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Kurt vs Rex is a crossover between Kurt 10 and Rex Forte..


Rex is on the computer talking to a mysterious figure.

Figure: I will pay you 200 million to kill Kurt Negason

Rex: Deal! But how do I get to him?

The figure opened a portal and sent rex to Kurt's timeline.

Awesome Theme Song!

Rex came out of the portal and saw Kurt as Naga finish battling two robbers.

Naga: Now off to prision with you.

Rex: You must be Kurt Negason.

Naga: Yes, I am.

Rex: Good (Transforms) Crimson!

Crimson vs Darkflame

Crimson vs Darkflame

Naga: Another Omnitrix wielder? Finally, some competion! (transforms) Darkflame!

Darkflame flapped his wings and created 360 mph winds. Crimson flew into a wall.

Darkflame: That was easy.

Crimson came out of the wall and used wind speed. Crimson spun around a nearby lake, making all the water turn into a water tornado. The water tornado soaked Darkflame, making him unable to fly.

Darkflame: Curse you.

Darkflame picked up a car and threw it at Crimson. Crimson dodged and turned into GhostLord. GhostLord shot a dark beam at Darkflame and knocked him down. Darkflame turned into Diamondhead and shot diamonds at GhostLord. GhostLord went intangible and the diamonds flew right through him. Diamondhead went Ultimate and encased him in crystal. GhostLord phazed out and was hit by Fire Fusion's fire. GhostLord turned into Rexbreed while Fire Fusion turned into Moot.

Rexbreed: Highbreed against Highbreed, huh?

Moot: Not really... (goes fusion mode) Wolfbreed!

Rexbreed vs Wolfbreed

Rexbreed Vs Wolfbreed

Rexbreed: Didn't see that coming.

Wolfbreed flew into the air and shot finger darts at Rexbreed. Rexbreed turned intangible and used his fire breath, making Wolfbreed dehydrate. Wolfbreed collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily.

Rexbreed: Give up.

Wolfbreed: Never! (transforms) Fire Fusion!

Fire Fusion wrapped his fire arm around Rexbreed and eletricuted him. Rexbreed created a crystal sword and stabbed Fire Fusion in the arm. Fire Fusion went ultimate and knocked him into a wall. UFF made a portal behind the heroes and sent Rexbreed home.

UFF: Wow, that guy was even more overpowered than me.

UFF vs Rexbreed

Rexbreed us Ultimate Fire Fusion





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