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Wildmutt UA

Toon fights Wildmutt in this episode.

This is the second episode of Kung Fu Toon.


With all powerul forces, there is someone to challenge them. And if nobody challenges them, then Toon does it for them.

(Gong rings, title card)

Toon: Bring it on!

(Enter Wildmutt. Wildmutt growls)

Kevin: Vulpimancers. These guys are brutal. They're like the guard dogs of space, if you know what I mean. (To Toon) Now, you're sure you wanna do this?

Toon: Hey, I can take on this flea bag. Just ring the gong.

Kevin: Fine. (Rings gong)

(Toon leaps toward Wildmutt and goes to lay a kick on him. Wildmutt grabs Toon's leg with his mouth and starts running wildly all around the dojo)

Toon: Ah! Hey! Bad dog! Bad dog! Ow! Watch it! Drop me! Drop me, boy! Ah!

(Toon crawls from off-screen covered in bruises. Wildmutt then pounces onto Toon's back)

Kevin: Tried to warn ya.

(Iris out on Wildmutt)