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Toon fights... Gwen in this episode?

The fifth episode of Kung Fu Toon.


With all powerul forces, there is someone to challenge them. And if nobody challenges them, then Toon does it for them.

(Gong rings, title card)

Toon: Bring it on!

(Enter Gwen in her karate uniform)

Gwen: Hey.

Kevin: Well, look who it is! Gwen's an Anodite, and they definetyl don't underdo it on the powers.

Toon: Gwen? What're you doing here? You're not an alien.

Gwen: Well, I'm part Anodite, so technically I am. But don't worry, I'm not going to use my powers.

Toon: Okay.

(Kevin rings the gong, and Toon lunges at Gwen while screaming. Gwen dodges, then grabs Toon's back and flips him forward. Toon then leaps at her again, and the camera shows Kevin watching the fight while numerous beating up sounds are occuring. The camera switches back to show Toon on the ground and Gwen with a foot on his back)

Toon: I thought you said you weren't gonna use you're powers...

Kevin: Nice one, babe.

Gwen: Thanks.

(Kevin rings the gong, and iris out on Gwen)