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KrakkIn is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Encephalopod from the planet Baltus.


KrakkIn looks like a blue octopus. He possesses four legs with turquoise extremes and two hair-like tentacles. He has two grey teeth. His Omnitrix symbol is on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

KrakkIn is a very skilled coder. He can hack almost any computer system using his tentacles at a fast rate. He was even able to prevent the explosion of the Moon Reactor.

KrakkIn is also a good swimmer, being very fast underwater.

KrakkIn has prehensile tentacles.


Krakkin is relatively slow when on ground.


  • In Man on the Moon, Evfnye 10,000 used KrakkIn to break into the Moon's base's security system. He prevented the explosion of the reactor.
  • KrakkIn was mentioned by Grey Matter in 420, when he was complaining about not having him in the active playlist.


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