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Kreepy Krawl is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Insecgohurtion from the planet Insecgohurtia.

Kreepy Krawl
General Information
Species Insecgohurtion
Home World Insecgohurtia
Body Insect Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wall Climbing

Large point claw


Bug Roping (grapples with this)

Weaving Rope

Rope Manipulation

Rope Whips

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Flexibility

First Appearance Sound of Silence


Kreepy Krawl has the appearence of a gigantic bug with actual legs, hands, and feet. He has four eyes on his face and a small mouth with 4 sharp pointy teeth coming out of them. He also has two horns on his head which face west and east and connect together on top of the forehead. He has about 6 dark black lines on his neck and three spikes on his shoulders and shoulder pad-like things on his shoulders as well. He has two points on his elbows and back knees and has three fingered claw/hands and four toed feet. He has a medium-sized torso in which he has a sports-like shirt on with metal brackets on the sides of them. He legs come out and are circular at the pelvis/hip area with three black lines around his hips and pointed knees and skiny shins. He is all dark green on his legs and arms and lighter green on the rest of his body and has another set of two points facing west and east on his chin which connect on the bottom of it. He wears the gamatrix on his upper chest.

Powers & Abilities

Kreepy Krawl has the ability to crawl/scale on walls and is very flexibile, meaning he can turn his head all the way around and bend his legs and arms unlike humans. His main power is using his rope weeving skills to make unique ropes that he uses to swing on and quickly tie up enemies, like Spidermonkey and Spiker can. His claws are really strong, grip wise and can really squeeze enemies hard. He can also retract rope whips, like Astrodactyl, and actually harm enemies with the force and material of the rope. 


His main weakness is falling from very high structures.


In Sound of Silence, Kreepy Krawl debuted and was used to fight Splot.

In Let Me Get This Straight, Kreepy Krawl saved the people from the bird-lady. 

In The Very Wild Northeast, Kreepy Krawl tied himself to Ninenine and went to the ground. 

In The Year of the Dragon Men, Kreepy Krawl was dunked. 

In Ascending Troubles. Kreepy Krawl confronts Romatron.

In The Roller Ghoster Ride, Kreepy Krawl went on a ride with a fan. 

In The Mesmerizing Sector, Kreepy Krawl kicked the Affectu off him. 

In A Natural Selection, Part 1, Kreepy Krawl attacked Romatron. 

In Tunnels Can Be Dangerous, Kreepy Krawl swung from the spikes. 

In Progress, Kreepy Krawl latched onto Ramoid's hologram's ship to follow. 



Video Games

Mig 10: Enter the Gamaverse


  • It is confirmed that Kreepy Krawl and Crashhopper have some similarties but are much different.
  • This is Mig's first ever new bug-type alien.
  • It is confirmed that only Kreepy Krawl has the sports shirt thing on him.
  • According to Mig, Kreepy Krawl's ropes are made of rare and dangerous alien substances. 
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