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Kurt 10: Negrox's War
Series Kurt 10
Release Date 6/9/12
Platforms PSP, PS3, Xbox 360
Created By Kross
Game Guide

Kurt 10: Negrox's War is a video game in Kurt 10.


Negrox and his army, under the command of Zs'Skayr, plans to take over Earth to capture the Iron ore to create an explosive that would scare every planet into surrender, allowing them to take over the Universe

Playable Characters[]

Playable Aliens[]

Shown, but non-playable[]

Non-Playable Characters[]

  • Secret Saturdays
  • Paradox


Level 1[]

The characters are on the beach, where XLRVicktor and some soldiers attack them. They must take down the soldiers and then beat XLRVicktor. To take him down, they must lead him to the water, where he will eletricute himself.

Level 2[]

The characters must defeat Prime Kevin, and when they beat him it show a cutscene where PK beats up Kurt until the Secret Saturdays save him and take him to the Airship. The characters must fight robots and soldiers until they reach the top floor of the Airship, where Vicktorgrade awaits them. He morphs into a large robot, and they must destroy the legs to take him down. After he is defeated, a cutscene is shown where Kurt turns into Slifer and blows Vicktorgrade off the Airship.

Level 3[]

The characters are led into a Iron Ore mine, where they must fight soldiers to reach Electrovine, Heatvicktor, Vicktorgrade and XLRVicktor. They can choose who they battle. After they defeat whoever they choose, a cutscene where Heatvicktor explodes, killing Electrovine and making XLRVicktor and Vicktorgrade flee. The characters must lure Giant Heatvicktor into attacking the pillars that support the edges of the mine, causing it to collapse on Heatvicktor.

Level 4[]

The characters are brought to Negrox's castle, where they fight soldiers, Electricwolf, Vicktorgrade and, in the end, Negrox.

Level 5[]

The final level, the characters must fight Ult. Zs'Skayr and Ghast.