General Information

Cybernetically Enhanced Orishan

Other Info
Crimes: Conquered 12 Planet by himself
Goal: Get the Alfatrix
Abilities: Same as all Orishans

With some Galvanic Mechamorph Abilities

1st appearance: The Fury Of The Fur
Arch-enemy: Kai
Henchmen/Leader: Various;

Inhabitants of the planets he conquered; ? ? ?

Krustakk is a villain in the Kai 20:Aliens In Danger series.


Krustakk looks like a Purple Orishan with a Galvanic Mechamorph arm, but he is part robot as inside his body he has various enhancers such in strength and speed.


As because of his enhancements Krustakk can't be on places that are to cold or to hot.

This is voided by his Temprature Regulator Suit.


He can shoot water and fuse with technology (his left arm). Also, he has enhanced durability, speed and strength. Thanks to an enhancement in his arm, he can shot lava and electricity on his natural arm instead of water.


  • Originally Krustakk was going to be a Cerebrocrustacean.
  • Krustakk was going to have a Nanochip arm but this was scrapped due to Unknown reasons.
  • Krustakk only wants the Alfatrix so he can become a normal Orishan and also evolve himself to show that he is the strongest.
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