The Krystalit3 is a device used in Universe Demolition that was used by Andrew and Aiden Lane to transform into Largancanter and Toraxo, respectively.

The Krystalit3

Krystalit3 2.0

The Krystalit3 2.0

Krystalit3 2.0

The Krystalit3 2.0 is the upgraded version of the Krystalit3. It can tranfomr Andrew and Aiden into 1 more alien each. In season 3, Andrew can turn into a Paristian named Kristoria and Aiden can turn into a Mosquitoan named Mansquito.In season 4, Aiden can turn into a Velocivampiran named BloodThirsty and Andrew can turn into a Malletman named Hammerhead.


The Krystalit3 was first wielded by Tobias Lane. It was created on the outskirts of Garlandia by Darliar, but he travelled to Perpetronia to make another model of it. 10 years after the death, Darliar gave the Krystalit3s to Tobias' sons, Andrew and Aiden Lane.


The Krystalit3 can transform its user into an alien. Currently, Andrew can turn into a Pyronite named Largancanter and Aiden can transform into a Hydronite named Toraxo. In season 2, they can turn into 1 more alien each. Andrew has a Doggonur named Hellhound, and Aiden has a Largeshoeon named Footforce. The device can also track down Plumbers from the Universe of Earth, while the Krystalit3 2.0 can track down Plumbers, active and inactive, across all alternate universes and alternate dimensions.


The Krystalit3s appear in every episode of seasons 1 and 2 of Universe Demolition, while the upgraded versions, the Krystalit3 2.0s, appear in seasons 3 and 4.

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