Kristen Karnell
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Paradise University
Age 18
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Microphone
Voice Actor Stephanie Lemelin

Kristen Karnell is a charatcer in Puzzle Piece: Infinity. She first appeared in Welcome to Paradise. She is a human from the planet Earth.


Kristen is a pale girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears a pink shirt with white details and a hot pink jacket, along with black boots and magenta pants.


Kristen is always ready for a story. She is attentive and hyperactive as she is always on the move. She is suspicious of people that might get her a story.

Powers and Abilities

  • None


Being human, Kristen is not able to handle large amounts of pain that are dealt to her.


Kristen was the lead reporter on her high school's news station. Prior to her arrive to Paradise, she started to follow and write about alien sightings. When arriving she soon realized the aliens are in her college town. She took it upon herself to get her boyfriend to follow her after the aliens to try and get a story.



Love Interests



  • Her character shares similarities with Cassidy Cornell from Power Rangers Dino Thunder
    • They are both wannabe reporters who are focused on the main hero(es)
    • They have the same type of name (CC and KK)
    • Kristen's last name of "Karnell" is a modified version of Cassidy's last name "Cornell"
    • Their love interests are their camera man


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