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Lady Arms
Lady Arms
General Information
Species Tetramand
Home World Khoros
Body Four Arms
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Breathing through Water

Super Strength

First Appearance The Screw Alien

Credit to Ahmad15

This creature was unlocked in The Screw Alien on The Omnidewtrix . She is used by Cassie Benny in Cassie 12: Original Series.


The Female version of Four Arms is different because this sub specieces are able to breath in water Unlike humans who need air tanks to survive or extra high devloped armor for lower ocean floors, it's known for the extra arm power that doubles when it is beneath Water as a extra bonus.

LadyArms is able to use a sonic scream which sends her enemy away from her or stop a fire from devloping and do a 'Lady Smash!' like The incredible hulks 'Hulk SMASH!'. It's been confirmd to have a episode entitled 'Lady...SMASH!'.


The Screw Alien

Ahmad 15-Cassie 12: Hunt for the Trixes

A...Scorpion Ghost?

A startling Revelation to fight Zuth.

Who is this? as a show off to Zaz.

Cassie 12,000 Used by Cassie 12,000.


-LadyArms has a page for her robotic self

-LadyArms has some abilities like the hulk.

Fourlady cassens first alien by speedyfasttalking-d31s70b

Original LadyArms under the name LadyFour

-LadyArms formly was named LadyFour previously.

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