Krimzon is an alien from A-Nine.


Krimzon a cousin of a Petrosapien and is called a Petrosapiens Percello who only recently came into being after the planet of Petropia was restored and is the hybridization of Petrosapiens DNA and Crystalsapien (Chromastone) DNA aswell as rapid natural selection due to the planet reforming.

The Petrosapiens Percello has the ability to shoot very powerful positive energy blasts and ultraviolet beams, can release a very powerful positive energy wave that will vaporize anything, can shoot shards from his hands, and can sometimes shoot shards that have the positive energy in them, and can make anything explode when hitting them. He also has powers such as flight, invulnerable (is made of Taydenite), super strength (able to lift 100 tons), energy refraction & redirection, crystal generation, unbreakable force fields, crystalkinesis, regeneration, energy absorption, and he can sense anyone's energy as shown in Love Stinks.

Krimzon can self destruct if needed, and making a very huge explosion that can destroy anything and everything, then afterwords can reconstruct himself however the form after reconstruction will be a discoloured (well Grey) Krimzon Showing his weaken state.

The Petrosapiens Percello has a scattered society lacking regional solidarity and is divided into numerous factions most of which have made alliances with the native Petrosapiens. He is A-Nine's first alien but not only is he A-Nine's first alien, he is one of his most powerful aliens the second being Bug Bomb. Krimzon is also one of A-Nine's most favorite alien heroes in the Neomatrix. When he speaks, his voice is a dual voice that contains Chromastone's and Diamondhead's voices.


  • Krimzon is A-Nine's most powerful alien
  • Krimzon seems to contain some of both Diamondhead's and Chromastone's powers
  • Krimzon is powerful enough to take on Veegoe
  • When Krimzon speaks, it sounds like Diamondhead and Chromastone are talking at once
  • Krimzon's skin is made entirely out of Taydenite.
  • Krimzon can make any weapon he wants out of Taydenite almost omnipotently.
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