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Toon fights Upgrade in this episode.

This is the third episode of Kung Fu Toon. This is the Upgrade Fest 2012 episode.


With all powerul forces, there is someone to challenge them. And if nobody challenges them, then Toon does it for them.

(Gong rings, title card)

Toon: Bring it on!

(Enter Upgrade)

Upgrade: Upgrade!

Kevin: If it isn't the homemade Galvanic Mechamorph. And when I mean homemade, I mean Galvan made.

Toon: This is the perfect time to try out my new robotic karate uniform! (Slips on his uniform)

Kevin: You sure it's a good idea?

Toon: Why wouldn't it be?

Kevin: All right, but I don't want to have to call the contractor again.

Toon: You won't, trust me. Ring the gong.

Kevin: (Rings gong)

(Toon deals a punch to Upgrade. Upgrade manages to take control of Toon's robotic karate uniform and eject him from it. Toon then screams and runs away as Upgrade chases after Toon, shooting lasers at him rapidly)

Kevin: (Into cell phone) Hey, Corey, it's Kevin. Do we still have the discount?

Toon: (To viewers while running) Happy Upgrade fest, everybody!

(Gong rings, iris out on Upgrade)