the heebidibajeebies. What's that? Who's there?

He sees someone trapped in a green sphere of energy.

Brock: YOU'RE A SPLIXSON! I thought they were extinct.

Splixson: Don't say you haven't ever heard of ME. ME! Fred. The Splixson. Weilder of the Novatrix.

Brock: I've heard of you.

Fred: Now get me out of here.

Brock gets ready to punch the sphere but it disappears and Fred falls on the ground.

Fred: I'm free. By the way, I've noticed that plumber's badge on your chest. Are you a plumber?

Brock: No. I found this plumber's badge this morning.

A hologram of Metarid pops out of the Spheromatrix.

Metarid (hologram): After all these years, I never thought I'd find you.

Fred: Years?

Metarid (hologram): You've been gone for 85 years.

Fred: That explains why you're really old. But doesn't that mean that should be old too. All that time, I've been in that sphere.

Metarid (hologram): That sphere must have prevented you from aging. I've got some bad news. Everyone is gone. Willie, Jenevile, Caliston, everyone and the humans have started invading planets. Galvan Mark II was invaded the last 10 years.

Brock: Excuse me sir but your invention is stuck on my chest.

Metarid (hologram): Looks that you're the universe's new protector.

Brock: I can't even protect myself. WAIT SIR!

The hologram disappears.

The End



  • The mysterious stranger

Aliens Used (Brock)[]


Aliens Used (Fred)[]



  • Half is written by Ahmad15 and half by Charbel2001.