Kung-rah-teee FUUUUUUUUUUUU (jumps high into air) DO! (lands on feet)

–Kungrate Fudo, in most times he's transformed into.


–Kungrate Fudo, sometimes.


–Kungrate Fudo, after he beat up somebody with something random.

Kungrate Fudo
Kungrate Fudo
General Information
Species Hi-yajo
Home World Kunreen Basho
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Kung Fu
Tae Kwon Do
Kungrate Fudo is a Hi-yajo from the planet Kunreen Basho in season 3 of Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure.

He is also free usage.


Kungrate Fudo is a gray humanoid in an awesome karate position. He also wears a white shirt and white pants with a black line going down both. He talks fast.


  • Skilled at karate
  • Skilled at kung fu
  • Skilled at judo
  • Skilled at tae kwon do
  • Awesome karate chops
  • Grabbing random objects and beating up people with them. Trust me, it's awesome.
  • Mongolian Fireball-creates a fireball
  • Fluttering Finger Mindslip-mindwipes a person
  • Leaking Blaze-makes something leak, then the leak turns into a spark that explodes, leaving temporary fire
  • One-Armed Death Punch-always makes the victim fly backwards
  • Jumping Clap Stun-stuns a person temporarily
  • Twirling Windhammer-shoots a beam at an opponent


His weakness is being mistaken for dancing.


Only UH can add facts so they'll all be true. You can also post ideas for facts in the comments.

  • Kungrate Fudo is the greatest martial arts master of all time.
  • If you find a dollar, it belongs to Kungrate Fudo. He leaves his money random places because he his awesomeness takes up a bunch of space.
  • Kungrate Fudo is more powerful than Upchuck Norris.
  • Lfs turn to stone when they look in Kungrate Fudo's eyes.
  • Kungrate Fudo once ordered Eatle and Fasttrack to give him two ladels of soup. He drank both, but did not like any of them, so he threw them down. These are the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.
  • All aliens are parodies of Kungrate Fudo.
  • Everytime Kungrate Fudo uses a martial arts move, one of these facts become false.
  • No two Kungrate Fudoes can exist together.
  • Kungrate Fudo caused dinosaurs to evolve into chickens.
  • Kungrate Fudo is the least random alien ever.
  • All ninjas or ninja aliens are robots created by Kungrate Fudo.
  • Kungrate Fudo gave Azmuth all the technology to create the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix.
  • Kungrate Fudo exists in every type of Trix.
  • Kungrate Fudo puts the big in Big Chill and Way Big.
  • Kungrate Fudo puts the shock in Shocksquatch and Buzzshock.
  • Kungrate Fudo puts the X in XLR8 and Alien X.
  • Kungrate Fudo made all the movies and video games. He just put the ideas in your heads.
  • Every time someone turns into an ultimate form, the ultimate form is possessed by Kungrate Fudo.
  • He kills someone just by saying, "I am Kungrate Fudo!"


  1. A New Beginning (first appearance)
  2. Evan Levin, Song Fighter
  3. Endless Attack
  4. To Kunreen Basho
  5. Cracheur, Parva Magna, and Ego
  6. Girl Power
  7. Kidnergartners
  8. Flea Wrath
  9. Obsession Expression
  10. The Othersider
  11. Death to the Aliens
  12. Swip Swap
  13. Evil Evan (possibly)

Yeah, that's right. Kungrate Fudo's appearance list is numbered instead of bulleted so everyone will know that he rules all other aliens appearance wise.

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