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Kumo Mamoru is a 14-year-old middle school student who becomes Spidermonkey/Ultimate Spidermonkey with his blue Ultimatrix.

Powers & Abilities

As a basic form, Spidermonkey has the ability to expel webbing from his tail, which was once stated to be as strong as steel. His webbing is very sticky, meaning he can use it to trap opponents or blind them by shooting webbing in their face. Spidermonkey can also shape his webs into slings, or to swing across vast distances.

Spidermonkey is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Spidermonkey's paws can stick to and be used to scale vertical surfaces.

Spidermonkey has enhanced strength.

Spidermonkey has enhanced agility and enhanced acrobatic skills.

Spidermonkey is very durable considering his size, as shown when he was able to survive seemingly unharmed after several large pieces of concrete fell on him.

Spidermonkey's feet and tail are both prehensile. They also possess enhanced dexterity, enabling him to hold and carry multiple objects as if they are extra hands.

Spidermonkey has hearing superior to a human's.

Spidermonkey (2)

As an ultimate form, Ultimate Spidermonkey is stronger than his devolved form.

By splitting his lower jaw into two halves, Ultimate Spidermonkey can shoot webs from his mouth, much more than Spidermonkey can shoot from his tail. His webs are strong enough to keep villains from escaping. They can also insulate and cancel out villains electrical abilities.

Ultimate Spidermonkey's webbing appears to be somewhat unlimited, as he can create enough webbing to make a soft cushion to land on if falling.

Ultimate Spidermonkey is extremely durable.

Ultimate Spidermonkey is highly agile, as he can jump extremely high and can run very fast despite his large stature.

Ultimate Spidermokey is quite resourceful, as he commonly grabs a long object to fight with, such as a tree trunk, or two metal girder pieces to use as swords.

Ultimate Spidermonkey's spider legs can pull things and break them almost like he is using his hands. He can also fold his spider legs into his hips, and attack with the tips of his spider legs as they're sharp enough to pierce a concrete wall.

Ultimate Spidermonkey is capable of climbing walls, much like his devolved form.

Ultimate Spidermonkey can survive in space for a short time, but he still needs to breathe. Also, considering that he once fell through space and down to earth, Ultimate Spidermonkey may also be immune to radiation, as he was completely unharmed after falling through the atmosphere.

UA UltimateSpidermonkey


As a basic form, Spidermonkey can get tangled by his own webs. Furthermore, enemies can easily use his webs to their advantage.

Spidermonkey's webs can be frozen and made brittle by the ice breath.

Spidermonkey's webs can be torn apart by species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean.

Spidermonkey is vulnerable to being blown away by a tornadoes.

Being an Arachnichimp, Spidermonkey is vulnerable to his natural predator, the Root Shark.

As an ultimate form, despite Ultimate Spidermonkey his enhanced durability, Ultimate Spidermonkey can be harmed and discomforted by certain weapons.

Despite his enhanced strength, Ultimate Spidermonkey is physically weaker than Atomix.

Ultimate Spidermonkey's webbing is ineffective against a species capable of becoming intangible.

Ultimate Spidermonkey's webs can be torn apart by species.

Ultimate Spidermonkey is sensitive to high-pitched noises.

Voice Actors

Japanese dub: Jun Fukuyama

English dub: Justin Briner

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