Kyle Upton is the main protagonist in Kyle 10.


Kyle is a 13-year-old teen with dark blonde hair, pale white skin and blue eyes. He often wears a black shirt with a grey zip-up jacket saying 'Heroes 4-ever'. He also wears white trainers and blue trousers.

Powers and Abilities

Kyle possesses average strength, speed and durability, though he is often quite smart, showing interest in difficult subjects and getting good grades. He possesses the Omnitrix which can turn him into multiple alien forms and has even more features which he discovers over time.


Kyle is not very suited for combat without his Omnitrix.


Kyle was born in June 2006. He grew up with his parents and younger brother Harry. When he was 13, he found the Omnitrix.


  • Kyle is based on his creator, Kylebros128.
  • Kyle's favourite alien is Big Chill, using him more often that some of his other forms.
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