Kunenga Energy is a unique form of energy from Earth-83.


Kunenga Energy can be described as an "evolutionary energy" of sorts. It is produced by the evolution of life as it becomes more intelligent, feeding back into the process of evolution and influencing it somewhat. This feedback cycle is why the majority of sapient species are humanoid; a humanoid body shape's dexterity is arguably the most efficient for a sapient species.

Kunenga energy is also what imbues alien lifeforms with their unique powers; according to the laws of physics, there's no way a Pyronite should be able to absorb and create as much flame as it can, nor should Arburian Pelarotas be able to flip Newtonian laws the bird. Kunenga energy gives the bodies of these species the ability to bend the laws of physics as necessary for their abilities to work. If their Kunenga energy was ever nullified somehow, they would no longer be able to use their powers.


Aside from its effects on other forces such as evolution and powers, Kunenga Energy itself manifests as a flame-like energy that can appear in a rainbow of different colors depending on the user.

Kunenga energy itself can be manipulated by certain users, though the ability to do so is exceedingly rare. It essentially allows them to gain any ability they want if used correctly, though it can be used by itself as an offensive/defensive force. When used as itself, it's very easy to manipulate, but doesn't provide much in the way of raw power.

Known Users

Those who can freely manipulate Kunenga Energy include:

Known Exceptions

Sapient species without Kunenga Energy include:


  • Kunenga Energy is designed specifically to justify any and every illogical parts of alien evolution and abilities. Wondering how an alien does weird stuff that can't be explained using conventional physics? Confused as to how an alien would evolve into living Lego bricks? On Earth-83, if I can't come up with a good explanation for these questions, the answer will always be "It's Kunenga Energy, I don't gotta explain shit".

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