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General Information
Species Arachnichimp
Home World Aranhaschimmia
Affiliations Plumbers
Braylon Servantis
Occupations Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Webbing Generation
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Acrobatics
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Web Scaling
Wall Scaling
Sharp Teeth
Sticky Fur
Prehensile Feet
Prehensile Tail
Skilled Melee Combatant
Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Suit
Plumber Badge
Voice Actor Tara Sands
First Appearance Big Plans

Lal'Ek is a character in Bonds. She first appeared in Big Plans. She is a Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia and a member of the Plumbers.


Lal'Ek is a female Arachnichimp with six yellow eyes with black pupils. She wears a Plumber suit that covers her from the neck down and exposes her tail.


Lal'Ek is eager to impress her superiors and genuinely wants to be a good Plumber. However, she is also easily swayed by money, as she agreed to contact Servantis at the request of the Rooters for some Taydens.


Prior to Bonds

Shortly before the beginning of Bonds, Lal'Ek graduated from the Plumbers' Academy and was informed in advance about her first mission to capture Dr. Psychobos. She was contacted by the Rooters, who tasked her with ensuring Dr. Psychobos would crash on Earth so that he could be experimented on by Servantis, as part of their plan to have Servantis sent to the Null Void so he could work for them. She set up a deal with Servantis to bring him Dr. Psychobos, with Servantis thinking it was his plan all along.


In Big Plans, Lal'Ek and two other fresh Plumber Academy graduates, Wysaq and Purzen, tailed Dr. Psychobos in space, with Lal'Ek piloting the ship. To ensure that everything would go to plan, she intentionally allowed him to remain ahead of them. Once they were closing in on Earth, she damaged his ship with a missile and caused him to crash. Magister Prior Gilhil, who had sent the team on the mission, ordered them to bring him to the Mt. Rushmore base for treatment. They did so, and were greeted by several Plumbers. Servantis was tasked with treating Dr. Psychobos' injuries and took the opportunity to extract his DNA and merge it with his own to stabilize himself after his DNA was affected by an experiment he conducted on himself in the past. He was caught by the Magister of Earth, Magister Chang and sent to the Null Void for disobedience.

Powers and Abilities

Lal'Ek has the ability to expel webbing from her tail, which is as strong as steel. Her webbing is very sticky, meaning she can use it to trap opponents or blind them by shooting webbing in their face. Lal'Ek can also shape her webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.

Lal'Ek is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, courtesy of undergoing Plumber combat training.

Lal'Ek's paws can stick to and be used to scale vertical surfaces.

Lal'EK has enhanced strength.

Lal'EK has enhanced agility and enhanced acrobatic skills.

Lal'Ek is very durable considering her size.

Lal'Ek's feet and tail are both prehensile. They also possess enhanced dexterity, enabling her to hold and carry multiple objects as if they are extra hands.

Lal'Ek has hearing superior to a human's.


Lal'Ek can get tangled by her own webs. Furthermore, enemies can easily use her webs to their advantage.

Lal'Ek's webs can be frozen and made brittle by the ice breath of a Polar Manzardill. They can also be dissolved by the energy generated by a Crystalsapien.

Lal'Ek's webs can be torn apart by species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean.

Lal'Ek is vulnerable to being blown away by a Geochelone Aerio's tornadoes.

Being an Arachnichimp, Lal'Ek is vulnerable to his natural predator, the Root Shark.

Lal'Ek can be rendered unconscious if hit by a quill from a member of Argit's species.



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