Koth Okami
General Information
Species Loboan Terra (1/2 Loboan 1/2 Human)
Age 14
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix (T-Model)

Koth Okami is a 14 year old boy who finds himself with a strange device attached to his wrist, and fighting to stop a war in space with the help of two of his friends. Confused and lost, he and his friends accept guidance from the original creator.


Koth is a 5-foot tall 14 year old boy with brown skin, black hair with a small white and red band in it, and large maroon eyes. He commonly wears a long-sleeve undershirt with black lines going over the top of the arms, the cest and the collar. Over it, he wears a jacket that's black with the right arm being a pale red along with the hood. Underneath the hood is a red hourglass symbol. He wears green baggy pants and black and white shoes. Near his wrist and forearm is a large burn scar that he wears a navy blue wristband over.


Koth is an easily distracted person under situations that aren't pressured. He has a love for art and animation with it being the only thing he can focus on. He's usually a very happy person that easily gets along with anyone and can find some level of interest in someone's conversations.


He grew up to be very close with his immediate family and friends due to his naturally friendly nature. One day, out of no where something crashed through Koth's house, and that was the Omnitrix. After acquiring he found himself on an alien world with two of his friends and met a small alien.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his biology, Koth has always been able to do things that no one else could, this includes his Loboan transformation. Through the use of it he gains enhanced physical abilities and enhanced senses, being able to sniff out people using a single item even in his human form.


The Omnitrix (T-Model) gives him the ability to alter his DNA and become various other beings and creatures, currently having only up to 10.

When transformed, he gains all the alien's natural powers and abilities. The T-Model Omnitrix however doesn't turn the user fully into an alien, but instead mixes the DNA with that of the current user making them alien fusions but prime examples nonetheless. While the half-alien powers are naturally a bit weaker and have to be built up to be stronger, they can be used in different ways than normal giving them different abilities than the normal version.


Once the Omnitrix times out the only things Koth can rely on are his natural abilities, which even then have their own problems.

Koth can be easily distracted by things that would distract a dog, allowing the enemy to use this to attack. He also cannot handle loud noises due to the sensitivity of his ears which can render him unconscious if the source of the noise is left going for long enough. Koth starts to freak out when someone gets hurt badly under his watch.

Koth can end up accidentally trying to befriend an enemy without knowing.

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