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Toon fights Swampfire in this episode.

This is the first episode of Kung Fu Toon.


With all powerul forces, there is someone to challenge them. And if nobody challenges them, then Toon does it for them.

(Gong rings, title card)

Toon: Bring it on!

(Enter Swampfire)

Swampfire: Swampfire!

Kevin: A Methanosian. The only guys I know who control plants AND fire. How do they keep from burning themselves?

(Toon and Swampfire face each other)

Kevin: Fight! (Rings gong)

Toon: (Leaps up foot-first while screaming)

(Swampfire blasts fire from his hands, leaving Toon charred up. Toon falls the ground in cinders)


Kevin: I thought you said just one round per alien.

Toon: That was a warm-up round! And it was warm, need I say.

Kevin: (Sighs) Okay. (Rings gong)

Toon: (Lunges toward Swampfire)

(Swampfire sprouts plants from the ground that grab ahold of Toon, then rapidly slam him to the ground multiple times, then toss him forward, leaving a loud crash sound)

Toon: (Enters all beat-up looking) Maybe I shoulda been a psychiatrist... (falls over unconcious)

Kevin: And we have a victor. (Rings gong)

(Iris out on Swampfire)